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  1. The breeder thinks he will be ready to go at the very end of May or beginning of June. That's a good idea about lowering the perches, thank-you!. I have a few hard surface perches near the food and water bowls but also have a couple of rope perches. I'll lower the ropes down to the bottom of the cage and have them slope up to the food/water perches so he'll never be higher than halfway up the cage until he's stable. I was looking at a 3 month old AG a couple of weeks ago (this adoption fell through) and I visited her every day for a week. She was very wobbly the first couple days but was climbing all over me by the end of the week so I know what you are saying about adjusting the perch heights
  2. Thanks everyone! We’re super excited to get this guy home. He was just taken out of the brooder box and placed in a cage this week. So he’ll start learning how to perch. I’ve got the cage set up with various hard perches and rope perches as well as a heavy duty bird bell. Toys are enroute in the mail. The breeder has been breeding birds for 60+ years and says it’s a male so I’ll take his word for it, but just in case he’s wrong I’m going with a gender neutral name of Tiki. My kids love Disney so he’s named after the Tiki Room animatronic bird show.
  3. Thank-you for allowing me to join your group. I'm not quite an AG owner just yet. My bird is 10 weeks old right now and still being hand fed by the breeder. I owned an Indian Ringneck for 3 years until my wife complained about allergies. Now I have no wife and am getting a new bird. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions for the next while. Here's a photo of the baby with my daughter for now!
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