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    Vegetarian animal lover. Have had my CAG "Snickers" since 1997, also keep tarantulas, ball python, bearded dragon and a spoiled cat.
    Oh, I should add that I'm Ellen -- just like using LN instead online.


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  1. GAME: Never Have I Ever....

    Never have I had to sit next to an ex and their date. Sounds... awkward. A miserable way to spend an evening. I've stayed home for sick pets (but I didn't call in sick, just explained I had a vet appointment and needed day off)
  2. GAME: Never Have I Ever....

    I'm ashamed I've done it. I am also very guilty of losing sleep staying up reading also. 'Never have I evers' are generally a confessions of things that aren't our finest moments like mine was. Sometimes someone will do a 'never have I ever' with a rare accomplishment (like hiking the whole Appalachian Trail -- but then, you're almost always guaranteed all Nay replies). Anyone else have one?
  3. GAME: Never Have I Ever....

    Someone states 'never have I ever' in a statement with something they've done (mine was calling in sick to work to finish a book - which I have, sadly, done) -- then others quote the statement and answer yes if they've also called into work sick to read a book; or no they haven't done this. (This can also be a drinking game where if you've done the same thing too -- you take a drink; if you haven't done it -- you don't drink -- but this is a message board so let's not go there. lol After the first "Never Have I Ever' has been responded to by as many as want; then someone else starts a new one and we all chime in with our yes and no's. Usually the "Never have I ever" statements are things we don't usually admit to doing, they're very human confessions (but we won't get too awful -- these are good boards!)
  4. GAME: Never Have I Ever....

    Never have I ever... called into work sick just so I could stay home and finish reading a book I just couldn't put down. So -- never have you ever done this?
  5. Bird on fast!

    An update would be nice. Poor bird. In 21 years of parrot keeping (30 years if zebra finches are counted) I have never had a bird fast.
  6. Feathers

    Figures their feathers would be so incredibly crafted. Parrots are amazing. I save all my parrot shed wing/tail feathers -- put 'em in a vase -- they're too cool to just throw away.
  7. It's funny...

    I did ask Alexa "Canna Hassuh water" to which she couldn't understand command; 2nd attempt she gave me a definition of water. Then I asked "Can I have some water" to which she replied "I've added water to your shopping list." So, I guess the SnickMan won't be placing any Alexa orders afterall. lol (I do use Alexa for shopping list -- I had forgotten to add that above)
  8. It's funny...

    I've never used Alexa to order anything. But I gotta admit -- if Snickers can figure out how to place an order -- he deserves to receive a package in the mail. lol (edited to add: Given all my training with him and water requests -- we'd probably receive a 24 case of bottled water -- now that would be clever indeed!)
  9. It's funny...

    Hehe SterlingSL! I use Alexa to play music, to set timers and alarms for me, give me the weather report and the news (news from sources *I* choose); and she controls my lighting -- esp for my bearded dragon's UVB lighting (whose on/off switch broke -- I'd have to plug in/unplug by hand without Alexa's help). But she also controls other lamps -- nice if I wake up in the middle of dark night and request a lamp be turned on (or just ask her what time it is so I can calculate how much more sleep I can get -- lol). That said, I don't feel like I use Alexa as much as I thought I would. It sounds like I use her for a lot -- but really -- probably less than 20 minutes a day of actual interaction (not counting time music actually plays since after request, I might let music play a few hours). Maybe it's control -- Alexa does what I want -- tv (which is an annoying distraction and racket to me) has it's own programming beyond my control.
  10. Cage Aggression Tip

    Sorry, old thread revival. Back when hubby was alive -- he could do very little near or in Snicker's cage -- even offering a peanut was taken as an affront by Snickers and could get hubby a bite if he didn't complete the peanut drop quickly. But I have never had this problem with Snickers -- he doesn't care if I am reaching in his cage to move things, refill things, change papers, etc.. I can even do a wipe down of cage bottom with my head inside cage. He will usually show curiosity and visit whatever area I am in/near -- I sometimes even get my hair preened if my head is in enclosure (you know, bent down cleaning something inside/wiping down back wall) -- I don't just randomly stick my head in his cage! lol Why does my grey consider me a friend visiting and anyone else as an invader to be attacked? Even though his bowl doors swing outwards for food and water refills, it's nearly impossible for me to travel because he is so threatening to anyone else caring for him a few days -- he is nipping the whole time someone else tries to refill his dishes.
  11. It's funny...

