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  1. durayed

    crystal stones

    thanks neoow, here in my country we dont have an expert specilized vets, and very few numbers of vets,but am a medical doctor , and my suspicion ,of his death is either a viral infection by a borno virus or blocage of his lower venriculus orifice by a foriegn bodey , which cause this crytal transparent stones accumulation , ,, and by the way i was feeding him dried boiled egg shells, ay be its the cause , dont know really!!
  2. durayed

    crystal stones

    , hi , my african grey parrot , passed away yesterday , his condition started about one week ago , in the first day of his disease he became lethargic with cold feet , diarrohe with dark greenish stool and also i think polyuria,and in the second day he ate less and less untill he stopped eating just one day befory he died , all other systems was good the respirotry system , cns , no feather problems, after he died i just wanted to know the cause of his death , so dissected him , the only thing i found that his gizzard was full and distended , so i open it and found a crystal like stones and greenish in color , i thought it a gall bladder with stones , but after reasearch i found parrots dont have gall bladder , please can any one help me what was his disease???