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  1. Thanx for your help, muchly appreciated. 🦜👍
  2. Can anyone please advise me how much Red Palm Oil to feed my Grey each week to keep her in top shape.
  3. Steevo

    Potato Chips

    Thanx Judy, no more salt for my Girl. 👍
  4. Steevo

    Potato Chips

    Thanx heaps Greytness, I will get onto home made sweet potato chips for her.
  5. Steevo

    Potato Chips

    Seems like Greys wanna eat everything. 🤣 lol
  6. Steevo

    Potato Chips

    What about a small unsalted chip every 2 or 3 days or am I best just not to feed them to her at all ?
  7. Steevo

    Potato Chips

    Thanx heaps guys, the Greys really do love their food. 👍
  8. Steevo

    Potato Chips

    Hi all, I have a 6 month old female African Grey Parrot who loves potato chips. Is it ok for my girl to have maybe 1 chip the size of her beak every couple of days if she’s eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and Nutri Blend pellets daily. She seems to be in perfect health. Cheers, Steve
  9. Yeah, she sure is. Thanx, I couldn’t be happier. 😃👍
  10. Thanx Ray, best investment ever. 👍
  11. Here’s a few pix of Matilda, she’s adorable. Thanx everyone for your help. Muchly appreciated. 😃👍
  12. Thanx so much for your help. My grey scratches a fair bit and will go for 5 minutes or more each time she does. Most of the time she’s playing, chewing, walking around the floor and spending time in her foraging box. She’s a very happy girl and so well behaved yet I’ve noticed once she’s got something on her mind it’s hard to distract her. Shes very strong willed but also very affectionate and funny. Best pet I’ve ever had. Thanks again. 😃👍
  13. Can anyone please tell me why my African Grey is always Scratching herself and shedding a dandruff like substance from her body ? she’s only 6 months old has a daily bath and seems very happy. If she is itchy then I want to be able to help her. Any info would be muchly appreciated. cheers, Steve
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