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  1. Mine is having a band; no microchip.
  2. What all seeds do you give your parrot to eat?
  3. Rather than focussing on purchased toys I think you can explore toys around you. What I do is, any object wooden or paper which is not required by me ; I sterilise it (if possible or sun bath it) and give it to my bird to be chewed and destroyed. In this way she/he is not bored of the same toy coz; it nearly changes every 1/2 days. Apart from this I have a climbing rope which she/he loves to play with. If nothing is available I give it a branch of a tree or rope piece to play. Just a suggestion for you to consider.
  4. I was wondering if my bird does not like red palm oil, what are the alternatives? Then I stumbled upon this idea to give chewable Vitamin A Tablets to it. Whats your opinion on this subject ?
  5. What do you give to your bird to eat then?
  6. Blu uses teak wood perches, I have tried other woods also but he/she will chew them all and destroy them. Once in 7 days I use a Sandy Perch to keep her nails trimmed.
  7. It seems there is no requirement of a Bird Nest or Place to Sleep. But won't the birds get too tired just standing 24x7 for 365 days ? I have seen Blu going to a corner and trying to sleep by tilting his/her body during day time when he/she is too tired.
  8. My bird sleeps on its perch, but I was thinking of getting a Bird Nest for it to sleep. I am not considering any breeding for her. What arrangement have you done for your bird to sleep ?
  9. Thank you so much. I am sharing a video of Blu. 😀 videoplayback.mp4
  10. I think it may work, if you try it this way : - Keep the bird hungry for 12 hours then offer it soaked pellets. If the bird eats it then fine; otherwise repeat it after 24 hours. After 24 hours most of them will like it. Then repeat the same for another 3-4 days.
  11. If you have your cage outside then be very careful of cats. I lost one Cockatiel to a cat attack, even when the bird was inside.
  12. Blu was also not liking pellets, if I give him pellets when he is really hungry then he will eat some and throw most of it. It was a great wastage. I use Zupreem Fruit Blend Flavour for African Greys, I realised that they are made very hard; so difficult to swallow. Then next day what I did was I soaked them with little amount of water. After 3-4 mins of soaking when I gave it to Blu, I think he really liked it. I think others should try this method also. Do let me know how your parrot reacted to soaked pellets.
  13. I am Akki here, I have a CAG which is 1.5 years old, I do not know it's a male or female. My CAG's name is Blu, it is currently under going molting.
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