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  1. We used to have lovebirds... Many years ago. I couldn't really remember much because I was really young back then but one of the pair died, and my brother just told me the other will die soon as well because the partner died. I was horrified, lol. It's nice looking at these photos (even if these are old), kind of makes me nostalgic.
  2. 6 years since the last post on this thread... I hope everyone who wanted to quit and posted here found success! A dear friend of mine has been wanting to quit as well, and it's been a constant struggle for her. Perhaps I could share with her some of your stories and tips. I hope you're all doing well!
  3. I didn't realize the last reply was way back in 2014, wow. Well, right now I'm on a break at work! Drinking coffee and munching on a cereal bar.
  4. Thank you @Greytness and @neoow (again, hehe)! Yes, absolutely. Our parents dote on our child, I'm sure they could also lend some help when we get too busy. For now, we're still discussing things, and I really hope it works out.
  5. My partner and I both grew up in households with dogs. It was fun and all, so we thought maybe we should adopt one for our family. You know, like a furry friend for our little one. But like @neoow said, I'm a little worried because the dog might feel neglected. I was just doing research about having pets when you have a baby, and there's a lot of info in this one... There really is a lot to consider, doesn't matter what kind of pet you get. Thank you all for the advice!
  6. Do you have any pets at home? What can you say about keeping pets when you have a baby at home? Is it advisable?
  7. Is it difficult to take care of an aloe vera plant? Is it sensitive or something?
  8. I had fun reading all the jokes! Hahahahahahahahaha
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