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  1. That reminded me Dan, Klaus sometimes will say, "Oh my God!" (another phrase from Scott). Any ideas how to switch him over to "Oh my gosh!"? LOL
  2. Laurie

    I love you!

    Well, Klaus hasn't let the bad word slip while company's over (thank goodness!) but I'll have to start working on a coverup in case it does happen...I like the TV idea, Char!
  3. Thank you all! And another round of applause for Luvparrots' grandson and Talon's nephew!
  4. Klaus says, "I love you!" "I love you, birdie!" "You my good bird!" "That's my baby!" "I'll be right back, ok?" "Be a good bird, ok?" "Hi, Klausie! Hi, Klausie!" "Are you sassy?" "Whaddaya doin'?" "Laur!" He also sings the first two lines of "I can see clearly now the rain has gone. I can see all the obstacles in my way..." The second line is a little garbled, but you can definitely tell what he's singing. He whistles it beautifully, too. I can't believe what a good whistler he is! and the list goes on and on... There's also a word he says that I can't discuss on this forum...Everything he says and does, he gets from my husband, who will at times cuss like a truck driver. I ignore Klaus when he says the bad word but it's hard not to giggle...
  5. Recently an emergency vehicle was on our block, and for some reason parked nearby with the siren going for a time. Klaus re-enacts that for us quite a bit, but thank goodness not to the point of driving us nuts! Also, at dinner time his cage door is usually open and if we forget to share a little with him he climbs down the leg of the cage and toddles on over to the table, climbs up my pant leg and then when he get to my lap, he pops his little head up for a look around. He cracks me up!
  6. Wow, great stories of life saving heroics! We haven't saved any lives, but I am proud of my son's last report card (all A's and one B, 3.67 GPA). I'm also proud of us both because last week we had MCREST week at our church which is a program to help homeless people. We are new to the church, and so new to MCREST as well. We helped on Tuesday night and Friday night both to serve a hot dinner to 60 homeless men. Never having done this before I didn't know what to expect. I came away heartbroken as these are good decent men for the most part who have had a run of bad luck. But also happy that I was able to help, if only a little bit. Driving home last night, my son said that next year he wants to help every night, not just two nights. That makes me proud of him...
  7. Wow, Klaus' bowls fit tightly into holders attached to the sides of his cage. He hasn't figured out how to get them out yet. But he does have a special blue plastic bowl that we put special stuff in (some of our dinner for example). And he LOVES to throw that one! Either he loved what we put in it, and he throws it to show us it's empty and he'd like more. Or, he's less than pleased with the treat and wants to whip it at us for being so stupid! LOL
  8. I forgot Valentine's Day. I had to work almost 2 hours past "quitting time" and by the time I got out of there I just wanted to go home. Wild horses couldn't drag me out shopping now! Tomorrow I will be at a "Daughters of the King" tea at my church and my son has volunteered to serve at it. Don't know what hubby will be doing - probably enjoying the peace and quiet while we're out! LOL
  9. Hey, all! Glad to see this little thread is still alive. I am still going to Curves faithfully, plus I've added weight training to my routine. Bought some 7# and 8# dumb bells and I do a routine I got from a book. So I haven't lost weight over all, but I have lost 8% of my body fat. Another cool thing I've been doing is Wii Fit. One of the perks of having a 12 year old around the house - I get to play with his toys! LOL Also I have a book I'd like to strongly recommend: "Younger Next Year" by Crowley & Lodge. Awesome, awesome stuff. Goes in depth as to what happens to your body when you exercise (AND when you don't). Great, great motivation!
  10. Klaus has heard this one a million times: "I'll be right back birdie!" Now he's saying it, when he sees me with my jacket and keys. He cracks me up. He also says, "You be good bird, ok?" and I say, "I'll be a good bird if you be a good bird." to which he replies, "Ok." LOL
  11. I have claustrophobia (sp?). Fear of enclosed spaces. It goes back to when I was little - about 4 years old. We had a plastic boat in our yard, and a neighbor kid put the boat over me (upside down) and sat on it so I couldn't get out. Being trapped in a small space with no conceivable way out has freaked me out ever since!
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