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  1. Congo

    The Parrot "Bite Me!!!" Club

    I am a new member and unfortunately am able to join this "club". My event happened exactly like the third post on page 1. I had just brought home my adopted CAG and his first day went great. The second day is when he decided to enter me into this exclusive club. I offered him my hand to step up and, as he did, he sucker punched me with a CHOMP! Neosporin and band-aids...
  2. Congo

    Hi To All

    Hi. I am a new member and a new Dad to an adopted older CAG. Have only had him for almost a month. My necessary visits to the adoption center went very well. He doesn't like females so I (male) had no problem handling him. First 24 hours at home went well, but the second day he was stepping up to me and for no reason he chomped on my hand and drew blood. My unfortunate reaction was to pull away and this had him fall to the ground. Not sure if something spooked him? So, now, we are in the process of building trust again. Have been doing target training and lots of treats. His diet from his previous owner was all seed so have been slowly trying to change him to a better diet. Will be a long process.