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  1. Rowland

    Does your grey curse?

    As some of you might know, I am a new pet to an CAG. We've had her for about 3 weeks now, Bella has fit in just perfect! Her vocabulary is unreal! We never heard it during visits. But recently we get "G D" followed by "M F". First time I heard it I was on the floor I was laughing so hard! Now we can almost pinpoint when she's going to say it. Not saying it's a bad thing in our household, just want to hear some other experiences with naughty birds.
  2. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    ...and a little something different for you guys
  3. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    She's home! And as you can see we adopted another little one. Scooter is a Senegal parrot, she lol, is 16 years old and was one of a handful that survived a house fire. She came from the same people that had Bella and the two have known each for the past 6 years. Bella is still getting used to everything. She freaked out when I opened the door and took a dive off her stand. She slightly bent a tail feather. She isn't bothered by it, not throwing off her balance or anything so I think I'm good. I'll keep you guys updated know she's actually home!
  4. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    Hello! We've had a couple more visits with Bella. She seems to be gaining more trust in me specifically. I got kissed quite a few times lol. One thing we'll have to work is hand/arm training. She is a shoulder bird for sure...which isn't a big problem for me but when the niece and nephew are over I'd like for her to stay on their hand or arm. I wouldn't want the initial "freak out" from either of them.
  5. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    I will when I get it. I know it's one with plexiglass and bars. From what I remember, it's definitely tall enough and has a perch in it.
  6. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    She is coming with a travel cage. Will that be alright for her to sleep in?
  7. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    Thanks! Her cage is definitely going in the family room first.
  8. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    We are bringing her home in May with visits in between. I take 2 weeks off every May to open our pool and get the yard summer ready. I figure that would be perfect for her to come home to lots of attention and socialization. Her current owners are friends of ours and are just a few miles away...luckily.
  9. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    Her wings are clipped. Her current owner says it's been about 6 months since she has had it done. I don't plan on clipping her wings in the future either. Here are a couple pictures of Bella. We have another visit with her on Friday, can't wait!
  10. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    Thanks. About the other pets, well the dogs and cat...I don't plan on introducing them right off. Luckily they are all "older" and have been with us since they were weaned. Agree with you 100% about washing hands after handling the snake and lizard. It's been a practice in our house for 12 years of owning reptiles, specifically large breed pythons.
  11. Rowland

    Soon to be new owner

    Thanks so much! Our plan is to have a few stands placed in the family room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and sun room to have her out with us as much as possible. I kind of want her room to be mainly for security and sleep. Is this good or bad?
  12. Hello everyone! I've browsed these forums long enough...so I joined! My wife and I will be adopting a 6 year old female CAF. Her name is Bella, she is coming to us with everything from her previous owner..cage, travel cage, toys, her diet, UV light, ect. The only thing I'll need or build is a mobile perch for her. We have no kids but do have 3 dogs, a very fat cat, 13ft Burmese python(own room in the basement) and a tegu. We have bird experience but never with a grey. We plan on letting Bella have a spare room upstairs to her self. Now a couple questions... When we first bring her home, should her cage go in her room? Or a family room so she can socialize? I know she's going to be in shock a bit from the move. How long should we give her before simply opening her cage and letting her explore? After she gets settled in, I'd like to keep her cage open 24/7. Again she'll have her own room and it will be shut at all times when she is in there. Good idea? Bad idea? I know I'll have to plug the wall sockets but I have a solution for that already. I know I'll have more questions but I should get back to work now lol. Hope to hear from some of you!