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  1. I have frozen corn and peas open (half a bag each) plus have new unopened bags of each in freezer. Also a partial bag of limas, but he doesn't eat many of them. Frozen stuff may last a good while. The carrots and apples in fridge will obviously go bad sooner, but so far, still crisp and fresh seeming. Rice is obviously good for a long time -- just made a new batch tonight for Snickers. Wish I had melon, blueberries, banana or some treat for him. Don't want him to get bored. I know I don't want him turning into a seed/pellet/peanut junkie on me, so not offering much of those (of which I have plenty).
  2. I've been lucky -- my sis has been concerned that I am high risk -- so she is buying groceries for me, my parents and her in-laws. It's like her Saturday is nothing but food deliveries (we don't all live in same town). So far no has accused of her hoarding - but it's got to be a LOT of groceries. She still can't find toilet paper (I'm not out) - no idea about her inlaws' supply of tp. I did do drive-through at Arby's once for their turkey swiss sandwich (a fave of mine) and I literally unbagged/unwrapped sandwich and dumped it on a plate without touching it. Then I took Lysol wipes to all doorknobs, etc. and then double-washed my hands before sitting down to eat it. Overkill? I told my Mom that story and she thought I was crazy. She said 'well someone made and touched the sandwich' and I said I thought they wore gloves in food prep. And Mom's like "how often do you think they change their gloves and don't you think they are touching other stuff with them on?" Dunno. But that sandwich was such a treat! Snicker's food is holding out nicely so far. He is eating my own rice now without a problem. Good thing since I am out of Birdseye frozen rice and veg mix.
  3. I cut up cardboard for Snickers with a cutter -- I don't give him a whole box. I often bend the cardboard pieces accordion style to make it easier for him to shred it. And sometimes I cut smaller pieces into strips he can hold in his foot while shredding. But his fave is just standing on accordion cardboard and ripping away. I love the pix of your grey peeping out of the drawer too. Too cute!
  4. Same here with high risk group. I haven't been to the stores but sister brings by groceries so I won't go out -- and she lives 60+ miles away. A real blessing. She can't find a LOT of stuff, but I am thankful for the 'treats' (not chocolate just grocery items I didn't even know I wanted). I am blessed... could always be so much worse. No TP -- but thankfully I bought a large package in Dec or January. Still plenty left. Sis did find paper towels though!
  5. That was pretty smart -- to give Pookie her alone time! My Snickers has never been happy when I leave. He is really taking advantage of having me home all day and he's being 'needy' these days. No amount of attention is enough! If he's asleep and I try to quietly slip off to bathroom or something -- he immediately wakes up and starts squeaking! I think your Pookie is amazing to actually demand some alone time!
  6. No comments or advice -- greys are just so sensitive to the tiniest change in routine. Sorry. Anything I can think of that you might change to make things better is ALSO another change in routine. Maybe Pookie will eventually adjust to more one-on-one time and attention while you're home. (fingers crossed for good luck)
  7. I'm well thankfully and glad you are too! I'm just practicing social distancing here. Not working. Need to go to grocery store but been putting it off. Thinking of canceling my endocrinologist appt later this month. Snickers has plenty of frozen food for a month or so, but after my fresh produce (apples, carrots, melon and maybe a dozen grapes) run out -- well, I'll have to go to the grocery store whether I want to or not. Have plenty of seed and pellets, but hope I don't have to rely on that. I'm in high risk category, so I'm concerned about the months ahead. At least I already had some of my bulk toilet paper still leftover that I purchased before this all hit. Never would have guessed people would panic buy toilet paper. Overall, blessed with semi-stocked pantry and freezer. May not have exactly what I want to eat, but guess it's time to eat what I already have. Could definitely use some chocolate! lol How is everyone else doing, how is your health, did you get your needed supplies, etc. -- has your life changed much??? Sending good vibes and hopes to all!
  8. Wow Karen, you really do have your hands full -- bless you for doing so much for Timber. Poor tyke -- I imagine Timber receives special joy in each affection/attention, toy or special food offered.
  9. It IS a great topic. And it's a topic we can easily become defensive about. This thread didn't go there, thankfully. At the end of the day, we all just want what is realistically the best for our parrots.
  10. LNCAG


    I am saddened greys are biting. I get parrots being upset, confused, wanting things to go differently... but biting??? So sad for those just wanting to provide a healthy safe home for these guys. I've always heard the falcon gloves work. Maybe not. A grey bite can really hurt, injure and scar.
  11. LNCAG

    Picky Eaters

    Alfie doesn't waste any time! No, Snickers is more the toss stuff one piece out at a time sort of parrot. And with white rice, I think he just picks around the 'wrong' kind. He actually ate a good portion of the 'wrong' rice yesterday -- it's taken him long enough to try it.
  12. LNCAG

    Picky Eaters

    I am mixing my own white rice in his daily mixtures, and slowly reducing the amount from the frozen bagged rice. I think this is going to take a while though.... I'm using the rice steamer since its long grain rice looks shiny and smooth when cooked; long grain rice cooked in a covered pot has a fluffy sticky appearance and that turns Snickers off. I tried rinsing it to see if that would make it look more shiny and separated but no go. Snickers knows.
  13. LNCAG

    Picky Eaters

    My latest issue (besides Snickers now refusing brown rice) is convincing him that my own homemade rice is the same as his favourite frozen variety of Birdseye. I even tried a rice steamer, which provides loose rice as opposed to the rejected stuck-together rice. I have made some progress. But how in the heck does he know the difference in white rice? He's fine with my own version of peas, carrots, corn, etc.. but he is addicted to this frozen brand of rice. CRAZY! Rice is rice to me -- but esp less-nutritious white rice all tastes the same. Yes? I have purchased 500 bags of this frozen rice mix... thanks Snickers. The cheapest food on the planet and frozen Birdseye makes it costly. lol [And oh how I long to get him on brown rice again -- so much healthier.] Gotta love a smart grey!!! He KNOWS somehow.
  14. LNCAG

    Picky Eaters

    I've been blessed. I can add new foods from time to time and they are accepted and eaten by Snickers. Now, a whole dish of never-seen-before foods would probably be rejected. But by adding one new item at a time -- he tastes it. It will eventually be a regular in his dish. Patience.... No parrot will starve itself, not in my home. They want to live, the want to eat. Patience....
  15. We all live with the parrot choices we made. Some get it sooner than others. This is an important thread if we want to change our thinking re: wild parrots going domestic. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." From there: we do our best with forced-domesticated home companion parrots. Who knows, maybe evolution intended for parrots to watch Nick at Night and Spongebob! (hopeful -- haha haha). I just remind people that we humans don't live as our ancestors did either, if that's any consolation. It IS a new world out there.
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