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  1. Roy_smokey

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    Are these the pictures you wanted from the back ? Jayd
  2. Roy_smokey

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    Yes I have, he just runs away and when i get too close he starts cleaning his nails lol and looking at my hand. I do the 4 fingers with the thumb tucked in he test the perch so hes not biting me but won't come up on to my hand. Then he goes for my nail... I've only had him for about a week and all I've been able to do is give him treats by hand and scratch his head ... hes very territorial but surprisingly he let's me scratch him up top on his cage but he let's me know when he wants me to touch him he brings his head down pretty much giving me the ok.. also when I put him to bed he hangs from the top of the cage and brings his head in for a head scratch but I'm touching him outside the cage putting my finger in to him .... only time I got him to "step up" has been from the floor he does it with no problem but its not easy to get him down there or getting him off his cage
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    My wife obviously takes way better pictures than me 😂😂😂
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    Not the greatest picture but he tends to do this a lot he steps on the edge of the cage and lowers his head and starts flapping his wings... hes not clipped but he doesn't fly either ... he doesn't leap off the cage just chirps real low and flaps his wings lol ..the few times he's leaped off was the first day trying to get him in a travel cage to bring him home but he didnt get far he went straight to the floor flapping his wings ? Could it be he doesn't know how to fly or hes too heavy to fly ? Also could this mean he wants attention or wants to fly ? Thanks for the help and all the nice comments P.S. smokey Is in Miami, Florida
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    Thanks you guys I never knew these birds were so amazing and the joy they bring I'm so happy i was able to rescue him and adopt him and give him the love he deserves
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    I'm still learning how to use this lol and where to upload the pics on
  9. Hello everyone I'm new to the website and was using it a lot as a non member reading up on topics of food, behavior and so forth lol so I figured might as well join. So let me tell you about smokey the CAG hes I believe 17 and was bred in Tennessee according to his ankle ring I've had him for almost a week he came home 5-7-18 previous owner was older and could not handle the chirping and could not give him the attention he deserved before that she let me know he was abused by children poked with sticks and caged so I was a little scared at first how he might act with me him being an older parrot and all but let me tell you I was scared to get bit at first (those beaks look like they hurt) I was hand feeding him sunflowers by the 3rd day.. he won't step up from the cage Inside or outside we still haven't bonded I guess but today I was finally able to pet his head and touch him let me tell you its a great feeling that hes beginning to trust me I guess I cant wait to hold him and teach him all kinds of things. It's only been a week and hes brought so much joy to my family's and my life any tips or things I should do would be greatly appreciated thanks for this amazing website ... Looking forward to learning all I can thanks.....roy and smokey