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  1. I would tend to agree with Talon, though not certain. My Vannah makes little wheezes and clicks in her breathing when I've been gone all day. It's not as bad as it used to be, but it is similar.
  2. It was 30 days from the first egg last Saturday, and the last egg it will be 30 days this Saturday (5/29). Interesting behavior changes and mood swings going on. Monday morning (5/24) she rolled all 4 eggs onto the grate. She had rolled one out a few days prior, and we took it out of the cage. Since 4 were on the grate and it had been a couple days, we took one out again (now there are 3). She carried one back onto the fleece and has been caring for it. she was picking at the others so I put them back. She rolled one off the fleece, and put another one between the folds of the fleece, and
  3. Thank you everyone! This makes me feel a little more at ease about giving all of them these types of things. What do you guys think about the foam toys? I've seen some at the stores that look like they were made with craft foam or something. I can see them pinching of pieces and rolling it in their beak. I wish my girls liked swings! Piper has never liked them, and Dusty used to hang off of swinging toys, but not sit on a swing. Vannah is missing part of a toe on both feet, and hasn't shown much interest in swinging. After this egg thing is over, and I have time this summer, I want
  4. I am looking through this section and seeing toys that involve straws and other soft plastics. My husband and I have always steered clear of toys with the shreddable plastics for fear our little ladies would swallow it. Since Vannah has joined us we have continued to stay away from them. I am wondering now if this is a bit of a mistake. We give them all wood, paper, cardboard, and seagrass toys to shred. I guess the feeling has been that at least those items will somewhat digest because they are biodegradable. There is nothing guiding our thinking other than our overly cautiousness. I wa
  5. Well, other than Miss Vannah trying to become a mom for the first time at 28, our flock is doing well! My Husband is looking to retire in the next year, which is exciting because his job is on the hazardous end of things. I am finishing up my 16th year teaching and getting ready to move into a brand new building (from a building that we have shared with a second school for the last two years). Our 2 other fids, Dusty and Piper turned 20 last month and haven't been too rattled by Vannah's moodiness. They have been with us since they were weened off of hand feeding and ready to be somewhat in
  6. Thank you for looking for the threads and linking them here! Vannah hasn't laid a new one since last Thursday. It is a total of 3 now and each time it is easier on her and there is less blood on the egg. I have kept them all just in case the dummy eggs don't work, but I think they are. She has started coming out of her cage more often, though rarely wants to stray far. Yesterday she came looking for loves with me. She wanted to be held and snuggled, but at the same time was nipping at me a little. After a little bit I made her go back to her cage because she was almost aggressive abo
  7. Well we are on top egg number 3. The dummy eggs came Wednesday and we put those under her. She seemed to want to incubate them, but in the last 2 days she leaves them for a while to sit with me. She seems very healthy, I just worry now about if she will stop.
  8. There is another egg tonight. Still standing on her perch again. She went down to the egg this time after about 15 or 20 minutes. I put the original one back in there too. She didn't pay any attention to it the first day so I didn't think she would need it. Now she's sitting on the fleece I put in one corner with both of the eggs. Not sure what to expect from here.
  9. Vannah is still with us 9 and a half months later. She is definitely her own bird. It is hard trying to keep track of her because as soon as you open the door she she's off and running (still won't fly). I find her everywhere! Under the bed, the coffee table and the toilet... behind chairs, stools, and random furniture. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was a cat! She talks all the time to me and has conversations with herself. Her newest phrase is "tickle, tickle". Not sure if she picked it up from us or if she just remembered it. It's not something we say often. Though she is great
  10. Thank you! I may try that. Right now she's on a mix of Zupreem and Kaytee. Our stores are a bit limited in what they carry since last March. I'll see if I can find the Harrison's.
  11. I agree with Greytness. I can adjust... continuing to manage this template seems to be a pain in your rear. Let's just make it easy on you. Thank you for all you do!
  12. Vannah is 28 and layed her first egg on Thursday morning (4/22). She 'layed' it while standing on her perch and it fell onto a piece of cardboard at the bottom of her cage. I wasn't there when it happened, but it had what we call a morning poo and some blood with it. I dont know if that came later or at the same time as the egg. Her behavior changed only slightly a few days before the egg came. She went back to normal pretty quickly too. My worry is the blood. She hasn't continued to bleed. After I found the egg, I checked her for injury and she seemed to be fine. She has had very sm
  13. Vannah has her flight feathers. Her previous owner clipped her wings once about 20 years ago. She didn't start plucking, but she was so offended by it, he never did it again.
  14. I love the drawer idea! Vannah loves crawling under things. Her newest favorite hangout is under the coffee table. There's only a 3 or 4 inch clearance, but she loves going under there. Huey is a cutie. His story gives me hope that Vannah will fly someday.
  15. Is Huey a grey? Vannah flaps her wings while perched on my hand. She gets a little lift on one side (kind of weird) after a few seconds she's winded though. I need to be more diligent about working on that.
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