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  1. @TimbersmomI am so happy you have your hummers! I won't give up trying! I feel I have all the right plants/flowers, lots of bees, no natural predators in my yard, and I do keep the red glass feeder very clean and change the sugar water often. Delighted with your success this year!
  2. @joea Fwiw, it does sound like you're trying all the right things. I hope things work out so that you can keep her. She sounds a bit spoiled, which delights me! She sounds like a grey after my own heart -- happy, active, mischievous and loved.
  3. Afterthought -- not a cardboard box that could be mistaken for a nesting place! Just a cardboard box of a size she can destroy.
  4. @joea I hope it will work out for you. Parrots can be very destructive, it's just a thing with them. Does she have some wood toys, cardboard box, etc. that you can distract her with? Anything safe really, that you don't mind her chewing? While my parrots have always been reasonably easy to handle, I certainly get that when your girl is out enjoying herself -- she may resist being redirected. Resist was actually too gentle a word -- they can be extremely headstrong when they want! lol I do put my grey back in his cage when I need to (and I never trick him and close the door if he happens to go inside). He deals fairly well with disappointment (at least I don't get bit!) And with the egg laying, maybe she's going through her teenager years to boot. That will definitely affect her general attitude when she's hormonal/broody. She's living in your home, not in the wild with a flock and a special male friend. All of us here have created similar situations with our parrots, but we try to enrich their lives in other ways to compensate. We try to be their flock as much as we can. But since these sweeties have to adapt to SO much in our homes, I suppose what we might call a temper tantrum is to be expected sometimes. They have moods just as we do -- and they like getting their own way! Good luck with her!
  5. We see a few hummers in early spring, they love the annual flowers I put out early; but never had one stick around for the glucose feeder. Sort of sad, since I get such a joy in seeing them. I must have neighbors with a better set up for them. lol
  6. I have always left the eggs, or replaced them with dummy eggs. I find parrots just keep laying more and more eggs if you remove them. This is a burden on the parrot physically to keep producing eggs. I also found my macaw had pain with egg laying, so it's much kinder to just let her sit on them until she gets bored instead of removing them and have her lay more and more and more eggs. Too much daylight/indoor lighting contributes to egg laying -- they need a dark nighttime of at least 10 - 12 hours a night (a low-watt nightlight is fine). I hope you will contact a nice sanctuary if you can't keep your parrot. If you cannot handle your own parrot without toweling - a fresh start somewhere safe (like a sanctuary) would be nice. Please don't place an ad for a parrot -- you never know who will answer the ad. Parrots just get re-homed too often, it contributes to trust issues and sometimes parrot mental illness -- many people just don't know what they're getting into. Had mine for 20+ years (had my grey for 24 years).
  7. Technology keeps changing -- I hope the '90s microchips still work with modern scanners. Horrible thought if they don't.
  8. I had mine microchipped in 1998 -- also had his leg band removed.
  9. Same here, I got several lots on eBay many years ago. Mine also has the parrot toy dispenser for the paper tape roll -- but it kept jamming, so I prefer just a plain roll of the paper tape.
  10. I forgot all about adding machine paper. Now I've got to find mine and give some to Snickers. He hasn't shredded any in a few years. Poor tyke. I just completely forgot about it.
  11. My CAG's goal in life is to remove the clacker from any bell a toy might have. He's obsessed with bells -- until that clacker is removed, he cannot resume normal life. lol On the plus side, I never hear incessant annoying ringing bells sounds here. I give mine an assortment of permanent-ish toys (which I rotate) and ones that are meant for immediate destruction. He also gets cardboard he can shred and throw onto the floor in a million pieces. As long as he's entertained (and safe!) I encourage this!
