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  1. Yeah, you're right. In fact, I just noticed today that he had been chewing the paint off of it! So this came not a moment too soon! We kept an identical cage in the basement that had belonged to our conure. I miss her. This cage is in much better shape, and I spent some time cleaning it up for Timmy. Thanks for ... oh man, there's a word for it, and it ends with -ize, I think. It's kind of like verify, but it's something else. Not rationalize, not... ah, I'm not sure what the word is. Thank you.
  2. Bonjour ! I've noticed lately that my buddy's cage has a few rusty spots where the paint is chipped. Is there something I can do to repair this, or should we get him a new cage? Gonna break my rusty caaaaaaage and run
  3. Keep the toy! The behavior comes and goes with the seasons. My little Timmy has a bell that he occasionally falls in love with. I never understood why people make a fuss out of this. I think it stems from stupid puritanical ideas that anything to do with love and sex is bad. It's like if one of your kids was dating, except that Alfie can't get the toy pregnant. And he won't get his heart broken, either! The world needs more love. Let Alfie love the toy.
  4. Just a little while ago, Timmy and I were hanging out in my room. I guess he was feeling antsy and jumped and flew - he does that. But this time he landed on my oil palette, which I keep high up on a shelf. My little guy got himself some blue feet! Thankfully, my mom sprung to action and held Timmy while I took a wet wipe and cleaned his piggies the best he would let me. Poor Mom got bit a-plenty! I then took Timmy down to the kitchen and had him stand in a dish of warm, soapy water. Not all oil pigments are created equal. Timmy landed in a glob of pthalo blue, pthalo short for pthalocyan
  5. Bonjour tous ! My little Timmy has himself a girlfriend, and by that I mean a grey, plastic cup that he is in *love* with! He holds this thing and can spend hours puking on it if I let him! Anyway, as I was cleaning up the bathroom floor, I noticed Timmy had chucked up some really big peanut chunks. I mean, these were big enough that I wouldn't even swallow something that large! Should I be concerned about how Timmy chews his food? Should I sit him down and discuss the science of digestion, with a chart to make it easier for him to understand? Any insight would really be appreciated.
  6. Oooooooh, that sounds cool as hell! A flight leash! The big question is, can you get the harness on your bird and keep all your fingers? Even if I could, I would still worry about predators. Hello, anxiety! We're fortunate enough that our living room as a high ceiling with an upstairs balcony. So whenever I take Timmy upstairs, I toss him, and he flies up to said balcony. Then I gotta run and get his perch before he poops!
  7. Aaaww, Lucy's beautiful! I get so nervous when people take their birds outside, untethered and out of the cage! Are her wings clipped? Many years ago, we had a close call with our sun conure. She was outside on my stepdad's shoulder. Something startled her, and she took off! Being the smart bird she was, she flew around to the front of the house and hung out by the door, calling until we got her. Please keep Lucy safe! ❤️
  8. Sorry, I didn't mean to make that all about my bird. What I was getting at was how foreign it is to me for a bird to not want to eat a nice, hot meal!
  9. That's soooo weird! Timmy loves anything hot and cooked! Pasta, eggs - oh man, Timmy looooves eggs! Oh, you know what he went ape over? The other day I cut up a canteloupe. The last quarter wouldn't fit in the container, so I served it up on a plate, and we shared. Or really, Timmy had it. He went to town on this thing! I just sat back and got a kick out of him shredding this canteloupe to bits - I barely had any! I don't know if I've ever seen such a pure rush of joy in anybody, ever!
  10. I dunn know much about clicker training, and the videos don't work for me. But! I can say with a thousand percent certainty, that the quickest way to a bird's heart is through their stomach. Whenever you eat, let Alfie hang out on the table and eat off your plate. Talk to him! Sing to him! Tell him jokes. I share all my meals with my Timmy. He loves it. I've never done any formal training with Timmy at all, but he's fairly well-behaved, while still being mischievous, which I like.
  11. Yanno, after watching your video, I noticed my Timmy does something similar. People have quirks, and birds are people too.
