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  1. Alex13

    How to put grey in to box

    Hello Today i went to vet with my grey to cut his nails in his transport cage. They said that they can't do it because he is to agressive so they asked me if i could bring him into box so they can put him to sleep first then to the job. I am little not sure if they know what are doing and how can i close him into box without him getting upset and angry.
  2. Alex13


    Thanks for reply again I find your reply helped me to understand a little bit more. I think the reason why he is trying to go on my shoulder always is because he was all the time there and only when its time to go to sleep i put him on hand before cage, so he started avoiding to be on my hand for example. I think he feels safe there because he can go behind me and i cant put him off. I honestly dont feel safe so i will try to avoid him being there in total. Again thanks for reply, i will listen to try to find final solution by some books or vids that are about this tipe of behavior.
  3. Alex13


    Hello, thanks for reply He didn't change environment he bite at random time ussly . But when he tries to go off me he is not stable and he start.to fall and bites all around, if i try to hold or make him step up to go down he bite me also. I though that cage is maybe a problsm because is to small so i am planning to give him whole small room or bigger cage. When he came, all members of family were able to handle him, when he start to bite whey whete afraid so i was the only one who cam play with him without getting bitten. But now he is much strogner and the bites are more painful, i can even take that pain on my hands but when he bitesl my ear its really painful. Here are some pics how that looks when he is on my shoulder.
  4. Alex13


    Hi I have Grey like 8 months now (he is about 1 year old). First he was very good and kind with me and my family and friends. He was out most of the time not bitting at all! I don't know why but he was on my shoulder all the time, at first i liked that, but sometime its was really hard to take him off without getting bitten. As he was growing he started to bite more and more to the point of blood every single day. I wasn't able to get his nails done( i was afraid of getting him hurt, and i couldn't find the guy to do it) so it was painful when he was on my shoulder. At some point he was in the cage for 3 days ( not that big ). When i got him out he bites me harder than ever and i didn't know what to do so from that point he didn't go much from cage like before because i was afraid, and when i get him out i just leave him in the room or play with him without getting him on me. I think he will start hurting him self it this go on so i was wondering if any of you know what is happening and how can i get him back to normal thanks .