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    Thanx, I just found a riverbank full of it. 😃
  2. Steevo


    Hi all, just wondering if fresh Bamboo from the river bank is safe for my African Grey to chew. 🦜😃
  3. Here’s the 2 feathers Matilda chewed off in 1st pic. 2nd pic is what Vet removed and 3rd pic is the 2 feathers she lost naturally this morning. very happy all is back to normal. 😃
  4. Steevo

    Vet question

    I went into the Vets with Matilda and just like you said I discussed the issues with the Vet. The Vet then took her away to treat her and when she came back she was all over me and very clingy. She’s doing really well now. I’m so happy I could help her. 🦜😃🙏
  5. Thanx for your kind words. Matilda is doing great now, can’t keep her still. 🦜😃
  6. Thanx for your good wishes Jenn, I’m hopeful my Hirl will never have anything like this happen again. She’s super happy today but still a bit tender. All the best. 🦜😃
  7. She slept really well once she got home. 😃🦜🙏
  8. Thanx for your good wishes. Certainly is great to have her home where she belongs. Here’s a few pix of what was done at the Vets.
  9. I’m hearing ya, she’s so happy now. 🦜😃🙏
  10. Here’s a few pix of what was surgically removed from Matilda.
  11. Thanx for the good wishes, it was a very stressful time at the Vets but just having my Girl here right now and do happy makes it all worthwhile. These birds are truly beautiful creatures. 😃👌
  12. Forget to mention, Matilda is home with pain medication for 7 days. All is well. 🦜😃
  13. I explained everything that was going on with Matilda to the Vet. The Vet believed it probably started with a damaged feather she tried to remove but unsuccessful. She then decided to try and remove the same one on the other side which had nothing wrong with it was just Matilda wanting her wings to be the same both sides. The Vet said that me having over 2 weeks with her then going back to work would have really stressed her and thrown her out of a routine she became very comfortable with. Apart from that the Vet did a poop sample and all clear. The Vet also said she’s in perfect condition an
  14. Matilda had to have surgery to remove both of her remaking feather shafts which were full of blood and a lot of swelling around the base of each one. The vets is gunna give me pain relief for her for the next few days. So glad the Vet can help her. Hate seen her suffer. I’m sure she will be back to normal soon. 🦜😃👍
  15. Can’t thank you enough for all your help LNCAG. Will let you know the Vet results once I know. 🦜😃👍
  16. Steevo

    Vet question

    Thanx once again LNCAG. Only 4.5 hours till Matildas Vet appointment. Can’t wait till that’s over. 😃
  17. Steevo

    Vet question

    After reading your post I’m definitely going into the Vets with my girl. I’ll also be concentrating on more toys and things for her to chew and shred. Ide been off work for 2 weeks over Xmas spending most of my time with her and now I’m back at work she’s very clingy when I get home. I’m starting to wonder if so much time with my girl might also have contributed to her feathers been chewed. Anyways, I’m sure she will be feeling much better after today’s visit and fingers crossed this feather chewing won’t ever happen again. I hope I do end up been her knight in shining armour when I rescue her
  18. Steevo

    Vet question

    Thanx, it’s a question I just had to ask. Will be there with her today and let you know the outcome. 😃
  19. Will let you know how my girl goes at the Vets today. 👍
  20. I have to take my 1 year old female African Grey to the Vets for her 1 st appointment. She has chewed off half of 2 flight feathers and needs the bottoms to be removed. My question is should I be in the room with her when this happens or is it best not to be there. I’m thinking if she gets stressed she will remember me been in the room with her and possibly hold a grudge for the situation I’ve put her in. On the other hand, if I’m not in the room and she sees me after her visit she will be grateful I came to her rescue. Please advise. Cheers, Steve
  21. I’ve got my girl booked into the Avian Vets tomorrow and I’m just hopeful they will be able to help her. There was a new looking feather which seemed to be growing next to the one she chewed. She has been moulting and she did get her wing caught the other day in a ladder so I’ve now removed that ladder. She’s just over 1 year old now. I can’t even touch Matildas wings without been bitten savagely so I’m best to let the vet do all the handling. I think if I were to try to hold her wings open I would hurt her as I’m not experienced enough to know the right way to handle her especially knowing sh
  22. Matilda has now plucked another feather. This time I notice there’s a difference. There’s a bit of meat on the end where she chewed it off. I also noticed there’s a clear covering at the bottom where there are a few new feathers emerging and the small white root of the feather been plucked out at the base. Here’s a few pix, please lemme know if my observations are correct. Cheers, Steve 🦜😃
  23. Thanx again for your valuable help, I really appreciate it. cheers, Steve 🦜😃
  24. So grateful for your Help LNCAG. I don’t even know what a blood feather is cause this one did have some blood on the end of it. Please let me know the difference. I feel much better after reading the information you’ve supplied me with. I know I have so much to learn about African Greys and thanx to you and other Grey owners I can always get good advice when needed. I realise there’s a lot to learn about African Greys but really enjoying the journey. Matilda is without a doubt the best pet I’ve ever had. Thanx again, have a great day. 🦜😃👍
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