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  1. Robert Beyer

    Pink leg feather

    The band we have on our Conures and African Grays have my wife name and mobile phone number.
  2. Robert Beyer

    Just want to say Hello

    Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome.
  3. Robert Beyer

    Pink leg feather

    Three of my birds 2 African Grays and one Sun Conure has the leg ring and I have never seen them play with it.
  4. Robert Beyer


    Me Relaxing with my birds.

    © Robert Beyer

  5. Robert Beyer


    My wife meeting our new African Gray Daughter. They will be coming home Sunday

    © Robert Beyer

  6. Robert Beyer


    This is our first two African Greys. LeRoy and Leela. One more baby on the way. Wife is picking her up on Sunday and bringing her home from Bangkok.
  7. Robert Beyer


    This is our first baby, Mother is Birdy. Name is Chubby
  8. Robert Beyer

    2013-08-21 15.48.12.jpg

    Our First sun conure named Birdy she is 5 years old female and mother to two of our other conures. The other Sun Conure is Firby and he is also 5 and the father.
  9. Robert Beyer


    Birth of Chubby one of our Conures.

    © Bob Beyer

  10. Robert Beyer


  11. Robert Beyer

    Handfeeding a Baby Grey.

    Over here in Thailand, the birds are born mostly on farms and sold by the farm or a middleman. They do not want to feed a bird or usually, you will not find anyone selling them after 12 weeks. All the birds I purchase has been between 4 and 5 weeks old. I have hand feed all 6 of our birds until they wean.
  12. Robert Beyer


    I live in Thailand and here most vets only handle Dogs and Cats and have no or very little knowledge of birds. The nearest Avian vets. is around 60 miles from my home. It is located at a University Animal Hospital. Of course, I would take our birds there when required but we do want to make sure we have a good reason for doing it. My daughter is a Vet in America but doesn't really works with birds but she has some knowledge and it helps. Just need to keep them healthy so they don't have to go often.
  13. Hi, My name is Bob. I live in Thailand about 100 km southwest of Bangkok. I am an American and my wife is Thai who teaches English to grades 9 to 12. We have 4 Sun Conures and just recently got to African Grays. I join this forum to learn about the taken care of African Gray parrots. I originally had two Sun Conures and 8 months ago they became the parents of two children. I will try to attach a photo if I figure out how. 1. The first picture on left is our first two Sun Conures 2. The second picture is our 2 African Grays 3. The third picture is the family of sun conures.