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  1. I had my greys wings clipped at 3 1/2 months because I was worried about him flying and having ceiling fans in every room. He started Plucking soon after. I don't know if related or not but I wish I didn't do it. I also heard after I did it that it lowers they're self confidence.
  2. LNCAG if u ask any pet store, they will confirm this. However, u few who responded to me have put the thought of adoption in me. I wouldn't think that there would b that many needing homes. This is something I'm going to look into. Here in south Florida, greys prices just jumped from $3500. To $4700. This grey was at Golden cockatoo where they can confirm the endangered.
  3. That is a great question. I want to breed because they r already endangered, and we know what happens in time after this. I adore this breed and cried while watching how they're catching them on glue traps in africa. And 4 the joy of watching more being born coming into the world.
  4. I also agree with everything said above. My breeder told me the younger that 2 greys r put together the better the chance. And there is never a guarantee. He has a pair that just started breeding after 8 years together. Greys r my passion, so I'd like to help keep the breed going now that they're endangered. I was a documentary how they r caught on glue traps ect....in Africa and I was in tears. I had Malucan cocatoo that I tube fed, putting a tube down into it's crop, (I'm a nurse) weaned 3 greys by syringe an many other birds throughout the years. I adore this breed the most and want to do
  5. Can I please ask 4 input on what the best age to do this is 4 breeding? Will I lose all of ziggy's love? He's 2 1/2 now. How long Should the female be kept apart at 1st if I start with a baby? Should she be fully tamed 1st? I do know a long time breeder that could guide me along.
  6. My Ziggy is now 2 years and 1 month old. He copys tons of sounds and noises but that's it. When he was 3 to 5 months old he said a few words, then never did again. What does everyone think the chance is that he will talk some day? And is there a certain age that if they don't say any words, they never will?
  7. Greytness he was tested for many things but I have never heard of asper. I will have to look it up. He copies several sounds, barks like my dogs, copies me when I make different sounds. Recently copied me saying ow (sp like ouch) and sounds like he's trying to imitate me laughing. I love him sooo much! We are so bonded. Do these things make it sound like he might talk again?
  8. My Ziggy is now 1 year and 9 months old. I weaned him from a baby. He first said I love you at 3 months old. Then dirty bird and I love you in the next few months. He then went through a few rounds of antibiotic injections 4 pseudomonas, then ecoli. He stopped talking at that point which was about 6 months old. Does anyone think he'll ever talk again?
  9. I started a topic about my Congo and his stools at the end of December. I'm new to this site and I can't find it to give an update. I took Ziggy to the vet right away and tons of tests were done including checking his liver. Everything came out normal. I don't know how to post this onto my initial stream. 2 people were asking 4 updates and I don't want them to think I'm just not posting a response. Can anyone transfer this to my stream 4 me??
  10. My congo was doing this 4 about 2 weeks. My vet said they will fall while sleeping if they get startled. However, I would take him to the vet 4 full blood work and follow the others advice about diet.
  11. I'm worried about my grey today. He has been sleeping all day today and he never did this before. He's 1 1/2 years old. Weaned from a baby by me. He doesn't even want to eat or drink today. Just sleep. He went to bed at his usual time last night. Nothing has changed.
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