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  1. Need tips and tricks!

    Thankyou everyone for your kind words. she definitely has left a great hole in my heart..in time I will definitely rescue another beautiful grey. Xo
  2. Need tips and tricks!

    Unfortunately Miss Aura passed away yesterday. she went in for further testing and died in the vets office. They are suspecting she wouldn’t have made it through the week & that she was born with some kind of disease causing her to fill up with this fluid. My heart is so broken and heavy today. 💔 I did everything I could to save my baby.
  3. Need tips and tricks!

    We did X-rays and he sent them away waiting to hear back next step will probably be bloodwork hoping I can raise money to save her
  4. Need tips and tricks!

    The worst possible news guys. Aura is filling with fluid and requires a lot of testing I’ve started a fundraiser she desperately needs help Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for Aura needs help. Please tap to donate- gf.me/u/hw9vfw
  5. Big belly question??

    Hey everyone! I’ve been wondering about my greys stomach. Her lower abdomen appears to be a little distended (to me. I could be over paranoid) and I was wondering what could cause it or if it is at all and I’m being too worried.
  6. Need tips and tricks!

    Thanks so much!!! Everyone has been so helpful. She destroyed a cardboard box last night and all for some head scratches today
  7. Need tips and tricks!

    Thanks haha I’ve had a few birds but my first grey .. like a new mom over worrying about doing it all right haha
  8. Need tips and tricks!

    Ahhh! Thank you. I ended up using that toy as it was the only one she wasn’t afraid of thanks for the heads up.
  9. Need tips and tricks!

    She’s happy as can be with her peppers!! Haha ❤️ Thanks everyone for the tips I’ll experiment and see how things go.
  10. Need tips and tricks!

    Thanks I’ll try introducing the toys she was scared of slowly. I want to get her some new toys for when we’re not at home :-)
  11. Need tips and tricks!

    Her name is Aura!! And thanks I have been but breaks my heart when she freaks out haha. She’s afraid of almost every toy. Balls, bells & water ..
  12. Need tips and tricks!

    I’m two months into have my 6 month old timneh grey home with me! I’ve done plenty of research on owning a grey and understand how stubborn they can be. My poor girl is afraid of almost everything. Including water.. Any tips, advice or suggestions on getting her used to water for bath time would be much appreciated