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  1. I have questions

    Hello guys. I have some question . Why is my parrot so aggressive in the morning ? and whistles a lot i guess he’s calling his flock but why aggressively? Why does my parrot tremble his feather in his chest whenever i talk to him?
  2. Hi , of course I’m still at growling phase , but i read somewhere that if you are at the phase that your parrot wants to be with you but he bites you , when he does that juat leave the room quickly , and then try again and if he does again leave the room quickly again , that way , he will understand, that when he bites the only thing he gets is loneliness , so he won’t do it again . but note that the method , which I mentioned , is for parrots which they don’t growl or are not fully wild because if you do that with a wild parrot the result is exactly opposite, because he thinks : well I don’t want him be around me and whenever I bite him he leaves the room so it’s a good way to keep him away , and he keeps doing it. I hope it helps you.
  3. I whistle back when he whistles but sometimes he answers back with whistling and sometimes he screams exactly like the video when i was about approaching. ( not continuously)
  4. Well I didn’t even know such things exists actually::)) , but certainly i ll give him chamomile tea. thank you 🙏
  5. Interesting , never heard of it maybe it’s something like a natural sedative.
  6. According to your tips and help i came to the conclusion these are what I should do 1.Talk to him everytime. 2. Spend a lot of time being next to him and let him know that im here. 3. Eeat food next to him. 4.read a book or something loudly 5.Always some background noise in order he gets use to it. 6. Put his favorite foods in his cage but not so much . 7. Chamomile tea In the morning for 3h I think that’s it if there’s something that i miss plz tell me.
  7. Thanks guys for answering ,I really appreciate your help . What is rescue remedy ? I googled it and it was available on Amazon and other websites but I can’t order because actually they don’t support my country ( political problems:/ and people are always the victim) . So i was talking about rescue remedy, what is it ? Because I’m trying to find a exact word in my language to actually means this word .
  8. Thank you , I’ll do my best , and fortunately chamomile is widely available in my region ( asia ) , so I’ll definitely do it Thank you guys for your support and tips and guidance,
  9. They smuggle them from Africa:( , and I’m sure if I hadn’t bought him he would stay in petstore maybe for ever. When i sit in that brown chair he screams should I ignore him ?
  10. Well usually I talk to him while approaching but this time i was filming . about hand feeding I haven’t tried it , should i try ? Because actually I don’t expect him to come and take a sunflower seed from my hand when he is terrified like this
  11. Hello guys , it’s been 31 days i guess , and this i my Parrot’s behavior I can’t clean his cage properly , when he’s reacting like this. What do you think guys ? And since he was afraid of his toy , i put him far away somewhere he can see it , and i put it closer and closer everyday , until he gets use to it .
  12. Is it normal ?

    I dont know when I bought it from pet-store there were many parrots in the store including grey african parrots and other kinds And tnx i will do this 🙏🙏🙏
  13. Is it normal ?

    Hello is it normal that he screams while whistling ? If it isn’t what causes this ? the film is attached to the post A2408BFD-7751-4E8E-9AEE-9591D2F721FF.MP4