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  1. We have a 25 year old rescue grey that is laying eggs for the first time. We thought the bird was a male. She has been with us for about 18 years. Since she started laying, 4 eggs now, she has not eaten properly. She will occasionally come off the clutch and nibble and come out to poop. Nothing we do will encourage her to eat normally. She started her clutch in an envelope cubby on my desk face in and that's where she has planted herself. I know she has lost some weight but she is still alert and acting normal in general except for her dedication to the clutch. If she doesn't come out voluntarily I will coax her out and put her on top of her cage (in another room) for a few minutes. She usually poops and may eat some millet but frantically wants to get back to her clutch. I am looking for some suggestions about trying to get her to eat better until this is over and anything else that may help. We do have experience with this type of thing from an Amazon we had and eventually lost due to issues related to egg laying. She saw the vet on April 28, two days after the first egg and got a good report.The earliest I can get another appointment with her vet is next Tuesday.
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