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  1. Thank you so much! They definitely keep us busy! 😄
  2. Oh good idea with the decreasing the steaming time! Thank you for the red palm oil recommendation! How much do you add to their food? We have the oats and tricolored quinoa. She's not too fond of the oats but maybe we can mix it with the quinoa and see how that goes. We'll start adding the flax and chia seeds too. She's doesn't like bananas (we've tried fresh and dried bananas) and she tosses them out and looks at us offended like why would we even give her such a disgusting thing (lol!). We haven't gotten around to sprouting yet. It seems like a long and complicated process
  3. You're welcome! Goodluck! I know harness training can be a long process especially for African greys. We were planning on getting the Aviator harness because it has had the best reviews out of all the harnesses we've looked at.
  4. Yes, we definitely want to get her and Kiwi over to a raw diet. We keep trying with fresh vegetables but recently found out that she seems to like the steamed vegetables better (we were having steamed vegetables and she took to it really well!). So for now, we'll give her steamed veggies since it gets her used to eating vegetables and will hopefully switch over to a raw diet. Do the grains have to be cooked? Or can it be added to her diet uncooked? Didn't know about the red palm oil! what does that do? I haven't tried sugar snap peas! Will be getting that from the store and trying
  5. Deciding to clip or not clip is hard. About 3-4 of my lovebirds primary wings are clipped short just so she doesn't get height in the house (because we sometimes have the fans on) but she can still fly. Even with those feathers clipped, she still gets some height on her because she's such a strong flyer! We're doing recall training right now and she's loving it! I think it definitely helps with her confidence! Our CAG on the other hand, when we had gotten her, the secondary feathers were already clipped but we can tell she is very depressed about it and wants to fly since she sees our lo
  6. I would try looking to see if there are any rescue organizations near you that adopt out. Usually they ask that you volunteer to be around the birds for a certain amount of time first before they allow you take a bird home because they want to make sure you and the bird are a good fit. Another option is people post on Craigslist as well but these might be harder birds to work with because they most likely have a lot of baggage with them. We adopted our CAG from a lady who put her up on Craigslist and we are still working on a lot of things but we love her to death!
  7. Thank you! I appreciate you reading my novel! Hah! The previous owners had her on a seed and pellet diet. The seed was the Higgins Sunburst Gourmet blend (which we stopped giving her because too many sunflower seeds) and they were using Zupreem Natural pellets. We replaced the seed mix with Volkman Avian science which has a mix of various seeds, fruits, etc. So we are giving her about 50% of that and 50% of the Zupreem natural pellets. We were told she likes eating the pellets (she does not, she picks around them) but she has been eating them more lately now that we're increasing
  8. Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this group! These forums were super helpful for when my husband and I were doing research before adopting our CAG, Rhubarb (Ruby for short). We knew we didn't want to get a baby African Grey and we wanted to rescue one because there are so many birds out there who need good homes! This will be a slightly long post as an introduction but I will include lots of pictures! Anyway, a little bit of background on us, we have a dog (Jelly, 8 years old), cat (Jams, 4 years old), and lovebird (Kiwi, 2 years old) who all get along very well! We h
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