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  1. Kasperhm

    Question regarding diet

    Welcome to the forum. You are definitely on the right track with the best intentions in mind for your amazing companion joining your life soon. think it’s also important to remember that this is not an exact science and you will soon see our greys have rather strong opinions about food (and life in general) which needs to be incooperated. hopefully yours will be used to or willing to eat pellets, otherwise that’s the first challenge. Sprouting sunflower seeds makes them much more nutritious btw and is quite easy. ours have access to Harrison Pellets all the time (course red label type), and get veg/fruit in the morning, but they are picky. Ours have a sweet tooth and prefer apples, pears, melon while green veggies not so much. good luck and remember report back now it goes with a pic or two. 🙂
  2. Kasperhm

    Help please (CAG 8 months old)

    Best of luck. when you say sunflower seeds are treats, presume he is on a good diet generally. He looks like a trooper too. :-) surely you doing the the right thing, as we here are more fans than vets!
  3. Kasperhm

    This Could Be Bad

    Perhaps consider an air purifier, if you don't already have one. We have one produced by Blueair (Swedish company), but there are other models and producers. Believe it makes a huge difference in terms of dust.... the good,ones are not cheap, but believe worth trying before ever considering getting rid of your grey baby.....
  4. Kasperhm

    Meet Jason!

    In more or less naughty situations.... :-)
  5. Kasperhm

    Extremely Worried About Olive - Injury

    suggest you let the vet, how well he is doing and that he is alive and talking .... !
  6. Kasperhm

    Gracie & Kya - the road home

    What a beautiful update, and welcome Gracie to her new home. Think she could hardly have dreamed of a better one, and hopefully she can stay there forever. Your thoughtfulness and love for them Kyas mom, is so obvious and uplifting. Love the name Gracie too !! Mine named Jason, after my nice receptionist who helped me bring in his cage and stuff.... hehe
  7. Kasperhm

    Zoey calling the dog

    Hehehe. Lovely. What a charming little thing.... does Charlie know it is not you and all confused when coming to cage or he doesn't react?
  8. Kasperhm

    Doesn't like nuts ??

    Just a small update, from our our mr. Picky. Ibarra was absolutely right, and Jason has now started actually eating bit of the peanuts, which perhaps he know best of all, but likewise occasionally seems to taste - at bit - of both walnuts and the occasional pisctacchio. The latter being the new preferred thing to destroy!! Perhaps a grey parrot after all.... ! :-)
  9. Kasperhm

    Post photos of your bird(s)

    In various funny situations.....
  10. Kasperhm

    New baby parrot (Django) is home

    Perhaps when choosing the same name, it is hard not to compare the two, while they will surely have individual differences - as we all know. New one looks and sound like a real sweetie though and best of luck with him.
  11. Kasperhm

    Doesn't like nuts ??

    Exactly..... hehehehe. Have to say the disguise is very well done, in such case... ;-)
  12. Kasperhm

    Doesn't like nuts ??

    Has anyone experience with a Grey not liking any sort of nuts ?? Jason loves to open them, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, macadamia etc, and destroy the shells, but has no interest in eating the nuts themselves.... regardless which type. Am aware nuts not essential for good diet, and they even can be bit fatty, but am still intrigued.... :-)
  13. Kasperhm

    Meet Jason!

    While can see the vast majority of members are based in North America, hope it is ok to join even I live in Asia, since this seems to be the - by far - best forum for AGs I have come across. :-) Jason is from 2014 and we got him when he was about 6 months old. He talks a lot and is very sweet. Loves to shower and asks for it, or rather saying what we ask HIM "you-wanna-shower".... hehehe. Have attached a few pics.