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  1. Vannah has her flight feathers. Her previous owner clipped her wings once about 20 years ago. She didn't start plucking, but she was so offended by it, he never did it again.
  2. I love the drawer idea! Vannah loves crawling under things. Her newest favorite hangout is under the coffee table. There's only a 3 or 4 inch clearance, but she loves going under there. Huey is a cutie. His story gives me hope that Vannah will fly someday.
  3. Is Huey a grey? Vannah flaps her wings while perched on my hand. She gets a little lift on one side (kind of weird) after a few seconds she's winded though. I need to be more diligent about working on that.
  4. I am sure her diet has changed since we just brought her home in July 2020. I'm not sure how much it's changed though. She ate fruits and veggies and a seed mix before, but we couldn't nail down how much. She still eats those things, but we added a pellet mix and cut the seeds back. We introduced some specific veggies at the recommendation of members here to help with the nutritional content of her food. She also gets an occasional walnut or almond in its shell. She enjoys playing with them before eating. (They are also an 'in' for my husband whom she doesn't really care for.) Though ful
  5. Thanks! I didn't think about it as special furniture, I guess. We don't know what we want yet, but thought getting opinions from people with birds might be helpful. I am always sitting on a blanket now that Vannah is with us. She chews on anything in reach and is by far the worst about it out of the 2. She's put holes in blankets and sweatshirts and loves to try and get to the rivets in my jeans! I guess I figured those of you with more experience with large birds might know something I'm not thinking of.
  6. We are about to replace furniture in the room where our birds spend time with us. Not because of them, but it is old and falling apart. With three birds in our house, and two that have enjoyed trying to chew the leather off the current furniture, I was hoping for a little discuss on fixes or types of furniture that have worked well for some of you. I have even considered metal garden furniture with replaceable cushions. 🤪
  7. She has gain about 30g since last July. In July she was 396, early November she was 413, now she's 432. Is this Ok?
  8. It has been fast! I was so worried about doing well for her and hoping that she would transition ok. Our experience with her has been such a blessing!
  9. Vannah is 28. She spent her last 22 years with Jim, who she adores. Her first 6 years were with Virginia. In both cases, her humans were getting "too old" as they put it (80ish), and wanted to make sure she was settled in a good home before they passed. Jim used to take her to visit Virginia before she passed away too.
  10. Did you try eating it with him? I had to do that with a couple of things. Like eat some in front of her, then ask her if she wants some. He might do better now that he's out of his few months of tantrum too.😀
  11. My little lady Vannah has some in her wingpits and just a tiny bit at the top of her legs. I wondered about it too. Thanks for the info!
  12. Yesterday was 6 months with Vannah. I am more like her play gym than her human now. She crawls on my lap and sits on the blanket with me. She LOVES chewing on just about anything (thus the blanket on the chair to save ti chair). We are trying to get her stay on top of or in her cage even with the door open. She crawls down and looks for me if she knows I'm home😏. She is doing better with my Husband still, but she doesn't sit with him or go looking for him. I think she is starting to say good-night to the other birds. One goes bed about an hour before the others and she says "good-night sweetie
  13. Wow Steevo! Poor Matilda! I'm so glad she's doing better and sleeping well. 19 years and 3 birds, I have never had this issue. I hope Matilda will never have it again.
  14. Well Monday will be 3 months with Vannah. A couple weeks ago my husband started waiting for her to climb down off her cage, which was the only time he could pick her up. He picked her up like normal, but started taking her into the bathroom (stool covered of course) and negan routine training with her on stepping up. Though she knew how, she wouldn't do it for him unless she was on the floor. It took about a week, and now she will come off the cage for him. We are both a bit relieved because he'd have to wait to go anywhere until I was home of Vannah got hungry and went inside. We were worried
  15. JennS

    Potato Chips

    Vannah liked fried chicken when she came to us, along with fries and crackers. She has crackers now without salt, and chicken bits I've cooken up for her without the oils, but no luck on the fries. I'm going to try the sweet potato thing and see if that works!
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