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    Broken beak and possible reinjury?

    Bonjour. This is my first post on the forum. We have an African Grey of eighteen years. He recently broke the lower mandible of his beak while antagonizing the dog. Our bird likes to climb down to the bottom of his cage, call the dog's name and bang on the bars with his beak, all to get the dog riled up! It seems that by doing this, he fractured his beak, and one day while sliding down his cage, my little buddy caught his beak on one of the bars, and it broke off! The poor little guy spent a couple nights in the hospital as a prosthetic beak was fashioned for him. The prognosis was for his beak to take a full year to heal. Now just a few months later, he's feeling better and is back to fu... er, messing with the dog! What can be done? I try to explain to him that he's going to hurt himself again. I'm sure my feathered friend understands me to an extent, but I think he just doesn't care! How can I keep him from reinjuring his beak?