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  1. Just a 9 week update picture... This was a couple of days ago and she has now lost all her baby feathers and is being very difficult to feed as she has decided not to eat all her formula but is eating veg and pellets but not very many, her weight has dipped very slightly but is still hovering around the 430g mark. I don't think i have stressed so much as i have recently over whether she is eating enough but i realise weaning is hard on the bird and the owner 🍼 > 🍎πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦
  2. Just thought i would put a picture of the problem i've got with a breeding pair of AG's, they are fed on top quality seeds (low sunflower) harrisons pellets and fresh fruit and veg daily. They can produce fertile eggs on a regular basis but just can't get them over the line and hatch them, i have nest box cameras and the hen sits tight all the way through but as you can see from the picture they fail anywhere between embryo and 2/3rds developed. (She's had about 12 rounds in 18months same result each time) At first i thought it was perhaps genetic or bacterial but when i pulled a round off her and artificially incubated i had 1 clear 1 very early death (just a blood ring) and 1 very healthy fully developed chick which i have posted about in the nursery section. Any ideas welcome, if not i am destined to incubate and hand rear all of their eggs, which is a shame as i would like the hen to manage herself so she can complete the cycle and give me a rest. Carol & Rob
  3. Well, Ella is 7 1/2 weeks old now and doing well she is still on 4 feeds a day (50ml approx) and starting to pick up pellets and cooked veg doesn't eat much solid food just plays with it but some goes down. She has started to perch and her feathers are developing nicely so i think we are on the right track 🀞
  4. I think Ella is going to be a mommas bird πŸ€—
  5. Being the first, she is too special to let go 😍 so will stay with us as a member of the family. I keep greys just as a hobby really, i've just retired and the food bill will have to be covered at some point as the price of Harrison pellets is not cheap plus the daily fresh fruit and veggies, so if we get anymore then they would have to be sold (unfortunately) we couldn't keep them all as much as we would like to πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ Carol.
  6. Thanks ALL for the welcome and here's one i took this afternoon πŸ₯ Facebook link with up to date videos and photos of Ella's progress
  7. Definitely an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan Timbersmom 🦒
  8. I've updated the Facebook post with a couple of video updates as Ella is now 0n 30ml of formula 4 times a day now and she has started to sprout her little red tail feathers plus she is preening herself all the time now. I also would like to say although i'm posting updates quite regularly on FB i do not want to encourage anyone who has no experience to take on a chick that is not weaned, this might sound like do as i say not as i do but i have been OCD with video's, forums and general googling, books etc and we triple check everything we do with Ella's food temperature, disinfecting everything hands, feeding utensils and clean bedding after every feed. It's not easy believe me and you need a lot of expensive equipment already to hand before starting. So unless there is no choice then let someone else do the hard work and better still if you can visit the breeder and ask if you can help feed the chick supervised then thats defo the way to go. The Nursery on this forum has some excellent advice on hand rearing and also check https://www.africangreybabyparrot.co.uk/index.php/12_weeks_progress/?k=:2:: another great reference plus read everything you can before you do anything. Rob & Carol.
  9. Thank You, glad you enjoyed the video we were a bag of nerves when she decided to pip and unzip having never witnessed a hatch we were both spellbound πŸ˜ƒi will keep updating the post from time to time to show her progress. Carol.
  10. It's definitely been a challenge the first 2 days of on the hour every hour was not easy (lack of sleep wise) but when she was happy with one night feed at 3am it got slightly easier after a week she now goes 7 hrs through the night and we got our sanity back πŸ€ͺshe is fairly straight forward feeding now but not looking forward to weaning her, just hope she gets the hang of it when the time comes. We started trying to breed AG's about 2 to 3 years ago with 2 pairs but about a 1 year ago we lost a hen after she ate a slug and died unfortunately, the second pair laid after a couple of months of owning them but she just can't seem to hatch them herself, we must have had at least 8 clutches of mainly fertile eggs that just never made it to hatch so Ella was incubated and it was a real surprise to us as we just expected the same result again. My first love has always been cockatoos but where we live now in a built up area it just wasn't practical, although the greys are also gorgeous and a damn sight quieter πŸ™„ Carol.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/rob.h.wilson.1/posts/3239442786076217 Just a Facebook link to a post of us hatching and hand rearing Ella the African Grey 🐣currently 5weeks old πŸ₯ Carol and Rob
  12. Just a quick note to say Thank You for letting me join and a bit about myself. We are husband and wife Rob & Carol and we are currently in week 5 of hand rearing Ella a female AG, her parents are prolific egg layers but just can't seem to get eggs to hatch DIS at various stages so we decided to see if we could do any better incubating with the last round and had two clear and one fertile. We have some previous hand rearing experience with an umbrella cockatoo some twenty years ago but never a day old grey hatchling before, what an intense learning curve its been, helped by the nursery section of this board (so thank you) I have been keeping a log of weight, feed quantity, temperature videos and photos and will post them if they are of any interest to anyone. Bye for now Carol.
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