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    Passing on your Grey

    We got our first congo just a few days ago. The bird is about 3 months old... i am 41 years old . My wife would of course be the first in line, after that my daughter who is currently 11 and was also a major driving factor in getting a bird. She will likely also end up with our red footed tortoise as well since they can live quite some time as well, upwards of 50+ years. There are places near here that will take in exotic birds and reptiles in order to find them new homes, or just take care of them. So think we are covered. The one shop near us, Off the hook exotic pets near Pittsburgh PA, i believe has only birds that were rescued or similar. At least for their larger/ more exotic birds.
  2. MirtheN

    Sandpaper to rough up wood?

    Sorry to necro the thread, and quite late for a useful reply, but i have found using a wire brush wheels in a drill works wonders for both cleaning branches and scuffing them up nicely so its not 'smooth'. Can get them cheap at Harbor Freight, or at places like home depot or lowes. And of course similar places in other countries. Works best if you can hold down the drill in some way, so both hands are free to move the branches around. I generally use them on any dowel rods i get as well, after shaping with a good knife to make them a more uneven surface.