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  1. hello to all i have seen this yaheetech cage on line it does not sound to bad just wandering if anyone has some thoughts on this cage seems like it has the same things as say a&e or kings cages just any thoughts on this if these are safe cages i do not want to purchase something that is not safe, thank you for any help on this
  2. hello to all i have been looking for a new cage for our green cheeks currently using a&e . saw these yaheeteech cages on line at diffrent places im trying to get some info as to what every thinks to if these are safe for our birds they are a little cheaper in price and im worried if these are safe to use do not want to purchase if there not good, so if i could get as much feed back on these cages that would be great. does any one else use these thank you so much for every ones help on this.
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