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  1. Dixie and I watching TV and sharing some popcorn
  2. Things are going better. We are doing head scratches again, and she has set with me a couple times. She has picked up some new phrases as well, it's funny cause she will look at me and say Dixie be a good girl. I have her cage in the living room where I am spending my recovery time. I just leave her door open and let her come and go as she pleases. When she wants attention she climbs down the side of her cage and I have made so she can get to my chair. She has set me with three times today, and has made a movement acouple times as if to bite, and I just slowly back my hand away and just say Di
  3. NEOOW, I really appreciate your kind advice. I am of course worried that it will be hard to undo the trust issues I created with Dixie by clipping her, I will definitely let her wings grow back out. She talks to me still and as I said still taking treats from me, I'm sure she is worried if I hold her I might take her out of the house again. Today is just day two from surgery and I have a long healing period ahead me, so every time I am able to get up i go and talk with her she is verythe t important to me and i will give her all me she needs to win her trust.
  4. I really feel bad now. I had talked to my vet about it before I made the appointment and I have always trusted him, he has cared for all my animals. I'm not a mean pet owner I love my pets, I will let her wings grow out and not clip them again. I really want to care for Dixie for the rest of her life, I want her healthy and happy, I would never knowly harm any of my pets.
  5. I truly wasnt trying to do anything mean or wrong. You get so much advice, you get yes and no's, I really only want to take good care of her, get her to love me as much as I love her and have companion for life.
  6. It was a hard decision to make I was worried about her hurting her self, she would fly into window or door them land on the floor, I was terrified she would get hurt. I would be very interested to hear the reasoning behind non clipped, its safety and then do any of you use flight harness. I really want this next six weeks to count with my doxie
  7. Wanted to up date, we where doing fairly well, but I was getting concern she would hurt herself flying into things, so I took her to get her wings clipped. Will we have taken a major step back. She wont let me run her head or anything. She will take food and talk to me but not touch her. It literally breaks my heart, my surgery is tomorrow and I will be home for six weeks, I sure hope I can gain her trust back.
  8. This is so wonderful having all this help. Her past owners said that one in there because it was her favorite sleeping perch, but I dont want her to get hurt I'll change it.
  9. Does help you guys and gals to see and understand her movements and gestures. I want to love on my baby, there are times when she will kiss me and say I love you then bite me.
  10. 20190410_154954_1.mp4 20190410_154954_1.mp4
  11. I'm trying to figure out how to record some interactions between Dixie a I hoping maybe you can look at her body language and help me understand what she is trying to tell me.
  12. Thank you for the wonderful tips. I have been going about this wrong. She loves almonds and and red grapes, I have been trying to win her over with food so I have been treating her to much. The biting started when I bring her into the living room to her wood perch. So I your right I shouldn't be taking her so far from her home cage. I'm so grateful for the help
  13. I adopted a two year old female grey, Her owners are moving to Alaska and could not take her. She was supposedly not a bitter but had experienced a issue where an adult handle her incorrectly and scared her. I have had her about three weeks. I have been giving her lots of space and letting her call the shots so to speak. I open her cage and let her come out when ready I offer my head slowly until she steps up. We will be doing fine then she will just bit me. I try not to react much but of course it hurts. I just say be a good bird. Her wings arent clipped. I dont know what to do, I really want
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