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    Ruby is a wonderful enigma. She is brilliant. She has more personality than I do! I only wish I could spend every minute with her to help her live the best life that she can. I need to spend a lot of time reading about parrot psychology. I love her so much and I want whatever is best for he. I didn't REALLY know what I was getting into when I took her in. She has developed habits which didn't know how to nip in the bud. She suffers from bouts of anxiety where she will SHRED her feathers. It tears me apart inside to hear the sound of her breaking feathers, wincing in self-inflicted pain as she pulls feathers out. I know that greys are prone to anxiety/plucking, but I can't help but feel like I am absolutely failing her. I am here for help. Ruby's vet was truthfully not very helpful. Captive foraging has helped to occupy some of her time when she is alone. I struggle with finding safe materials to make into toys and obstacles. It seems like for every thing I can find a source saying it is safe, there is an equally legitimate sounding argument why that material is bad. Adam and Ruby
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    Hello from Colorado!

    Along these lines, I wish I had been more educated before I took in my Ruby. I went to community college living at home to keep her with me. I had my own apartment at university so my parrot could live with me. There can be successes with getting a parrot as a teen, but it's not ideal. Adam and Ruby
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    Greetings from the US! My name is Adam and I came here to learn more about my CAG, Ruby. I haven't had her DNA tested. I've always called her a girl, even though she's never laid an egg. Ruby could easily be Rudy, but I don't wanted to confuse her! Ruby she will be forever! She is eight years old and I bought her as a weaned baby from a pet store. She has been with me throughout High school and college. She has been a feather plucker for years. I've ruled out nutrition, parasites and other physical causes with a certified avian vet. Thank you for existing as a community. It takes a village, right? Adam & Ruby