  12. I use manzanita wood for his fave high perch, plus mine has a cage-width-wide pine perch (came with the cage and which I've replaced a few times), plus a cotton braided rope spiral swing, and an acrylic ring swing. They are all various thicknesses so he doesn't get foot fatigue. (I'm sad to report he also had a rough concrete perch in the 90s [supposed to keep nails trimmed] but I've changed my position on those and removed them).
  13. @AkkiDa My CAG grazes all day, I would never withhold food. And frankly, soaked pellets sounds gross to me. If my CAG absolutely refused pelleted food -- I'd just let him win that battle. @tikobird256 Mine is an overall good eater -- but after 24 years it makes sense that he's 'accidentally' tried most foods and eventually decided they weren't the devil's poison. Mine readily accepts fresh fruit/veg, cooked rice&pasta, some nuts -- plus mine eats some of my dinner (as well as eating seed and pellets). But when I got him, he'd eaten mostly seed (but he did already like fruit). I say keep offering him things. And I don't mix/hide foods -- mine likes to carefully select and examine each morsel he eats. So you probably won't fool yours by 'mixing' or 'hiding' it in with other foods. My experience, anyway. As far as waste, I dump all his dishes outside and the outdoor birdies/squirrels eat what mine 'didn't eat'. "Didn't eat" doesn't mean rejected, I just put too much in his dishes.
  14. They don't lie down to sleep. Short of play time when mine might lie on his back for me, mine always sleeps standing on one leg.
  15. For years (maybe 12 years or so) my parrots all had smaller second cages in the guest room where we put them to bed each night. I guess I read somewhere that was a good idea. And it worked well -- gave them a safe smaller space to sleep cozy in. Eventually I guess I got tired of it or something (I forget why); so now my CAG sleeps in his regular cage in the living room. I mean, as long as you give them a darkened room at night (I always leave a floor lamp light on (25 watt bulb) in case of night fright so they can re-orient), and provide some quiet time for good sleep. If a parrot is in a lighted room at night (and maybe uncovered to boot) where a television or radio is constantly on, I think that could disturb them and keep them awake. They deserve at least 10 hours of undisturbed sleep a night, imo. That said, sometimes I've seen my CAG take a nap during bright daylight with noise -- so they can adapt and sleep in less than ideal conditions, it's just not recommended. My CAG tucks his little head under his wing when he's tired and I keep the main light off and noise levels low in the evening, he sleeps just fine.
  16. Important advice for our parrots too. I always fear my grey will get bored and depressed -- so I try to shake things up a little for him too. But you know greys - some changes are great and some changes upset them. My job is to find the right balance for my guy!
  17. I also wonder why this poor parrot is plucking.
  18. @JennS I know there are healthier pellets, but mine is so enthralled with Zupreem, I have left him on it for 20+ years. I believe Harrisons to be healthier, but since pellets are only 1/6 of mine's diet, I have kept his old favourite pellet mix anyway. But if you can get yours to accept Harrisons -- that's great! Mine does receive a lot of fresh fruit/veg plus rice/pasta, so I let him keep enjoying his old Zupreem pellets for snacking and enrichment purposes.
  19. @SRSeedBurners Reminds me so much of my own grey! Into everything and views life as a banquet! Love your grey!!!
  20. LNCAG

    Vet question

    Matilda actually taught me a lot: ask more questions, never assume or presume! So glad she's rallying so well! Hugs and scritches to this poor dual-feather injury princess. Delighted with a happy ending.
  21. 23 years keeping parrots, never had feather plucking. I consider plucking more often associated with emotional stress: bored, not enough stimulation, neglected, etc.. It can certainly be the result of physical issues also but I always associate it more with emotional issues. I always make sure mine is entertained and kept busy with lots of time out of cage, one-on-one direct interaction, interesting foods/treats and toys. Plus lots of cardboard to chew!!! I don't clip wings. Mine can fly if they want. I had a cockatiel (23+ yo RB) who could fly so well he could turn a corner on a dime. lol My grey tends to only use flight if startled, to glide gently to the floor.
  22. LNCAG

    Vet question

    How is Matilda doing? All better yet?
  23. Got to feel good to get those out!!!
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