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  1. Will do! One follow-up question, is this any indication of whether he's actually male or female? Or is the behavior the same in both? We never got a DNA test.
  2. Thank you for responding! Some of the comments on the video also suggested it was hormonal, but I just didn't want to take the word of random YouTube comments, haha. I will continue to give him space when this happens. It's the first time I think I've seen it, and he's about 15 now, so it was a bit alarming.
  3. Hiya, over the past few days my CAG has started demonstrating this behavior. This is not my video, but it shows exactly what I mean! Droopy wings, breathy noises. If I go to him he just wants to nibble on my fingers (not usual for him). What is this behavior?
  4. Hey guys! Been a long time. As I'm nearing the end of college I'm starting to stock up on stuff I will need once I am on my own, like kitchen stuff. I was wondering if you guys could tell me if Danny Seo's kitchen stuff is safe for birds. "The ceramic PTFE and PFOA chemical free coating is non-stick and wipes clean." Here's a link: http://www.dannyseo.com/2012/05/danny-seo-eco-grilling-pans/ Anyone know if these would be safe? Thanks! Carly
  5. Had a dream last night that I had two friends who each had a grey and brought them over to play with Jacques and that the three of them had an awesome time. I know I don't have any friends around here with birds, so I can't exactly introduce him to any new friends, but I figured I'd come say hi to my greyforums friends How is everyone!? Also I thought I'd share my new nickname for Jacques... well we often refer to him as Jack-o, which sometimes sounds like we're calling him Jackal, and I've decided that Jackal suits him rather well. This passage about jackals was, I thought, quite accurate: "...which defends its territory from other pairs by vigorously chasing intruding rivals and marking landmarks around the territory with their urine and feces" Sounds about right.
  6. my grey can shred and fling newspaper faster and farther than yours can.
  7. or get the cockatiel companion pet because it's the closest-looking to a grey... =P come to think of it, as a blood elf, my mount was a bird too...
  8. Gosh, for a couple of years now i wish i'd given Jacques a less common parrot name... however, i suspect that after 6 years, he's probably figured out what his name is I kinda wish i could go back in time and change his name to Fletcher, i LOVE that name ^ ^
  9. Adorable, if only greys were usually so cooperative...
  10. Terrifying... I'm guessing both trainer and cockatoo were relatively unharmed? I was second-guessing my decision to watch that for a moment, but I'm glad it ended well
  11. very cool, I think I posted this idea here or somewhere else when I first got my grey but was advised against it... but Jacques is a congo. nevertheless, very cool, and probably a lot nicer for Ana Grey than a harness =]
  12. glad i changed the spelling of my grey's name to Jacques =P (it used to be "Jack" as well although i still pronounce it that way) Jacques is about 6 years old as well welcome aboard =]
  13. Tricky

    Need help

    if you're scared that he'll bite you, it'll make him nervous too. i suggest wearing a glove so that you won't be afraid of his beak when you handle him, that way he'll feel more secure as well.
  14. Tricky


    [quote=luvparrots;161029 I wish I could meet members of the Grey Forum in person. you get to see them all in person, but then you realize they're all CRAZY BIRD PEOPLE and you run away in fear. i wish i could be paid a brain surgeon's salary to attend university.
  15. Tricky


    #4- i guess i'll go...
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