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  1. Today is the only stinky poops day but all her poops today have smelt horrible but the last one or two haven’t smelt as strong not really bubbly either just mostly green liquid with a couple of solid pieces and nothing other than ordinary food and peanuts and one carrot stick the past few days
  2. Today ruby has had the worst smelling poop and diarrhea it smells terrible she hasn’t eaten anything unusual a few peanuts a small carrot stick and her bird food she has chewed up some cardboard although i don’t think she ate any of it I need help any ideas on why this is happening? The only avian vet anywhere near is out of town for a couple weeks
  3. She has started to do this just about every time I hold her which is quite often I try to just stick her on a perch for a few minutes and try again I hate having to put her down to chill out but I don’t want to encourage this behavior, she also literally chases my wife and tries to attack her is she being territorial over me or just enjoying the reaction she gets from her? My wife is scared to hold her Ruby will step up to anyone and be calm and happy.
  4. Does this behavior indicate that it is a male? I was told it was a female but no dna test. And nothing just holding and talking to her
  5. What does this mean is my she a he? Lol and what can I do to stop it? She does this at least once a day and I try to get her to stop but idk what to do F1CDFC92-53A7-45BD-A6E6-EF50DD40EBAF.MOV
  6. Thank you for your help we will do anything to make her happy I really appreciate any helpful tips!
  7. So I just got my grey Ruby Friday she has accepted me very well she does nibble and sometimes bite a little harder but I try not to react and I spend all my free time with her (several hours) daily she steps up to anybody but she tends to bite more aggressively toward my wife even to the point she will “chase” her all around the house and whenever she tries to pick her up she gets a good bite and she is now scared of the bird and I want them to get along. She has started wearing gloves could that contribute to the bites she’s getting? I just want to try to shut this down before it gets too bad Ruby has began speaking to us repeating our words and singing us songs but only here and there. side note: what does the coooing sound she makes a lot mean?
  8. That’s good our ruby is great she loves dancing and whistles a lot and talks a little, I think we’ve given her a much much better home than she had and she is a happy girl now
  9. Thank you she is so sweet and loves to be held maybe she’ll come around more with time today is only her second day with us lol I just want her to be as happy as can be!
  10. Also she had her wings clipped when I got he but if I let them grow can she learn to fly in a controlled environment? Or will they not fully grow back
  11. Ruby seems to not like being petted she doesn’t mind you holding her but doesn’t want to be petted she also bites a lot not hard but I was wondering how can I discourage the biting and screeching?
  12. Yeah I feel like she’s happy I just got her late last night and she already sings to me 😄
  13. This is my new grey Ruby she is supposedly 5-7 years old I know it’s hard to tell but does anyone have a educated guess she is so sweet and seems to be trying so hard to talk to me any tips on keeping her happy?
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