  12. What a cute bird! The tongue thing is probably just a part of his personality. We all have quirks, yanno? Is Alex eating and drinking normally? As long as it's not interfering with his health and well-being, it probably shouldn't be a problem. Keep in mind though, I'm just a lady on a forum!
  13. Merci ! If you have the urge to draw your bird, then do it. It's a fun thing the two of you can do together! The second one, for instance, is a series of quick gestures as Timmy naturally fidgets. I've noticed that Timmy really trips out on the representational art. The more cubist or abstract it gets, the less he's interested.
  14. The "fine art" avenue this time
  15. Timmy likes to "get yer piggies." He'll jump down on the floor and say, "Gonna getcher piggies!" And you can guess what happens. I drew a few comics about my little buddy - one where I'm painting, one grocery shopping, and a third where Timmy goes on a Japanese game show!
  16. Salut tout le monde ! Three or four weeks ago my stepdad took Timmy to the vet. It turns out all he needed was his beak trimmed! And dig this: he didn't even have to be drugged! (neither Timmy nor my stepdad) The vet thought for sure that Timmy would have to be sedated in order to spend forty-five minutes filing his beak, but no! The Little Guy was so well-behaved! Also, a bonus for me is that Timmy isn't biting nearly as hard - or at all, really!
  17. My stepdad braved Timmy's wrath and checked around Timmy's beak with his finger. A couple years back, Timmy broke his mandible. He was hospitalized while a prosthetic was fashioned. Now it appears Timmy has something similar, but not as bad. I don't know, though! But my stepdad's one of those men who thinks he can never be wrong. I'd really like to get Timmy's beak trimmed back while it heals!
  18. Salut tout monde ! I've noticed in the past week or two that my Timmy's beak is crooked. That is, the lower part sits to the left of his upper beak. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Could it lead to anything down the road?
  19. Oh yeah! Timmy has totally looked up at me with such love in his eyes, and then thrown up! Then again, I've been known to get nauseous around my crushes... "Love you so much it makes me sick"
  20. Sometimes when Timmy's climbing in his cage, I'll tell him "I'm gonna get your piggies!" And I grab his toes. So the other day my mom and I were playing with Timmy, and he's on the floor chasing me, saying "Gonna getcha!" I jumped on my bed, because while Timmy's good at a lot of things, one thing that he's really good at is gettin' piggies! My mom picked him up and tossed him on my bed, but by that point Timmy just wanted his head scratched. Oh yeah! I meant to ask this - is the back of the neck an erogenous zone? Should I not be scratching my buddy there?
  21. Z'anybody have those days (of course you do!) where maybe you didn't get much sleep, or maybe something happened , or maybe you didn't get much sleep, and you just can't engage your grey? I'm so exhausted today! Timmy is downstairs in the living room. My parents are drunk, watching TV in the dark. Poor Timmy keeps calling to me. I often have him upstairs with me, but since the two really bad bites, I can't. I can't until my finger is healed. I;m soooooooooo tired, and every time he calls to me, i feel obligated to call back. But I ... I'm so tired that it hurts my brain to do it. And every tim
  22. I'm thinking a treat, too. I don't want him to associate going back in his cage with playtime being over. Even though that's what it is, I suppose. My mom put Timmy back in this morning, and I gave him a treat. Timmy doesn't get territorial when I take him out of his cage. If he doesn't want to come out right away, he'll gently push my hand away. I'm okay with this. I want Timmy to have his own free will. I love my little guy.
  23. It happened AGAIN. We were having breakfast and a good time to go with it. I would pick Timmy up here and there - just so he doesn't associate me picking him up with playtime being over - and I'd tell him what a good boy he is before putting him back down. Breakfast was over, and it was time to clean up. I got Timmy back in his cage, surprisingly with no fuss! As a reward I gave Timmy a head scratch. He liked it for a moment, and then CHOMP! My little guy took a solid piece of meat off of my pinky - the same one in the same spot. My finger bled profusely, and I screamed bloody murder
  24. Yeah, he wrecked something in my finger. I went to the doctor. Her response was basically, "Welp." She was also overcome by cuteness when I described Timmy and the things he does.
  25. But i still can't feel my finger...
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