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  1. Hey talon, she does it always when shes sees me. Other times she breathes normal. And do you think if it hormone for a year and half old fellow. Do you think she gets the hormone kick as she's just one year and four months. Anyways we dont have winter in the country I live.
  2. So do you think it's normal. I'm just worried every time she does that sound. Since there is no proper vet that I can take her in my country. The vets here are only for cats and dogs. She is very active and no problem with her appetite. Do you think this wheezing sound wi go off after some time or will it be there for the rest of her life.
  3. Oh that's good news if that's the case coz there is no vet in sri Lanka for birds. It's a big relief for me to hear that from you.I have been very stress these days looking for a vet to go and show her. But unfortunately here there is no vet for birds as the vets are for dogs and cats. Very sad I cant even check her health. That's why I have been trying to get into all the web site to find out if any one could help me. So hope as you said she's excited to see me and she does those sound. I know for a fact if I go out of her site for fraction of a sec she keeps on whistling till I return back t
  4. I have a grey African and she is just year and a half old and she is very active and healthy. My concern is When she sees me she makes this noise as if she's having a wheezing noise when she's breading. But when she's alone by her self she doesn't have it even when she's sleeping she doesn't have the wheezing sound. she was very talkative and now she doesn't say much of words as she use to say, but she whistles yet, I believe that she got scared by this stray cat which comes to our door step. Or is it a respiratory issue. The country I live we don't have a vet for birds. The vet we get here a
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