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  1. Well, unfortunately our 16 year old daughter has been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks. Severe depression. We brought her home today. Every day is go to work, go to the hospital, go to bed. With a little bird time between. Last weekend we were working on giving her room a makeover. Prime & paint have been done. I did the prime on Saturday, her friends did the painting on Sunday. And one of her friends has been working on a mural. This weekend will be a new vinyl plank floor. Since everything but the bed came out of the room, it meant much of it went into the living room, where the birds are. Things going by greatly scared the CAG. She fell off her perch at least 2 times. For the past 3 nites she's been freaked out by covering her cage. Tonight was the first time she had no problem with the cover, probably because I did it. Every morning when I take off the cover I give them food and water, and give the CAG scratches. The past 3 mornings she did step up willingly at least once. Yesterday she was climbing the edge of the doorway opening and I was amazed she stepped onto my finger! By mostly she wants scratches and wants to do her wing drooping, wimpering, attempting regurging. I don't giver her exclusive long time attention, I move from bird to bird so they don't get too jealous. These are 3 medium size birds that could do some serious damage to me if they wanted. Fortunately all 3 of them like me very much. Maybe pictures tomorrow, but no promise. Our 18 year old son graduates from High School on Friday. thursday after work I have to get him some fancy clothes to wear, a one time use. He lives in shorts and t-shirts. Busy, busy!!!!
  2. I think the fast lane days are over. She's settling into the Grey lane. Even though she's stepping up a bit better, she's still visibly afraid when I take her out of the cage. So I stay right next to it and let her look around.
  3. After a week of no/slow progress, she has been willingly stepping up more. 4 times this morning. Of course, she's doing it to get closer to me for her mating display. I've been doing less neck scratching and more talking to her. She doesn't get scratched at all if she's on my finger. I keep her near the cage and move very slowly. She transfers easily to the other finger, something our other birds won't do (left hand is evil!!). She's still afraid of the ceiling and most inanimate objects, but not afraid of the dogs & cats that could actually kill her. Now that she's getting easier to pick up, I need to make a setup to weigh her. I'd swear she feels heavier. She's small for her breed but a little overweight for her size, due to her previous diet of seed and nuts. No signs of plucking. Hopefully she'll continue to get easier to handle and more comfortable over the next few months. Maybe we'll be able to take her to the Parrot meeting in September, 3 months away.
  4. When does mating season end?? Or will this continue until the days get shorter? I put a sheet over her at sundown (about 9pm), and take it off when I'm about to leave for work (about 5:30am). I know that's not enough sleep time, but I make sure she gets clean food and water before I leave for work.
  5. I think just about everything she does is for "mating" with me. She'll dance around (lifting feet and wings) to get my attention, then she grabs my finger (and not let go!), and attempt to regurgitate for my hand. I usually pull away, but it isn't always easy. Shes got a good grip! Yesterday had positives and negatives. I was in and out all weekend. I'd give the birds a couple minutes attention here and there. I noticed she wasn't as vocal and didn't eat as much as she has been. I normally give her half a bowl in the morning and it's gone by late afternoon, and I'll give her a little bit more. Yesterday she ate a bit more than half. And I noticed a dozen down feathers of the bottom of the cage. And she's been a little more aggressive with her mating (nibbling on my finger). On the other hand, she stepped up 4 times, 2 willingly stepping off the front of the cage onto my finger. The first 2 times I kept her right in the front of the cage. She keeps looking up at the ceiling. I think she's afraid of the popcorn ceiling. The 3rd time I very slowly walked her to the front window. Later I very slowly took her to our bedroom. Each time she was only out for 2 or 3 minutes. I might as well add today to this. I got home to find all her food gone. That's a good thing. And she's being very animated and vocal. Raising feet and wings, showing off.
  6. Haven't thought about the hair lately. I'd kind of like to keep what I have left. She stepped up yesterday, probably by accident. Starting yesterday evening, possibly part of her mating dance, is to raise a foot at me. Either foot. She will actually grab my finger. But has no interest in stepping up. I tried pushing on her chest once and she held the bar very firmly. Typically if I put my finger near her feet (and a foot isn't extended to me) she will push my finger away very firmly with her head. No bite, not even an attempt. While she still lowers her head for scratches almost anytime I extend a finger toward her, when I scratch her head after a couple of seconds she turns her head a nibbles on my finger. I've been not scratching her as much, to not encourage her mating dance. I still show her the other birds stepping up. And talk to her. She's copied more than a few sounds around the house. This afternoon I heard her mimicking the smaller dogs bark. She's also howled with the other dog. We think she's said our middle son's name a few times. and other stuff. Very entertaining.
  7. CTGull