    I despise tv so my poor parrot never gets to watch it anymore (well, I turn it on every 4 years to get election results). But my grey thrives on any music or movie being played. Far from being jealous or disruptive of outside noises/video -- he considers it is being played for him. I know he was used to tv in his former home, because he could recognise the Cadbury Easter bunny commercial and Snickers would do the 'brrrok bok bok bok brok' sound before the bunny in the commercial did it (this was in the 90s when hubby watched tv all day -- no idea if that commercial is still around -- might youtube it and play it for Snickers). But this happened right after we adopted him, so hubby and I knew he had already seen that commercial before and memorized it. Snickers adores music, so I went ahead and bought the MP3s from Amazon of Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song (Day O)" & Harry Nilsson's "Lime in the Coconut" for Alexa/Echo to play for him. He head bobs and dances to both songs. I keep thinking wouldn't it be amazing if he learns the Alexa requests and then starts requesting Alexa on his own to play them for him? Hey, I can dream can't I?
  12. A response to LNCAG post Knowing water

    I loved her work with Alex!!! I even have (somewhere) some early magazine clippings about her and Alex; and of course, she wrote a book. I loved the keys with different materials & colours training! What I am now doing with Snickers is I am also saying 'water' when refilling his water bowl and when he takes a drink from it. His latest evolved phrasing, btw is "Canna hassuh water" (which impressed me since it is in a question form he came up with entirely on his own) We'll see if I can help him learn what water is -- not associate it with my drinking glass or his bowl -- but to identify the substance itself -- in any container. Maybe later I can reverse things, as Pepperberg did, by offering different items and letting him identify which is water.
  13. Teaching Parrot What Water Is

    Thanks for all the replies. Yes -- it's so clear now that he probably associates 'hassuh water & canna water' to drinking anything from my cup. To connect it specifically to the water itself would mean including his own water bowl (which he doesn't seem to include here). He's already learned a few meanings before like "be careful" and "are you okay" but those he figured out on his own. This was my first time I was trying to teach him a word=event association myself. I will plan more carefully what I teach him next, so I don't commit myself to more than I meant to. lol
  14. Teaching Parrot What Water Is

    So -- overall -- is this him truly understanding he asking for water -- has he actually learned to request water specifically? (albeit abusing his water privileges somewhat -- lol) Or, he is only associating 'water' with my attention, not understanding the request means 'I want water' not 'come here" ? Thanks for the replies. I honestly don't mind him requesting water -- but I need to know if this is purely attention seeking (which he also gets plenty of) or if he's understanding he is asking for water. Thoughts?
  15. Teaching Parrot What Water Is

    I thought it would be a good idea a while back to teach my CAG Snickers what water is, by saying water whenever I let him have a sip from my glass of water. At first he only occasionally requested water which I immediately rewarded to ensure connection was made: water request = water offered. Big mistake. Over last couple months he's become a very water-demanding creature! He says "Canna water" and continues to demand it if ignored. His first request of the day (usually in the afternoon) seems to be genuine thirst (yeah, he has his own water bowl) but he will take a good 10 - 12 swallows of my water. But his later requests appear to just be demands for my attention - with only a sip taken, or more, grabbing cup edge and refusing to let go. I've even deliberately filled his water dish directly from my cup to show it is the same water. Last evening, when I offered him some apple (his favourite fruit) -- I dampened his apple cubes under the faucet before offering them. He ate most of it. So I knew he was NOT thirsty but he kept demanding water anyway. Just to make me walk over for him to barely take a sip. So -- what do I do? I created a monster. Do I just continue to say 'no' and ignore him when I know he's not really thirsty? Or, is it possible he doesn't really understand water at all, but just connects it to me giving him more attention? (Yeah, I didn't think this training through... It's just I have more time to devote to him these days and had never really worked with him before with this type of training).