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  1. Hi, Yesterday I bought my grey to the veterinarian. He had a mass on his neck and they took a culture. He has been unbalanced since then almost 24 hours ago. I noticed it as soon as the exam was done. The doctor said this was normal due to stress. However, after sleeping and being home for 24 hours he is still wobbly. Does this seem normal?
  2. Pi is 13wks old. I am still hand feeding him. Some days he's a big old mush and likes to cuddle but some days he's very independent and likes to bite. He doesn't bite very hard but I don't like it. I've heard different views on stopping the behavior and I'm confused. For a while I was trying to put him down as soon as he bit and i would put him down and walk into the other room to ignore him. But now he's flying and doesn't seem to mind me getting up and leaving him alone :-( My boyfriend who stays with me occasionally is a dog trainer decided to create a sense of equali
  3. Hi, My baby is 13 wks old. I was wondering about training. I'm looking for feedback of what age to start and what to start with. Please give me some ideas. Thank you
  4. Wow thanks tiles are a great idea. Yesterday a cut a piece of pine plywood 3/4 thick and put it on top. I made it so it overhangs 4in. on all sides. So far so good, but the clean up will not be as easy as tile. I'm worried he will chew the plywood now and found out it contains glue. I'm wondering if this is safe for him?
  5. My Grey is 13 weeks old. I've been told to not clip his flight feathers until he learns to fly. Well, he is getting around pretty good now. The only problem is he likes the top of my cabinets. He keeps chewing at the cabinets, which can't be good for him and his is destroying the wood. I tried to put a piece of cardboard on top that overhangs to actual cabinets by an inch or so but he goes under the cardboard (even though I tried to put tape holding it down) and still picks at the wood (along with the tape). Any suggestions? Should he mainly just perch on his play area a
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