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  1. Well Monday will be 3 months with Vannah. A couple weeks ago my husband started waiting for her to climb down off her cage, which was the only time he could pick her up. He picked her up like normal, but started taking her into the bathroom (stool covered of course) and negan routine training with her on stepping up. Though she knew how, she wouldn't do it for him unless she was on the floor. It took about a week, and now she will come off the cage for him. We are both a bit relieved because he'd have to wait to go anywhere until I was home of Vannah got hungry and went inside. We were worried
  2. JennS

    Potato Chips

    Vannah liked fried chicken when she came to us, along with fries and crackers. She has crackers now without salt, and chicken bits I've cooken up for her without the oils, but no luck on the fries. I'm going to try the sweet potato thing and see if that works!
  3. The sqewers and treat hangers are really the trick with her. There have been so many things that I put in her bowl and she wont touch, but I attach it to a toy or hang in and its gone!
  4. This is a bit of a relief for me as a rehome companion. Though Vannah doesn't have fowl language or anything, there are some things I'd like her to stop saying. I was beginning to wonder if it was just wishful thinking that I could train her out of some phrases.
  5. Found Swiss Chard and hung it up from a treat ball. She's eating it!! So far she likes the stalk, but I'll take it!
  6. Update: we've been adding in Kale and Cauliflower to the snap peas, carrots and broccoli. She still wasn't eating much of it. My husband started feeding her veggies a couple hours after breakfast and that seems to do the trick. He also hangs the kale like a toy to get her to eat that.
  7. Good idea. She will occasionally let us put her on Cory... that might work.
  8. Update: Today is Vannah's 2 month move-in anniversary. I am clearly her favorite now, and she is still barely tolerating my husband. She allows me to do most anything including the "fall over" routine she did at her previous home for nail clipping. She also comes out with me at the end of the day for quiet snuggle just before the lights go out. I love that time :). Cory tries to nudge in sometimes and he is clearly unwelcome from her point of view. My husband continues to try and get her to like him. He gives her treats, feeds her, and due to him being on medical leave right now, stays h
  9. Not much progress lately. She still likes to flap on my finger, and go places around the house. She is still getting winded and she always wants to face me. So when I hold her out to the side, she kind of steers back in rather than ahead of herself. She also barely tolerates my husband, so getting him to help doesn't really work. Any thoughts? I guess its not a priority that she fly, but if she is liking to be high, and play flies from my hand, it seems that it would be good to teach her.
  10. Well, Vannah and I are practicing flying on my finger. She holds on and I lift her in the air as she flaps. She is starting to flap enough that I can feel a little lift on my finger. Sometimes she and I run around the whole house like that. She sounds like she's dying sometimes, but she wants to do more. We go until she's ready to stop. She hasn't been brave enough to try to fly to anything again. She is starting to let me handle her more than just her feet, so we might try the tossing activity if she will tolerate my husband helping.
  11. Well, I think I have convinced him not to try so hard. She's accepting treats, but not really tolerating him getting too close. I shared this info with him, and he wasn't all that excited of course. I remind him that I have been living this role with one of our other birds for 19 years, and this might just be the way it is. 😉 I hope he'll eventually get over it if she doesn't warm up. He's the one that really wanted a grey.
  12. 4We have had Vannah 3 weeks now, and she is settling in ok. She allows me to pick her up off of her cage occasionally, and from the floor any time. I can put her food in her cage without nips, and she knows when to go inside at night. She won't always allow me to put her in the cage at night. She also enjoys sitting with me and getting her head scratched. She's willinging to try a new perch too as long as I don't leave her on it. Here's the problem... she won't do any of this for my husband. In her previous home her favorite in the house was a man, and his wife was tolerated, but was not
  13. Thank you. After my last response, my little conure scared the begeezees out of her and she took off from my lap. She made it about 3 or 4 feet and landed next to the coffee table. Not too smoothly. She is definitely wanting to try. I'll try making some soft spots for her to work on it. My husband is worried about keeping her fully feathered if she's going to learn to fly. There is an outside door in the room where she is. It is used infrequently, but as he reminded me, it only takes once for her to get into the trees around our place. I am worried about taking away what she wants to be a
  14. We were told she has all of her feathers, but when she stretches her wings out it looks like there are a couple missing. They aren't cut though. She flaps while on our finger as if she's going to take off, but doesn't. Her previous companion didn't think she knew she could fly. Just about an hour ago I picked her up off the floor and she flew to her cage! Only about 2 feet. First time she's been independently airborne in the last 22 years. We aren't sure if she was flighted her first 6 years. I'd like to encourage her flight with in reason. She seems like she's a little short of breath w
  15. Vannah seems very healthy, active, talking, attention seeking, etc... I am trying to understand her behaviors, but this one is mystifying me! She starts be getting me to pick her up, then leans in to me. Not sure if she likes the snuggle or is looking for stability. Usually I go sit down with her and let her choose to snuggle, play, flap, or what ever. The following video is what she does at some point everytime I pick her up. Today as soon as we sat down she started. **edit** I know she is asking for a cracker in the video, but she always asks about crackers, ever when she has one.
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