    Grey Cognition and language abilities

    How has this not been added to in over a year? We rescued our nearly 5 year old CAG 9 days ago. Every day she gets more chatty, with various noises and whistling. I wonder if the whistling is something she was taught or is she making it up as she goes? And like many Greys, she shuts up as soon as she sees someone coming into the room. Many different voices. Should be interesting.
  8. The objects that scared her were being carried by her by me. I don't walk slow. I do approach her into the cage slowly. My son said it look aggressive. It was my fault for suddenly poking the top of my head in while cleaning the bottom of the cage. A big round brown scary thing!! When she's at the edge of the door opening or out of the cage I will slowly lower my head and have my son observe what happens. We've had birds that liked to preen hair and others that would attack it.
  9. She seems to be afraid of anything she's never seen before. Not fearless after all. Will all the noises, voices and whistles she does, as soon as she sees someone she stops. She doesn't like hair!! I bent in the clean the cage and she tried to bite my head. Our son said he's noticed that too. Hair is bad!! She's still evolving. We're still learning.
  10. She's DNA tested confirmed female. No surprise there. This morning she came out of the water bowl door while I got her water. This time she was completely on the side of the cage and didn't volunteer to go back in. I tried to lead her back in but she wanted to hang out. I unfortunately had to force her to step up to get get her back in. Voicing her displeasure set off the Eclectus, not something I wanted to do at 5:30am.
  11. CTGull

    Can't save edited profile

    It's fixed, that's all that matters. I guess I'm the only new member to try to add to their profile since the last change. I run a forum and website for vintage Yamaha guitars (ProBoards & WordPress). I'm my own tech guy. If something breaks it's usually something I did by mistake and I have to figure out how to fix it. Fun stuff.
  12. Thanks. Will do. I was at work all day, getting home at 5pm. I split an hour between all 3 birds. Again she came out onto the cage front when I left the door open. I gave her some scratches and went to the next bird. She went back in. She came out the water door this morning and went back in when I put the bowl back in. No mating behavior today. She continues to look calm and curious. I heard she had a whistling contest with our oldest son today. Not sure who won but I heard it was close!! She continues to get more vocal. Hmmm.... Maybe that's why they wanted her gone!! :?) She continues to add more whistles, noises and words that she must already know. I finally found something that scares her. An empty paper towel roll. BAD PAPER TOWEL ROLL!!!!
  13. I've done some research, and as I suspected, the whimpering, slightly drooping of the wings and regurgitation motion is a sign of affection towards me. Pretty amazing since we've only had her 6 days. But not surprising due to her behavior since we got her. Should this be encouraged or ignored? Or just let it slide? Nothing I've read so far has said to ignore it. She's been the best bird ever, so far. Other than wanting me for her own, she's eaten anything we've given her, out of our hands (blueberry, pepper, broccoli), even on day 2. Amazing! She's easily converted from the crap sean/nut mixture she's been eating her whole life, to colored ZuPreme pellets. And she's coming around on stepping up. She's certainly not the fussing, sometimes bitey Grey I've read about. I know that could change.
  14. I know, I'm going to fast. But when a walk by she moves towards me, and if I open the cage and don't put my hand in she will climb onto the top and walk to the front and stick her head out. If I put my hand near she nibbles on it. All friendly and curious behavior. Or sexual... I've never had a bird this "interested" in me. Well, my male Alexandrine has always been interested in me, but he's a guy. Of course, we're assuming she is a she. We should get the DNA results in a week or 2. She's small, she interested in me. She's gotta be a female. I'm amazed she isn't freaked out by our loud barking 85 lb pit bull. He's friendly and curious and wonders what this thing is. And he wants my attention. Barking is his way of saying lets play. If he comes over barking she doesn't move away. This has to be the most fearless bird I've ever seen! Or she will do anything to get my attention. It should be interesting when I'm gone for the whole day tomorrow back to work after 3 days home.
  15. I'm gonna burn for this one... I put a new toy on the outside of her cage not far from her water bowl. As long as she doesn't avoid that corner, it'll go inside in a day or 2. And I put a shallow ceramic baking pan on the bottom if she wants to bath. I splashed in it a bit so she's know what it was.