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  1. Thanks Rhubarb Pie for your reply. I like your idea of harness training. I'm going to try and harness train mine too.
  2. Thanks Nini for your reply. Sorry to hear about the plucking. Remember you can always let her wings grow back again.....
  3. I agree Ellen..... Thank you....
  4. Thank you neoow for your response. I have decided not to clip Gaby's wings. Alto its more work having a fully flighted bird, I do believe its much better overall for the health of the bird.
  5. Thank you Talon for the reply. Sorry to hear about the one starting to pluck. It must be very difficult trying to give even attention to all 3. Hope things will turn out for you soon.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I do think being flighted helps with plucking, but there is no guarantee.
  7. Thank you very much for your reply. I am with you. I do not want to clip her feathers. I soon will be buying her a outside aviary. We have a small back yard with a pool. So space is limited. Its going to be a 7' hexagon aviary. I'm hoping there will be enough room for her to fly a little. I will have her out there during the day only on good weather. I. 'm currently training her on recall. We are up to around 30' . I'm starting to try and get her to turn a corner to come to me. My breeder teaches all his birds that he sells on basic recall . He's the one that got me started on recall training.
  8. Sorry for the corny title, but it does get to the point of my topic..... I would like to take a survey on wether flighted birds vs Clipped wings have any bearing on weather clipping a birds wings has any impact an a bird plucking his or her feathers. My CAG name is Gaby, and I just brought her home 2 weeks ago. She is now 3 1/2 months old. She is currently fully flighted. I'm debating on wether I want to clip her wings or not. I know there is ALOT of debate on wether or not clipping is ok or not. I bought Gaby from a well known breeder. I did tell him I was worried about Gaby down the ro
  9. Hi Everyone... I'm new here from Southern Calif. I just got my African Grey named Gaby. She is 3 1/2 months old. I've had her for 2 weeks now. We are practicing Recall. She is getting better and better with each session. The one problem I have , there is a hanging light fixture where we fly her and it has become a magnet to her. I do give her treats, but she is never that hungry. I don't like starving her so she goes more for the treats. I do have a question.... I am concerned down the road about her plucking her feathers. I know its a stress thing or health issue. I am trying to de
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