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  1. She’s just a weirdo that likes to bury her head in the darkness when she does it πŸ˜‚
  2. Tali


    I tell my two to stop being dicks al the time, when they being silly but cute he is my mischief and she’s my monkey... when they are being extra needy and loud and annoying I call them both Assholes πŸ€£πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ but I love them a lot hahahahaha
  3. Yeah I think they will be bonded pair, they share a cage now.. getting on well, still squabble occasionally but I think it’s normal haha! i agree, that there bond could ruin my bond with them but if they prefer each other than me that’s ok.. as as long as they are happy 😊 just thought it was weird and random of her to do this haha 🀣
  4. Oh she’s only 1 and he’s not even that lol
  5. Hi... my hen today decided to come down to the floor (on her own first time) but then decided to start doing this.. she has a cat tray of feed dust and seeds and stuff above her cage she scratches in usually lol and as I upload this short video. My male climbed down as well and started feeding her... she then returns to scratching, he goes after her feet half heartedly, then off to explore together haha he’s always on the floor mr adventurous AF61FC92-1242-43F1-8DC2-40F935EAA32F.MOV
  6. Is there an order in which they molt tho? She tried to follow my male and leaped off her cage flapping her wings poor thing
  7. Gawd I hope her flight feathers start molting soon, she wants to fly so bad atm
  8. Hi, so miss Tali has 4 very bright red tail feathers coming in so I’m assuming we are in molt ... do you think this means her flight feathers might start molting next? They were clipped and I want her to be able to fly like my boy can 😏
  9. Haha so after their first week together (brought him home Sunday a week ago) they have just had there first play, preening, feeding session in my hens cage sorry about sound, watching blacklist haha! 45B5DDBB-BFE9-4D20-BBA1-C481253B9D4F.mp4
  10. Haha! Yeah I think I did the right thing by bringing them together while they are young, and I could tell my hen was ready to share me 😏
  11. The decided to have there late night supper together... I think that's a good sign 😊 I think they love each other πŸ˜† 2BD6205C-6BE3-4919-8900-231713656DC0.mp4
  12. I'm so scared to let them eat my human food,!just incase it's bad for them... what sort of things can I share with my two mischiefs
  13. Moved them side by side I think they like it better
  14. So how do you tell who's going to be the dominant bird? He won't preen her when she askes but she always gives in to preening him and feeding him lol they still both squabble a little and give each other space mostly its evenings they get all cute and sweet with each other lol
  15. This is there set up... they are always on one cage or the other... my hen seems to follow him around haha! And when she's with me and he's on his cage he flys to me and sits on my shoulder with her they are in their own cages asleep atm, facing each other πŸ₯°
  16. Ok so didn't go with the name I thought, so please meet Mr Winchester (Chester) my big 510g baby haha! Took one night for the two of them to have a preening session Took three nights for me to get a good snuggle but he actually flew to me twice tonight and climbed into my shirt for a snuggle while I had my girl in her blanket. First three pics are the day he came home the last pic is night 3 (tonight/now) lol Tali, 11 months now, hen in her blanket Chester, 6 months old, Cock bird under my collar
  17. Pick up my boy finally on Sunday! Total drama with his cage, got it home today and went to put it together... 5 pieces are missing! Nightmare, freaking out it all arrives in time to assemble. I have brought him a matching cage as Tali's, so even if they decide they want to live together in time, I can just literally put them next to each other and remove dividing panels for a huge cage. PLEASE Any and all advice on introducing a new grey parrot to the flock is needed and appreciated... I want to make sure they have the best start
  18. As if totally Murphy's Law! In the last week ive herd some very off sounds coming out of Tali.... almost sounds like she's trying to say "hello", what u doing, I love you, woo hoo.... it sounds like complete jibberish lol! But the rhythm sounds right haha
  19. Oh no! Just had a call.. the boy I was suppose to be getting turned out to be a girl lol! DNA 🧬 confirms it... the waiting game continues haha
  20. Oh ok kool yeah I love her whistles but my uncle made me worry cos with smaller partakes he reckons if they learn to whistle they won't talk. shes only 8/9 months old so still young az the boy I'm getting is not even weaned yet cant wait to bring him home 😊 end of the day if either of them don't talk I'm ok with that but it would be cool i they do one day just answer me back ahha!!
  21. Hey, so my girl likes to whistle but so far not interested in talking words... is it true that since she whistles she probably won't lean to talk? I'm waiting on my next baby to be ready to come home also ... will he learn to talk from her and also not learn to talk? Cheers
  22. Yeah I'm definitely going ahead with getting a boy. I think that as both are only babies I shouldn't have any problems with breeding aggression for at least12-24 months min. So should still be able to interact with them both in the house... If however they do decide they prefer getting scratches and smooches from each other rather than me then that's ok too. As long as they are happy 😊 Both being so young there is a higher chance they will get along...and if they don't I'll put a solid divider in the cage to give them privacy and space. im not getting this exact cage as I can't buy
  23. Trying to get one of these into Nz.... missions hard that's for sure! Silly little country doesn't have much selectionsu
  24. Do you think that I will lose that bond with either of them? As one is male and one is female... i know they don't reach sexual maturity till 5/7 years old but will they bond and shut me out before the hormones kick in? Or will I still have a chance to bond and have two great house pets? I know all birds are different but what are ur experiences
  25. Hey y'all, i have been given the chance to have a second baby grey... My Baby girl Tali is currently just only 7 ish months old and now I have been offered another weaner grey, from a different breeder. His name is Ira. i have already got a good bond with Tali and I thought that maybe they would keep each other company while I'm out milking cows every morning, or occasionally over at my partners place.. would I be able to keep two greys in the same cage? Will I lose my bond with her if there is another grey ... esp being a male? My flat is small and I would n
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