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  1. Cats do seem to think things through first. They plot!!! With my dog, I could put an item I didn't want her playing with (or something she shouldn't be eating) up high, and my dog would jump and jump but fail to reach forbidden item. But not so with cats. They look around room strategically and find a path up to the 'supposedly too high' area: (jump up to coffee table, to chair, walk along back of sofa, jump to a shelf and then successfully jump up onto the 'out of reach site' (which was my tall armoire). My dogs never thought things through to figure out a route up. My dogs just jumped and jumped in the same place -- no plan, no success. lol That said, I do adore dogs! (And maybe others have had smarter dogs than me). My armoire is currently out of reach from all other furniture, alone on a wall, and that solved that. (Well, I did have one kitten, Bridget, some years back who could somehow make the jump up to high armoire from the floor (probably at around 5-7 months old) but when she reached her adult weight, she couldn't do it any more. Thankfully! Really, every home needs at least one high safe place to put no-no items! Not sure if such a place exists in a home with Bengals or parrots. lol
  2. Gotta agree with Timbersmom! I've always thought Bengals (plus Ocicats and Abyssinian cats) really rocked! But I imagine they require much more care and interactive playtime, plus much more effort in making your home cat-proof since they're so active (and built of pure muscle and gorgeous fur)! If I were 30 years younger, I might go for a more exotic cat. Instead, I've always had a lot of lazy cats. All my cats were very active as kittens but grew up to be super-chill and calm; believing they were meant to solely laze about and sleep on sofas or my bed (and especially on my lap!) I tried using those feather toys on a wand to inspire some playtime and activity in my lazy cats: they'd swipe at it twice (if it passed by close enough to them -- they refused any real effort of chasing it); and then mine would act like 'forget the toy, lady, I wanna nap now." Can't imagine a Bengal passing up a chance to chase that wand toy! Bengals truly are amazing and beautiful!
  3. @neoow You said "If/when you get another cat/pet I don't think you ever 'replace' the pet that you lost. You will still have all the memories and you will still have the hole that they left behind." I am old enough to have been through too many pet deaths, esp ones that reached old ages and with whom I had significantly important bonds. But I do agree with you. Each new pet is an individual, not a replacement -- my earlier posts came out of my deep grief of losing a beloved pet so young (and 12 IS young) and Zuri was special to me. At age 12, I felt I failed her somehow. Grief and guilt is a bad combo even though I know I provided good care, safe home, vet visits and did all I could for her. I truly believe adopting another pet is paying an homage to a previous pet -- to basically say that having had such a wonderful pet I never want to be without one again. It IS the love enjoyed and the joy of providing care that makes us want to adopt another -- because the previous pet WAS so wonderful and great. To say "no more" (as my Mom has done) is almost an insult, like "I had a pet and now I never want another." What message does that send to previously loved and lost pet? So sad really. Something wonderful in your life makes you want MORE, not less. So, my new cats are tributes to those who RB'd -- that having had some amazing pets, I will also pay homage to them by getting more because the original pets 'hooked' me on the pure love and joy of having had past pets. Meant to quote and comment sooner, was just sad before -- but you are SO right. And my new kittens ARE new, they are not the same, not replacements - they are a new adventure.
  4. I forgot to mention under the wings -- mine seems to consider that more sexual -- esp during hormonal seasons. Which is a shame, since he'll raise his wings a bit hoping I'll rub there too. If I go under the wings, it's for 5 seconds max. But in all honesty, it's probably a no-go zone. Mine feeds me (love that regurgitated food... not) so that also helps me back-track of where I touched him that brought the feeding routine on. I don't want to be a tease, yannoe. I probably am his girlfriend in his eyes, but I want to be respectful and maintain a few boundaries with him. A confused parrot isn't going to be a happy parrot, ime.
