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  1. Perhaps I need to consult an Avian Vet? I'm not certain how to proceed. If I remove the box, she may react badly and/or return to destructive behavior. For all I know, removing the box may cause some problem with a partially formed egg being retained. Then again, if she does produce an egg, it will obviously not hatch and will eventually, if not immediately, have to be removed. Causing possibly other issues.
  2. Why "unfortunately"? Should I attempt to stop it somehow? Is it something I need to research more or can someone describe what to do and expect?
  3. Now she is spending almost all her time in the box, almost completely destroyed, but will pause and look back at me when I approach, then back to destruction, but with a brief raising and wiggle of her hind end. I'm guessing this is just more of the "hormonal" behavior?
  4. Yeah. I did not know that at the time. I would like to reduce that behavior but I don't want her going back to destroying the wood work.
  5. Thanks, that does seem to be the issue. I asked a few other grey people and they gave similar response or "nesting behavior". I never noticed it before I gave her cardboard boxes to "play with" as a diversion from destroying wood trim in the house. She has not left her play area, except with me, since introducing the boxes. She plays this game where she comes to the side of the cage play area, gets my attention, then immediately scurries back to the box and begins shredding or knocking, occasionally taking a discrete peek to see if I noticed. I guess.
  6. Right now, she has calmed and is sitting on my chair, acting normally, as I type. She began by making it clear she wanted "up" and we spent some time, but she became a bit agitated and kept going for my glasses and making short "eh-eh" sounds, almost frantic. Nothing seemed to calm her and she would nibble at my finger trying to keep it above her head, as if trying to "nurse" from it. I did not encourage that and tried to put her on cage and present treats. Did not go for that. Back sitting down, she began began keeping her wings and bottom end down, as if ready for flight, while
  7. After a certain level of destruction, maybe 2/3 left, she begins to wander a bit. A brand new one gets her full attention again. Keeping the residue in check seems to be my only complaint at this point. And getting enough new boxes. . . .
  8. Don't go there any more, but might see if I can find similar items, or friends that go there. I wonder if egg cartons would be a thing? Possible salmonella, etc?
  9. I tried that before the box. She was like "yeah, well, what else ya got?". Did not try the chains tho.
  10. Kept her interested most of the day and into a second. Now into a second box She has not ventured to the woodwork at all. In fact, seems almost obsessed with the box, occasionally venturing out for food and water. I put the semi destroyed box in an open space under her cage, where I have a towel to catch any water spilled from bathing (rarely done now), in hopes to catch her attention just in case she decides to go for a walk. Sometimes she will stop and sit on the edge of the cage, looking expectantly, but when she sees me and has "made eye contact", turns and begins to attack the
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I figured she was bored but nothing seemed to keep her interest for long. One of the suggestions triggered me to get a simple small brown cardboard box and introduce it to her. Immediate casual interest. So, after a bit, I put it on her cage "play top" open end to one side and she took to exploring it immediately. She is now happily destroying it, bit by bit and seems quite pleased. I'm almost laughing at the situation now. Thanks much.
  12. Could you provide more detail, links to such items, or pictures, perhaps? Not really visualizing it.
  13. She is not clipped and has flown a few times, when startled. She climbs down and walks into the hall way and kitchen. There is a small "pass through" between the kitchen and her cage area, so she can hear and see any activity in there. I've thought about an enclosure or blocking the doorway into the kitchen (no door installed). Would have to be something not "climbable" though. I should add that play blocks (kids) and are in her cage. Always room for improvement. I just noticed the bell I hung up requires her to stretch up quite a bit to reach it. So I just put it on a chain t
  14. Thanks for the welcome and the tips. Don't have a play area, as such, just "play top" on the cage. Which came missing two bowls, now on order. Not much to attract her there. Tried a bell and now have a hanging "toy" with different bits designed to be shredded. One of those inside the cage as well. There are some similar chewable things in the cage, and the bell, but, she ignores them, mostly. She will nibble at them when I coax her, but, mostly to humor me, I think as they are ignored when I'm not doing that. Problem, for me, in not using the cage as time out, is I cannot attend
  15. I'm new here, Had a Grey some years ago, took ill in her 30's (or so). Recently took in a rescue said to be 14. She is a rather sweet bird, talks a bit and is generally well behaved. Took to me quite readily. A few nips here and there as we acclimated. Steps up readily and makes no fuss when I return her to or into cage. After some weeks, she has become more confident and started to explore. There is the problem. Caught here nibbling, destroying, wood trim around doors, cabinets, etc. That HAS to stop. So far my only "solution" has been to admonish, sternly, have her step u
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