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  1. Hello, my male African Grey, Sushi, shakes a lot like that. Heat and humidity is good in the room, a heater is not far but not close to him. I don't understand why. He has fruits, veggies, pellets and seeds. 20200110_202349.mp4
  2. Yesterday my African Grey, Frankie a female of 19 years, stopped eating at sleeptime. Today she only drank some water. She just regurgitated it. She did the same about two weeks (13th of June) shortly before laying an egg. I took her to the vet then, he told me she has diarhea after he examined her poop. Since then her poop is brown not green despite finishing the medication the doctor gave her. Now she is back to sleeping. It is is not her first egg ( going on for 10 years at least she lays on and off every 6 months ). I have been feeding her calcium foods and adding supplements to her food and water since the last egg. I am afraid I am encouraging egg laying somehow. Where I live, Kuwait, there is only one avian vet the one she had seen lately. He did not even suspect the egg presence. Now I am waiting for her to lay her egg. I have another bird I think it is a male, I kept them apart since her last egg (13th of June). I am not sure how to act in front of this regurgitation, I have only seen her do that these two times. She regurgitated just water this time, last time there was food. I just presented her with water she took it 3 times. I put a water boiler next to her cage and I covered the side of the cage since I read steam helps her relaw her botox muscles to release the egg. She just popped water since she is not eating. And she regurgitated her water again.
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