  5. Pixel is lovely. And I imagine very active !!! Like having a real wild cat! Gotta admire you for adopting them!
  6. I used the Adopt-An-Angel program -- they also have adoption days at either PetSmart or Petco (not sure now) on the week-ends -- in fact, they're the group where I adopted Zuri originally. This time, I contacted the Adopt-An-Angel people directly and let the lady in charge choose the cats for me (through texting I basically knew what I would receive). Then I drove 60 miles with carriers to pick these girls up. I found out only that morning (before I drove to pick them up) that the kittens had never met before, so I did know beforehand what I was getting into. Had no idea they'd pick kittens from different foster homes -- figured they'd choose a pair already bonded. Adopt-An-Angel seemed so happy I wanted to adopt 2 sight unseen -- but past experience tells me cats do so well with a buddy! Helps them both burn off some energy. They are super affectionate with me and Dottie's fur is shockingly soft - softer than a bunny's. They described more glamorous cats they also had up for adoption (same adoption fee costs) -- they described long-haired ones and another one with obvious Siamese ancestry; but then I remembered my Himalayan's meow and told them plain domestic short-hairs suited me fine! Honestly, as I age, grooming long-hairs is a lot on me these days. And the Siamese??? My home is noisy enough with Snickers. And Snickers has mostly forgotten to make that Himalayan meow sound (Armand ([named after Anne Rice vampire chronicles] aka Mandey, RB 1988-2005) was my loud himmy -- so why remind Snickers of such a meow now??? It was a low cow-moo-toned meow -- very loud and drawn out! It was a weird and funny meow but could get old quickly sometimes. I'd always tell Mandey that his Siamese was showing when he made that dreadful meow! lol The cats have brought me (and Snickers) such a world of joy! All their flurry of rushing around, running, jumping, chasing, grooming each other and then deep sleep!!! I'm happier now. Thanks for sharing in my joy -- my home (well, ME) needed this!
  7. In every parrot's defense: human toes can resemble peanuts to them. lol I always figured neck/throat/upper chest scritches were non-sexual. I suppose there is a parrot out there somewhere with some neck fetish, but I just avoid too many lower belly, leg and 'butt/bum' touches to avoid sexually stimulating them (which may exacerbate/encourage their hormonal responses/behaviours). Just me, and I've been wrong before. Neck and throat/upper chest scritches usually imply a certain level of trust more than an hormonal 'touch', ime. Who knows with these guys -- they could have fetishes we're unaware of. Mine seems balanced and normal when I remember the season and avoid over-stimulating him. I consider (perhaps wrongly) that any scritches near his head are not read incorrectly. Good luck!!!
  8. LNCAG


    This one made me literally laugh out loud (which I needed!).
  9. LOVE IT! I am now obsessed with some ceiling hanging perch/swing for my CAG. Never even thought of a cat tree for a parrot -- lovely idea!!! Shame the one I just purchased is dominated by my new older-kittens. I fear a new one would be perceived as a kitten toy and Snickers (CAG) may not get to use it. Maybe my home just needs time, so all can adjust to changes and them BAM -- a huge new play area for Snickers. (Suppose I could also put kittens in another room for a few hours if I get Snickers a cat tree too!)
  10. Well, I did it. I adopted 2 older kittens (6 and 9 months old - spayed but need booster shots next week) through an amazing adoption agency that basically rescues kittens from shelters right before their euthanasia date approaches. Dora and Dottie (I didn't name them but the names seemed to fit!) are no special breed -- just simple domestic short hair cats (Dora is a white with some grey tabby markings and Dottie is a pastel calico -- both are mostly white. It took them a couple days to bond, but both had past experience with other kittens and dogs so within 36 hours they learned to play well together and bonded. It was a risk to adopt not knowing if they would easily bond or if it would take a LOT of work on my part. I basically just acted like I didn't care at all and let them work it out -- and things went great! Their youth probably helped. I've always preferred pedigreed longer haired cats (Persian/Himalayan) or longer haired domestics, but I think their short hair status will make grooming much easier on me (and they are adorable just as they are!!!). Snickers adores them -- watches them intently and will head bob and whistle when they are running wild! It never occurred to me that maybe he misses Zuri. Snickers time out of cage is much more limited while we work things out -- but he doesn't seem like he wants to go after them. I am basically letting him just play on play gym on top of his cage and (when kittens are sleeping) holding him VERY protectively on sofa -- since sleeping