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  1. Hello guys , i really need do my routine around him , do you guys suggest handsfree or headphone and ignoring him , because his sharp and short screams really hurt my ears. When i wanto do my daily routine around him ,
  2. Erfan


    Good idea I’ll do this , thank you by the way i have a question , why most of the time when i am talking to him he starts preening him self sometimes i think ,maybe when he finds me talking to him says : come on man , what are you talking about let just clean my self this guys is crazy
  3. Erfan


    Thank you 🙏🙏 ok good night
  4. Erfan


    Hello guys , I’m going to change his cage and i wonder how i can convince my parrot to go to his new cage ? Because right now his cage is his home and ofc he is still wild , doesn’t let me to be close to him so that i put him there , so any tip guys ??
  5. Erfan


    I will change his cage
  6. Erfan


    No but i will where ? Make a new topic or here?
  7. Erfan


    Yes i have pictures of him
  8. Erfan


    Could you please explain more that why I should towel him ? Do You mean when I open his cage if he doesn’t come back to his cage i use toweling or ..?
  9. Erfan


    Thank you 🙏 , i will open his cage after we move in I’m sure I will be very excited when I open his cage , i believe, that if we give freedom to a bird he will get along easily, but i was very cautious about my parrot because I hadn’t had a parrot before , but i have a canary he was afraid of me , i keep his cage open and now he lives with us and goes to his cage at night , when i brought my parrot to my house for the first time my canary was very curious and spent hours on top of his cage and was looking at my parrot :)) sometimes they sang together but now they are not together because my canary is in living room and my parrot is my room ( because i read a article and they said parrots get along with other parrots but not with other kinds of birds , so I separated them because canaries are very small and feeble but brave , so I started to worry when I’m not in my room mybe they fight and my parrot hurts him because his beak is strong and looks the same size of my canary.
  10. Erfan


    I don’t think he can fly , his feathers look that they were clipped , I haven’t opened his cage yet they told me don’t open his cage until he fully trusts you . we are going to move in on 17th April to our new house , I’ll try to open his cage that time because I afraid if i open his cage maybe he doesn’t want to go back and ...
  11. Erfan


    So I should start again , but if i give him these foods a lot he makes his cage dirty. “ Don’t let fresh food sit in cage more than 2-3 hours” , well as you know he is still wild and really hurt him self when i clean his cage so i just give him food and he is improving but I can’t clean his cage the last time I cleaned his cage was 1 month ago 🤒 and he was terrified
  12. Erfan


    Thank you , that was a interesting story:))
  13. Erfan


    By the way my parrots doesn’t like vegetables , i tried tomato , lettuce, pepper , squash but he doesn’t like them for fruits just some piece and then he throws them around, but for the nuts he really eats them carefully how can I convince him to eat vegetables and fruits more than nuts ?? Because of that he forces me to give nuts to him by not eating fruits and vegetables
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