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  1. Alfie is blessed with an caring loving owner! I'm not worried -- you've got this!
  2. Snickers enjoyed this -- he head-bobbed to it several times. [they must wonder how such images come out of a laptop screen]
  3. Your parrot is different -- he's sexually mature and he has changed over the years as you have. I do think parrot-human relationships have their ups and downs. I consider this just a less favourable season right now for you guys. And seasons change (sometimes slower than we want). You have my full empathy - it's sad to be have to be so wary and careful with a parrot -- esp when things used to be calmer/safer. Hoping better days to come!!!
  4. LNCAG


    I check here regularly also. And if there is anything I feel I can reply to -- I do. I started on Compuserve Forums -- loved their Birds Forum. But then they went the way of the web and sort of died out. Today there is just too much competition for your online time.
  5. LNCAG


    Wobble correction can help. Also, pushing into their beak -- they expect you to pull away. Pushing into the bite usually makes them let go and have a re-think since it's not pleasant nor fun for the parrot. Good luck, it's so hard to un-teach negative behaviours. :(
  6. Snickers prefers the fruity pellets (Zupreem). I know there are healthier pelleted diets available, but since it's not his main meal - I just view them as treats (or something to snack on between healthier meals). I think it would be difficult to interest him in 'all-one-colour-healthier' pellets. I may be wrong. If his main diet was pelleted, I would probably mix pellet types. Hope your guy starts becoming more adventurous in trying new foods. Perhaps you could eat such stuff around him (like really in his personal space) and deliberately NOT share -- esp since they always want they can't have? Like a big production of eating around him, letting him have a sniff and then pulling dish back away from him? Force him to steal a bite? I dunno -- these greys are so smart, he might not fall for it anyway. lol
  7. Snickers is always a talker, but I have noticed he talks (or whistles) a LOT more when I leave the room. He needs me to answer back to him -- guess he just needs reassurance from his flock (me). It comforts him to hear me reply back and know that all is well even when I'm out of view. He also seems to know when I am out of the house, because I don't hear him calling as I return home. So he appears to know when I am within range, I suppose.
  8. I can't imagine a parrot starving to death as long as they recognize what's offered IS edible. I suppose mine has a varied diet because I would offer things that I was also eating. I made his first fresh foods seem more like me sharing with him than just dumping it in his dish and letting him figure it out. His main diet is fresh fruit/veg/starches. He came to me on a seed/pellet diet. He already liked seed mixes & peanuts but would pick through his pellets, eating only his favourite colours first. But if I am patient, he will eventually even eat the pellets in the non-desirable colours. I consider seed/pellets as treats -- not his main diet. With fruit/veg/rice/pasta... I guess he figured it out that this was what was being offered and relented and tried the foods I feed. Seeing me eat the same foods helped a LOT. He's so healthy, with good feathering and bright eyes. Patience works.
  9. I was lucky - I bought mine from his breeder who had had Snickers returned to her twice -- so he already knew a lot of words and phrases. Plus he's learned a lot more with me. And he can say things appropriate to situations. He was considered unadoptable by the breeder due to behavioural/biting issues (due to poor previous homes) but I convinced her to let me have a trial period with him and found success. I really wanted a known talker... had no idea he would bond so well with me and lose all of his undesirable behaviours she claimed he had. Snickers also does sound affects -- worst is the sound of my smoke alarm; plus he can do the sound of a truck backing up. He repeats most household sounds (but not the phone - go figure). He's also an excellent whistler. Doesn't sing though.
  10. Glad the tests were normal and hope your grey continues to rally.
  11. We can name all newborn parrots "Flappers" then.
  12. Hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
  13. Happy New Year to all!!! Wishing greys lots of fresh fruit and veg plus new toys and a few seed/peanut treats!
  14. I haven't done wrapped pet gifts in ages -- but I do remember Snickers could certainly unwrap his own gift! But only to receive a scary new toy. Life. Worst year ever I wrapped up container of catnip for the cats... um, long story short (and destroyed house later) the cats, um, sniffed it out early. But yannoe, the cats, not being sure exactly which gift actually held the tantalizing scent, messed up a LOT of other gifts and decor before they hit pay dirt. Cats, whatcha gonna do?
  15. I've always popped some popcorn for my parrots for the holidays. No salt, no butter -- just air popped. A big hit always for my grey! (It's not a treat he usually receives, since I'm not a big popcorn fan -- I only rarely have any). But the breeder I got my parrots from always did this on Christmas day for all her parrots, and I just sort of kept up the tradition. 22 years and my grey has never missed out on some Christmas Day popcorn! 🥰 (Actually, longer than 22 years since breeder also did this before I got him). What are your parrot traditions??? Hope everyone here has a lovely holiday -- whatever holiday that may be!!! Happy New year and hope you and all your pets & feathered companions will be happy and healthy! 🥳
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