kittens could awaken quickly with a parrot loose in home. I put a metal grated fireplace screen around his cage for cat protection and to discourage them from poking their arms inside his cage; but they have actually been remarkably respectful of him. After 22 years, Snickers understands cats, and in the past, has proved his trustworthiness. I think he gets they are just babies who mean no harm. But I will never trust a parrot and cat together, loose, without extreme supervision (which I haven't tried yet -- only had the kittens 1 week). Too soon. These kittens (I find them gorgeous) but they are probably just run-of-the-mill common cats; but they have brought some joy back into my home. And they look absolutely NOTHING like Zuri, which I appreciate. Their energy levels amaze me! I got them a new cat tree, beds, scratching post, Cat Dancer toys, soft toys that squeak like a mouse, a globe than rolls itself (batteries) and a wand-type feather toy I have to swing about for them. I wanted them to have things that didn't belong to previous cats. Even at such older-kitten ages, the play hard but sleep like the dead (sleeping time is Snickers the CAG out-of-cage-time) here. But if a kitten awakens, I put him back up. The new kittens can't erase my grief, but it does bring some activity and joy back to this home. And I can't get over Snicker's whistling and playfulness with them around either -- he seems to delight in the new cat television in living room. Snickers is definitely not bored during cage time. lol
  11. Sorry if I bummed anyone out or brought back other's sad memories of lost fur babies. I am just sad. If only I could keep Snickers (CAG) out 24/7. But he's an inquisitive parrot and just cannot be out while I sleep. Everyone tells me to just 'get another one' (and one day I will) but there is no replacement for lost loved pet. One day I will fall in love again with a fur baby. Sorry again for being a bummer. I do realize this is a grey forum.
  12. Parrots do love drama. And it's hard not to cry out when being bit, I guess I just bite my own lip so I don't reward the parrot with the desired drama (making their human yell, scream, rant, etc.). I suppose my worst biter was an Amazon who was boisterous, cuddly, funny, clever yet could change moods so fast -- those eyes pinned and signaled the change but it was so fast you had no time to react/prevent the coming bite. So sad this bird is biting you so hard. Hope the feeling comes back, it may take a while to know if damage is permanent or not. But man -- a bite in same spot again sounds extremely painful indeed.
  13. I am adjusting. It's a blessing to have a CAG -- he knows I've been sad and has tried to make up for it. And he can be quite cuddly!!! If my stinker CAG wasn't likely to wander and chew cords during the night; I swear I'd let him sleep with me to replace the cat. But he would never be safe left out all night, to his own devices, to be my sleeping companion. I just miss having my cat. Life. I have to move on. I'd get a kitten (or dog) tomorrow but it's a big responsibility to adopt a new pet. I don't want to rush things. It's about the pet's best interests, not the owner's. Pets deserve a good home, not to be a replacement for me feeling sad and lonely at night when wanting a warm pet cuddling next to me.
  14. @SRSeedBurners My Mandey (Himalayan) lived to 17 years -- diagnosed with renal insufficiency at age 15 -- bought him an additional 18+ months with Hills Prescription Diet KD and I was giving him 150ccs of sub-q fluids 3-4 times weekly under neck skin (the 4th fluid treatment was sort of PRN)-- I literally put a cup hook up high on woodwork to hang his lactated ringers from. He'd actually come sit on my lap insistently, and I could tent his neck skin (to check for dehydration) and I'd know he was asking for his fluids. He was getting good BUN/creatnine levels at vet's lab for most of that 18 months, so I totally get you on this treatment. It was a blessing to take care of him, he never minded the fluid treatment, but the food wasn't his favourite (although he did eat it). I was sad when treatment stopped working. Miss him still (1988 - 2005).
  15. @GreytnessI do suspect brain or spinal column -- probably a freak illness/disease. Had cats all my life -- first time ever without a cat (at least since age 20 or so, and difficult esp to lose a cat at such a young age) -- I also love dogs, but don't have one at moment (last dog RB 2012 at age 15). I guess we forget what's it's like to not have a fur baby sometimes. Sorry to be such a bummer. Snickers (CAG) tries to help -- he's a sweety but not the same as cat that sleeps with you. To make matters a little worse, I think he's HAPPY my cat is gone. Darn parrots! @Talon I had a freak incident where I lost an indoor cat at age 8 to kidney disease -- (Brittany, so young) so I feel you. I didn't understand either. Cats usually live 18+ years in my home . I feel so lost at moment, sorry.
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