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  1. Links

    9 week old not eating as much

    The most she got up to at 9 weeks was 428 and not she is 409
  2. Links

    9 week old not eating as much

    You are so awesome. I'm going to try this right now!!!
  3. Links

    9 week old not eating as much

    Hi thanks it was 427 a day ago. Weighed at the same time in the morning. I just find it strange that she all of a sudden doesn't want to be hand fed but is not eating enough solid food at 9.5 weeks. Should I go and have all possible tests at this point like crop cultures, blood tests, fecal tests, x rays etc or am i overreacting.
  4. Links

    9 week old not eating as much

    Today she is down to 413. That's prettty significant
  5. Links

    9 week old not eating as much

    Thanks for the feedback. Vet says she was fine. She just seems to want solid food so I can get maybe 15 cc a feeding then she wants me to give her solid food. I'm going to keep an eye on her weight and report back. Thanks everyone.
  6. Links

    9 week old not eating as much

    Hi Yes this was immediately after feeding. The crop returns to flat each time. What do you mean about the feathers? Do you mean the ones that haven't come in yet?
  7. Links

    9 week old not eating as much

    Thanks this morning only 30cc she was jumping trying to get out more interested in exploring. Going to try some corn on the cob today.
  8. Lucy has been doing really well for the last couple of weeks being fed 60cc twice per day. A week ago we started introducing mango and pellets. Today she didn't want anymore than 45cc in the morning. We decided to to a second feeding and got 20cc and one more just now with 25cc. Is it usual at 9 weeks of age for a Grey to start not wanting as much formula? I thought this would start at 12 weeks. It was out of nowhere. Otherwise she seems energetic rambunctious. Wondering if I should make another vet appointment. Also just curious from these pics if you think the age I have is correct. I also wasn't sure if the pinkish color around the eyes was any cause for concern. Thanks for the help.
  9. Links

    Concerned About Baby's Sleeping Position

    Yes we are doing that today to see i it makes any difference. My concern was always making sure her crop was empty to prevent the sour crop but I may have to do a comfort feeding mid day like you said. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Links

    Concerned About Baby's Sleeping Position

    Thanks for the reassurance Greytness. I've read lots of different opinions on feeding. Currently we are doing 60cc twice per day which is what the "breeder" had her on before. According to her 37g weight that's accurate for 12% of bodyweight. But she won't stop crying after we feed her so I was wondering if it would be better to switch to 50cc 3x per day. She eventually quiets down after we cuddle her for a while. We are now going to start introducing the pellets, apples, raspberries, and mango in her cage and have a water bottle in there as well. She currently just has a small cage where the grate on the bottom. We try to keep the temp of the room 75 and have a small space heater near her but make sure she doesn't get too hot. Any other advice is appreciated.
  11. Links

    Concerned About Baby's Sleeping Position

    Thanks for the advice Judy we absolutely adore her. We had a horribly traumatic experience with another grey 5 years ago that left us feeling like horrible parents as we should. We hand fed a baby grey from 4 weeks all the way through the weaning process. We couldn't bring ourselves to clip her wings and one day she was playing on the couch. Someone opened out front door and without hesitation she flew away never to be seen again. We want this little girl to be 100 ok. We got her on Sunday and actually didn't notice this sleeping irregularity until after the vet visit so he didn't know. I didn't know if greys started perching from a very young age and whenever I saw people talking about greys that were not perched or laying down on the cage it was in reference to something being wrong with them. My memory was foggy from our last one.
  12. Hello new forum member and bird owner. My baby grey is 8 weeks old and we are hand feeding her. She just had a vet appointment and she said she was doing great. My wife was concerned that she seems to want to sit down or lay down when she sleeps instead of standing up. I wanted to check to make sure this was because she was an infant ant not something we needed to worry about. Thanks for any and all advice about this and anything else you think we need to know. We are learning and reading up as much as we can as quick as we can. Thanks William