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  1. Important advice for our parrots too. I always fear my grey will get bored and depressed -- so I try to shake things up a little for him too. But you know greys - some changes are great and some changes upset them. My job is to find the right balance for my guy!
  2. I also wonder why this poor parrot is plucking.
  3. @JennS I know there are healthier pellets, but mine is so enthralled with Zupreem, I have left him on it for 20+ years. I believe Harrisons to be healthier, but since pellets are only 1/6 of mine's diet, I have kept his old favourite pellet mix anyway. But if you can get yours to accept Harrisons -- that's great! Mine does receive a lot of fresh fruit/veg plus rice/pasta, so I let him keep enjoying his old Zupreem pellets for snacking and enrichment purposes.
  4. @SRSeedBurners Reminds me so much of my own grey! Into everything and views life as a banquet! Love your grey!!!
  5. LNCAG

    Vet question

    Matilda actually taught me a lot: ask more questions, never assume or presume! So glad she's rallying so well! Hugs and scritches to this poor dual-feather injury princess. Delighted with a happy ending.
  6. 23 years keeping parrots, never had feather plucking. I consider plucking more often associated with emotional stress: bored, not enough stimulation, neglected, etc.. It can certainly be the result of physical issues also but I always associate it more with emotional issues. I always make sure mine is entertained and kept busy with lots of time out of cage, one-on-one direct interaction, interesting foods/treats and toys. Plus lots of cardboard to chew!!! I don't clip wings. Mine can fly if they want. I had a cockatiel (23+ yo RB) who could fly so well he could turn a corner on a di
  7. LNCAG

    Vet question

    How is Matilda doing? All better yet?
  8. Got to feel good to get those out!!!
  9. Thank you for the update. I am so glad she got to come home. It certainly sounds like a good report and that your girl is on the mend now. Good luck with the pain meds -- but you've done so much for her, I'm sure the meds will go fine too. Bless her little heart, and again, so glad she's home! Sending a bunch of healing vibes and good wishes to your Matilda!
  10. Is she home or staying at the vet's office? Glad the vet is going to remove them and give her some comfort. Any other feathers affected to be aware of or was it limited to 2? Also, what does the vet think caused this to happen?
  11. Please do let us all know how the vet visit goes. I am kicking myself for not getting more information from you. This thread began like a one-off picked feather to so many other possible issues going on with her. Be sure to let your vet know everything that has happened so he will have more information to go on! Fingers crossed for a good vet report!!!
  12. LNCAG

    Vet question

    I wish I had asked more questions in your feather plucking thread! Every time you post there is new relevant information. So, she's moulting, had a run in with a ladder AND there have been changes at home. And she turns out to be a youngster. I'm glad she's going to the vet-- that's a LOT of stuff going on that could influence her feather chewing: from being uncomfortable in her moult, to her possibly trying to repair a feather injury herself, to even a possible behavioural issue with you suddenly not being home all day. And it could be a combo of 2 or all three things going on at on
  13. LNCAG

    Vet question

    Unless the vet advises against it, I stay with my parrots. And when the vet is through, I become the hero. It's a rescue scenario -- mean vet does stuff to this poor little parrot - but -- then her loving wonderful human 'rescues' her from the vet. Can't promise it always works that way, but with my guys, that was nearly always the case. Mine literally clung to me for snuggles after the vet exam, while shooting evil looks at the vet! Your girl should associate most of the bad experience to the vet and the office with strange smells. You will likely be her hero... and if for some reason y
  14. With more information this all makes more sense now. Poor girl. That second feather just didn't sound right to me and definitely changed my view of things. Hope it's just a small injury the vet can sort out quickly. I would definitely give her lots of things to chew on (toys, cardboard, paper, etc.) to distract her so she'll leave her feathers alone to heal. Even after the vet sorts her out, the area will still be irritating/sore for her -- so she'll need lots of distractions so she'll continue to leave the area alone. I truly believe your girl has been trying to heal herself... and
  15. Not good. One feather was just a fluke. Like maybe the first feather got twisted and was bothering her. But two? It's not really normal for a parrot to chew a fresh new feather in half -- much less two. Is your girl moulting and uncomfortable? Are you sure it's wing wasn't caught between the cage bars and injured, or maybe your parrot flew into/bumped into something? How long have you had this parrot? Your 2nd feather looks newer -- it looks like a freshly formed feather where the sheath has either fallen away (or been preened away by your bird). Yet that pictured feather is
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