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  1. Kiruban

    Dirty Vent feathers on Baby

    Hi Jayd, He weighs in at 532g. I suspect that he is older than 9 weeks. I am feeding him Avi Plus Parrot Handrearing formula - the 6 weeks to weaning one. He has approximately 40 - 50ml per feed.
  2. Kiruban

    Dirty Vent feathers on Baby

    Hi, My baby Grey is 9 weeks old and is now home for 2 days. I noticed that his vent feathers are quite messed. What is the best way to clean him without it being a traumatic experience. Also, when at the pet store, he had a voracious appetite but not at home now. He is still on 3 feeds a day and I am feeding him with a syringe. Does he just need to settle down a bit? He does not eat as much as he did at the store...