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  1. Oh okay. Then it should not be a problem. Thanks a lot.
  2. Yes i have been trying to do the same. Using mango as a disguise for the medicine.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info. I will check out Dr. Jason Crean's teachings. Yes i am now giving him fresh vegies and fruit diet. But seeds are always present in his food bowl if he wants to have a go at it. Regards the IR lights, I have checked some forums which says that birds cannot see the spectrum of infrared hence the red night vision lights are invisible to them. I hope someone here can confirm me on this. Will keep everyone updated regarding how his health progresses. I have still not taken him off medicine as directed by the online avian vet who reduced the medicine to a
  4. Hi. Hope you all are doing great. Just wanted to give you guys an update on my african grey. He is healing quite well. He is coming back to his playful self and keeps running around while vocalizing. I am now giving him fresh veggies along with smaller portion of fruits daily. He is liking the veggies alot. By the evening i keep in his bowl of pellets and seedmix but he is still not eating his seed mix diet which he was having before. As the vet i have been in contact with online said that he should have both propotions in a day with veggies and fruits for lunch while seed mix for dinner
  5. Thank you for the message. Yes i have consulted with the avian vet on the link you provided me. Thanks for the link. I talked to the vet and she inquired me regarding the medicine i was giving and told me that the medicine is okay if it is healing him to recovery. Other than that she also suggested to give more veggies and pellet diet to cater all nutrients. I will now give him vegies tomorrow via juice blend as adviced by you.
  6. Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes that is what i was scared the most if he falls again due to a seizure. I have shifted him to a travel cage/hospital cage. But i really really hope he doesnt have a seizure again because it seemed very distresful and painful i almost thought that i had lost him because there was no pulse and then he suddently opened his eyes when my mother rubbed his belly and his back. It felt like a horror to see him like that. Today i gave him quite a good meal of fruits then after i while i gave him his favorite nuts (cashew and almonds). He is still not eating his pellet
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yes ofcourse now i will give him veggies in the morning. He wont eat them plain im sure so ill trick him into eating veggies along with his favorite food.
  8. Okay thank you i will get onto that. Will need to arrange sending the sample as all transit parcels are on hold due to the covid situation. Very bad timing for everything. As of current update, the vet prescribed Vidaylin-M syrup to cater to nutritients. He seems a lot better now. Started to play with his toys and also has started to vocalize. Hope he is getting better.
  9. The cage is built from a safe metal hence that might not be the reason. For the diet yes the current diet just seems to be high in fat or it could be a low quality pellet mix. Since yesterday i am trying to feed him fruits and vitamin water to cater to any deficiency if that was the cause. Really hoping that it was a deficiency and not an ND diesease as there is not treatment for it here. Peanuts i always give him without the shell. All nuts are washed and made sure are without shells so he doesnt inhale any dust from shells. I was really hoping to use a means of calling or talking
  10. Thank you for the reply. Toys are only rope toys and wooden perch which are bird friendly. There are no other bell or metal related toys in the cage. As for the diet he was having pellet diet only with occasional fruit. Should i increase the times of fruit and veggie diet in a week? The swab test was not done by the vet. He did not have any equipment for parrots. That is the main problem that there is not even a single certified avian vet even in any other city. Since a long time i have been searching for a vet in any other city which specializes in birds or parrots but i was unabl
  11. Emergency. Please i need help. My african grey congo is around 2.5 years old. He is a healthy and happy bird playful and talkative. I did not see any health symptoms in previous days. Today morning he was just singing casually and just screamed and dropped down to the floor and was lying upside down with claws tightly squeezed and no response. It looked like a seziure or stroke. My mother took him out of the cage and sprayed some water and tried to rub his back and belly but he was not responding for a few seconds but then pulse came back. But he looked very weak. I live in a country where the
  12. Thank you for the reply. It is really tough to have our buddies show aggressiveness towards us. Trying my best and not giving up until rockey comes running back to me for a session full of scratchies instead of bitting. I really hope that time comes soon.
  13. Thank you soo much for the reply. Cant wait for him to be back to his playful self. I really loved taking him out in the garden and spending quality time with him. I really hope this is all due to the age bracket. Although he is quite attached to another member of my family as he plays along really well with them (though i was the one he was most attached to before). You mentioned that parrots dont feel emotions as we humans do then why is the anger only with me among all the family members at home? For some members he is quite playful. For others, he is neutral. But for me, he shows aggressiv
  14. Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing great. Its been almost more than a month since my last post. i have been worried recently. since then there was some progress that Rockey was allowing me to pet him through the cage and even allowing me pet him a few times when he was outside the cage playing as well (yes this was a huge success). But since a few days he has again gone mad on me for no reason. just recently i got really sad when he showed anger towards our favorite activity we used to do which was eating apples together. Just as of today i tried feeding him his favorite fruit (apple) and he
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