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  1. After some consideration i have come to the decision to step down as moderator of the Bird food room / Nursery room due to personal reasons.I shall no longer be an active member of the forum. I don't regret a minute of my time i have given the forum & I hope in some way that my contribution over the past year has been able to make a little difference in the lives of some members & their greys. I wish each of you & your flock good health & a happy future. Tracy.
  2. Hi Shera, congrats on your new baby.Picking names can be so hard,watch your baby & see how the names you have picked suit him I like Ollie & skye
  3. Stunning pictures Frank, thanks for sharing them but i must say the bonus for me, the two macaws in the last one I have my B&G & one day a greenwing
  4. Thats great to hear Ryan & congrats on your new congo Reggie.Do you have any pictures of the two of them ? We would love to meet your guys.
  5. She definately is an angel & one lucky lady to have you as her mom
  6. Pat he dosent look to bad,good diet & bathes will get his feathers looking great in no time.Eyes look bright He will come on in leaps & bounds once he is home with you.
  7. Hi Frank, They are wonderful pictures of Ceasar,thanks for sharing them with us. It's great to hear from you,you are missed around here Hope life is treating you good.
  8. Hi Jocelyne & Welcome to the forum. We look forward to hearing more from you
  9. Just in case any members have not voted yet here is the link for voting http://www.greyforums.net/forums/training/99515-21st-century-clever-bird-vote-now.html
  10. Your very Welcome Pat Im sure you will enrich this little guys life,you know to well time & patience will win Gizmo round.As a forum we will be here to support you with any problems you may encounter aswell as the successful steps you make not matter how small thay are
  11. Here is one for the step up Siobhan mentions.... http://www.greyforums.net/forums/training/92640-teach-the-step-up-command.html If you pull your hand away and yell, then your parrot gets a reaction out of you and will try again to get the same reaction. They think it's a game, try & show no reaction to him,try to distract him when you can see that he's going to bite,you can gently wobble your hand if he is on you this works well for me.I also have a clicker ( like some people use for dog training! ) if mine go to nip i click on the clicker & say a firm No in a strong voice, the clicker distracts them,or have a toy handy they he can play with. Some people use time out, if your parrot bites you simply return him to his cage for 5 minutes & walk away from him & say nothing.Never respond to the biting it only re-enforces negative behaviour.All parrots at some point will & do bite.
  12. I couldnt agree more on what Siobhan,Judy & Dan ( in previous posts ) have said. Annmarie If you have come here to dictate your point of view to us all,im afraid you will get a very hostile welcome from the majority of our members. Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion but do not post yours continually without substantial facts & figures to substantiate it :angry:
  13. Great to see congo eating such a great variety for her brekky, Youve done a great job with her diet
  14. Thanks for sharing that clip of kip Mark. she sure is cute
  15. Pat if you go for Gizmo i dont think your be dissapointed at all The severe macaw,also known as Chestnut- Fronted macaw are wonderful birds.I did a ton of research on them while looking for a macaw myself. One of the main characteristics of the Severe Macaw is that it is so people friendly and its size is somewhat more manageable as it measures at only about twenty inches from head to tail. The severe macaw is extremely responsive to interaction with humans and in giving and getting lots of affection. Ropes make great toys to be chewed on and for the severe macaw to climb on as well, because they are great climbers. Wooden toys are fun and keep the severe macaw beak occupied and deterred against more destructive chewing. As far as food goes, they’re not as finicky as other birds. The severe macaw will eat nuts, fruit, seed, pellets, beans, vegetables, and all sorts of treats, very similiar to a grey. Good luck in your decision
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