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    Vegetarian animal lover. Have had my CAG "Snickers" since 1997, also keep tarantulas, ball python, bearded dragon and a spoiled cat.
    Oh, I should add that I'm Ellen -- just like using LN instead online.


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  1. I will add, I can't see any dairy products as being a natural part of a parrot's diet. (Or a human's diet after weaning). Not to say parrots don't enjoy treats as we humans do. Like, um, french fries. Obviously not a natural source of food for a parrot but loved nonetheless as a rare "treat." I also understand they cannot tolerate/digest salt on the level human's can -- so I take salt also into consideration when offering treats.
  2. This is why I wondered if Snickers might consider someone familiar "safe" if I was out of the picture. "Better the devil you know" sort of logic. I have mis-read Snickers (esp in beginning) and a few dear people got severe bites. Not nips. Missing chunks of flesh. Snickers bites with 100% of his beak strength. (My macaw never bit with more than 5% of her strength -- different parrots altogether -- macaw socialized and CAG Snickers traumatized from stuff from before I met him). I am Snickers 3rd home (I think) and he was originally considered unadoptable by the breeder he had been surrendered to. He took to me instantly -- been this way for 22 years. Not sure of his exact age. But want him to be happy long after I am gone. (I'd share his adoption story I wrote but too many F-bombs due to other people in story - sorry). I just want him to have a wonderful life. Maybe I'll live to be old and outlive him (my hope) but if not, I want whoever adopts him (or the most likely sanctuary/refuge plan) to have bird lovers who 'get' him -- and understand and make allowances for his early bad beginning. Just want him happy even if I am not there anymore.
  3. I've spent years finding ways to offer non-cheese foods. Perhaps the Bird Talk editor was feeding straight whole cheddar cubes in large quantities. lol Just made me be careful; but perhaps a liquid cheese sauce would be fine.
  4. I have avoided giving my CAG cheese. I remember too well one Bird Talk editor who editorialized her story of giving her 'tiel so much cheese that the vet had to remove cheddar cheese from parrot's crop's due to a severe/dangerously blockage of cheese. The cheese just didn't "digest" or move along digestive track (or something). (Probably an article from the 90s of Bird Talk). I mostly remember her commenting that seeing all that cheese being removed in reverse was SO gross. I will research and then reconsider certain cheeses in VERY small amounts..... It would be nice being able to share food dishes with my CAG containing cheeses. As is, I have to offer some other treat to my CAG in order to eat a cheesy meal around him.
  5. LNCAG


    Snickers (CAG) just discovered lima beans (frozen/thawed for him) and seems to enjoy them. I never thought to offer limas before. I am more of a pizza and subs eater, so I have to buy "healthy" food just for him and the bearded dragon. Anyway, limas were a huge hit! And this from a CAG whose middle name is "Skeptical." lol
  6. I just checked and it was me and 18 guests. (Unless other members were incognito, of course)
  7. Afterthought: I am very active on Arachnoboards -- a very busy forum! How is it possible more people want to chat about their tarantulas (which are pet rocks, not an interactive pet, and certainly feared by most people) and yet a wonderful grey forum like this one isn't that active? It just seems that for every tarantula owner there should be thousands of grey owners, yannoe? Greys are so loving, cuddly, interactive, intelligent, independent, creative, etc. -- tarantulas just sit in their enclosure waiting for food drops. If older members are willing to commit to more content here, then I can certainly try to post/respond more (and not just lurk and read). Lurkers don't really help a forum grow. I suppose I never posted much here because there aren't always a lot of threads I feel I have something valuable to contribute to; and the threads I start tend to not get past page 1. I do remember being so excited when I first discovered this forum --C'mon -- a GREY FORUM? What's not to love?
  8. Thanks for keeping it going this long. I notice it doesn't seem that busy here, yet it's a really nice forum with some great and helpful members here. Grey owners should have a safe & friendly place to read anecdotes, share stories, teach newbies, warn about dangers (non-stick cookware, certain foods to avoid) etc..
  9. Snickers doesn't like anyone but me. And he has bitten others (or lunged at and tried to bite them if they were too quick for him). I've always tried to be upbeat and positive (since he draws off my emotions) but no go. Hates everyone -- even people he's seen a thousand times. He even hates my Mom who has fed him when I was on vacation. She told me she has to quickly toss food in his dish and close the food door FAST because he lunges! Wish I could socialize him better -- I won't live forever. My plan, thus far, is for him to go to a local sanctuary upon my demise. But I've wondered if I was gone, if he'd then choose to like someone else he's met before (someone he perhaps only really disliked because the weren't me -- but yet someone he is already familiar with). No idea.
  10. LNCAG

    CAG Logic

    My grey has rejected his new replacement stainless steel bowl -- it was too "shiny." Won't get within 3 feet of it. Back to the old dull dented ones. Today, as a treat, I approached him with his jar of almond butter and a spoon; but because my foot heel hurts (Plantar fasciitis), instead of standing there for 20 minutes while he licked the spoon, I just dropped a dollop into his bowl. He was not amused. Took one taste (and he knows he loves this stuff)... yet he decided to punish me by not eating it from a bowl. smh
  11. I had to chuckle at this section. Sure, my grey will step up on command -- even poo on command if I say (dumb choice of phrase) "Be a good boy" while holding him over paper. But that's it for his so-called "training". I find myself repeating what HE says. I find myself answering his "whatcha doing" with an actual answer (I'm reading" I'm watching a movie") as if he really understands what he's asking or even cares a whit about what I'm doing anyway! I find his loud squeaking sends ME rushing to find him his desired treat/food/toy/chewing object or to retrieve some dropped item (I am the maid here). My grey (had him 22 years) runs this house and he knows it. *I* flunked Training 101, not him. As long as he's out of his cage with toys and food available: he's happy. Me? Well... I deal. I am only thankful he doesn't bite me (because I swear if he was human, he'd probably be an abusive spouse). Sorry for chuckling, but training??? My CAG is already too smart for his own good. I think my CAG is the trainer and *I* am the trainee. [no offense for a seeming rant -- I am as sane as possible given 22 years with my CAG -- lol]
  12. Never have I had to sit next to an ex and their date. Sounds... awkward. A miserable way to spend an evening. I've stayed home for sick pets (but I didn't call in sick, just explained I had a vet appointment and needed day off)
  13. I'm ashamed I've done it. I am also very guilty of losing sleep staying up reading also. 'Never have I evers' are generally a confessions of things that aren't our finest moments like mine was. Sometimes someone will do a 'never have I ever' with a rare accomplishment (like hiking the whole Appalachian Trail -- but then, you're almost always guaranteed all Nay replies). Anyone else have one?
  14. Someone states 'never have I ever' in a statement with something they've done (mine was calling in sick to work to finish a book - which I have, sadly, done) -- then others quote the statement and answer yes if they've also called into work sick to read a book; or no they haven't done this. (This can also be a drinking game where if you've done the same thing too -- you take a drink; if you haven't done it -- you don't drink -- but this is a message board so let's not go there. lol After the first "Never Have I Ever' has been responded to by as many as want; then someone else starts a new one and we all chime in with our yes and no's. Usually the "Never have I ever" statements are things we don't usually admit to doing, they're very human confessions (but we won't get too awful -- these are good boards!)
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