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    Vegetarian animal lover. Have had my CAG "Snickers" since 1997, also keep tarantulas, ball python, bearded dragon and a spoiled cat.
    Oh, I should add that I'm Ellen -- just like using LN instead online.


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  1. For me, the issue with breeding, is that there are already too many unwanted parrots. I don't see the need to breed more until every already-living parrot has a *good* home. The sheer number of re-homed parrots makes me cry. Most people don't know what they're getting into with a parrot, so many parrots get re-homed many times during their life. My own grey was also an unwanted re-homed parrot. I've had him 23 years. Can't really imagine deliberately breeding more domestic parrots. Just me, I guess. I BEG people, give a new home to a domestically bred parrot, don't just adopt chicks -
  2. LNCAG

    Potato Chips

    Agree with Timber. There's a LOT of salt in potato chips -- maybe try to rub some salt off on a paper towel or something first. But yeah, I have given Snickers a few unhealthy treats over these years -- they see us eating and want some too! Esp french fries!
  3. Mine is 30+ yo. He still knows when it's Spring. He has found uses for his toys and I know without looking what he's doing because of his special noises. Mine is quick to regurgitate but will bring a little something up, roll it around in his mouth, and then decide 'nah, this is too good to share' and just re-swallow it himself. A real tease, so, sort of a selfish lover. (Or maybe, after 23 years together, he just knows I am not a willing recipient of being fed parrot vomit... lol)
  4. I'd be the last of the huge dinosaurs and find out what really happened to the others.
  5. LNCAG


    Ability to read minds would be cool (human and animal). But these days the ability to cure Covid-19 would really be a superpower! Not sure how many could be healed in just 24 hours though.
  6. LNCAG

    Zombie! Aargh!

    Living room. Cushions too soft, lamp won't work -- it might stop mid-throw due to being plugged in (plus cord is sort of tangled with other cords like Alexa/chargers). Tissue box won't help. Maybe the cats will help me??? I guess my heavy stoneware mug is my best weapon in here! I really need heavier decor items! lol (I have lots of books, but books are too precious to throw!)
  7. Snickers has found other uses for his toys too and I am careful in my attention to him re: cuddles, etc.. It's definitely Springtime -- my grey gets twitterpated!
  8. Oh That! I thought this was about his Plex server! Yes, I've seen some videos posted here on the forum -- sorry I misunderstood. I thought this was about having access to all his other stuff here too! I kept searching for the magic Plex link here on the forum. KevinD wrote some weeks back: I have a PLEX server with over 700 movies and current TV series.
  9. It occurs to me maybe this isn't a member feature -- maybe just admins can access it?
  10. >>>Its right at the top between chatbox and who is on line lol @Talon you have used it and posted videos <<< (Not Talon here but having same issue) I have posted pix in threads using the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" option, and I have shared a youtube video by just posting a link to a video in my post. Other than seeing a video in a thread, I don't see any other way to watch anything. I easily see how to post text in chatbox but not any option to watch anything. I am using Opera browser. Chatbox is at my top left of screen; Who's Onlin
  11. Snickers here again. I am missing some favourite treats too! I am getting peas, corn, rice, apples and carrots. That's it. Seriously -- that's the only fresh food I get! I am ready to call the ASPCA. I am receiving a more pellets and seeds these days, and they're okay -- but where is my melon??? Where are my grapes??? Whatever happened to my butternut squash? I hate to be negative, but.... I sometimes wonder if something is wrong in the world these days -- my human is more available to me but my favourite foods are not. Cruelty I cry! I wish my human would go to the store
  12. Snickers here. You're correct. Humans can be helpful and mine is very trainable. Sometimes when I say something, my human actually repeats it. Or if I start whistling, my human will whistle back. Very trainable! lol
  13. Snickers speaking here. My owner is usually out during the day, and I miss her. But she's home all the time now and I need 'some space' -- Help!!! I like having her home, but not ALL THE TIME! I mean, I enjoy more time out of my cage, sure; but something is creepy about her being here always. Like ALL THE TIME! You guys know this can't be normal. Should I be worried? Honestly, I think she's a bit stressed... and mental. What's going on???
  14. Happy Birthday to Alfie!
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