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  1. Thx. Why am I not surprised at that you have 5 well behaved (presumably non AG) and one naughty, chewing Grey! Fortunately I have actually found someone in SA that stocks them and in the process of ordering, but it's good to get positive feedback from an actual user. From what I can see they are essentially 10 or 12 mm flat braid with a little buckle. When I get one I intend to measure it to death so that when the enviable happens (chewed) I know how to repair or totally replace if necessary.
  2. I have asked for user experience of this on the Grey Lounge, and would appreciate if anybody reading this can help. One that seems to have good reviews on Google is the "Aviator" from "parrot university". Believe it or not there is even a Wikipedia article on the subject (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parrot_harness) with a pic of one bird riding on motorbike on a perch with a harness in Taiwan. When she was young I used to try giving her longer flights on our estate grounds. Only she disappeared completely one day, even though she never went up only along and down. I searched everywhere until it was dark and was distraught. Up at dawn the next day I found her by her red tail, clinging onto reeds by the side of the little lake we have. My guess is she landed there out of sight and did not move except to climb up. I never tried it again after that. Ironically we also have a group of about 6 ringtail parakeets living wild on the residential estate (apparently there are little groups of them all over Johannesburg) and just the other day our bird table got visited by a lovebird.
  3. Hi, Has anybody had any experience with parrot harnesses? Due to a combination of Covid-9 lockdown & keeping away from people whenever possible (we are high risk) our normal clipping routine has been interrupted, and Lucy has now got a lot more full length primaries than usual. So , I though I would use the opportunity to find a good flying harness, attempt to buy it ( we are in SA, not the 'easy to get anything' US) and try it out. Would appreciate any comments and real experience on the range available. I would also appreciate comments on what NOT to buy as well as the success.
  4. Yes, she regularly has her wings clipped, and generally a pedicure at the same time to save my hand from becoming a pin cushion. However, Covid 19 has interrupted the normal visit (we are both high risk so keeping away from other home sapiens as much as possible) so she is nearly a full flight bird. However, and this is the downside of being in a cage most of their lives, the more they don't use their wings as much as they were designed to, the less they are able to. Imagine being laid up with a broken leg in plaster; after 6 weeks or so you have lost muscle mass. Now escalte that to 15 years. We have been having "flight training" in the garden of late - now she has so many primaries to give lift - as a means of her getting a lot more exercise. Even though she has most of her wing feathers she still cannot fly far and cannot control landing that well. Essentially she has a controlled plummet. No hurt, just a downward glide. Just after 3 "flights" at about 3 - 5 m ( with a little breather in between) she is breathing heavily. I saw on the internet last year a device in the US which was effectively a 'bird leash' to allow free flight but could prevent flying away. I think I will put a new topic on that to see if anybody else has tried it and if so what success.
  5. Photos of Lucy spanning 15 years..... She comes on holiday with us whenever possible. We originally used a basic cat cage (with a perch) for travel, but then had it modified with a side door and gaps for food & water bowls. The side door is great as it allows access for food etc without lifting the main lid and allowing instant escape! We also have a flat pack dog cage which is much larger for destinations such as rented holiday accommodation which sits on a camp table. She is loves chicken bones out of which she get the marrow. .
  6. To Luvparrots. I will post more pics later, but I did give my experience about dogs and avians with pictures and comments to the person who was concerned about bringing a grey into a home with an existing terrier type pooch. At one point we had two dogs (lab and ridgeback) a guinea fowl and a duck, then later the guinea fowl and Lucy. Under the right conditions a half kilo parrot can totally dominate a 53Kg Ridgeback and an overweight labbie.
  7. The latest newbie here, but not to having an African Grey, although I am to the mechanics of forums, so if this post ends up in the wrong category, apologies. Lucy is 15 this year, and we got her when she was just about 3 months. We had her tested immediately by the specialist bird vet for beak and feather (something I would strongly recommend as apparently there is no cure, and it's heartbreaking to get attached and know there is no future). At the same time you could have the sex determined with the same blood sample, so we know for sure she's a girl bird. She loves me, hates my husband. Has to be watched like a hawk when out of the cage, or another piece of skirting board has to be replaced! And she is sneaky. Pretends she is doing one thing, innocently looking around, until she thinks she is not being watched then bingo, up to no good. Anyway, look forward to contributing in due course. Angie. I wont' say 'mum', because I think from her perspective I am not a parent, but her mate.
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