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  1. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    It looks great. I think it's going up pretty quickly, though it must feel like it's dragging on for you. I think it's a fine use of the money you inherited, and I know the birds will agree. This is what love looks like. Lucky fids.
  2. Alfie on his shelf

    So cute. I have a cardboard crazy grey as well. He can make quite a mess in a short time. Glad it's not raining down on my head!
  3. No WAY!!!

  4. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    So sorry about your niece. I've struggled with bouts of suicidal depression since my teens. (I'm bi-polar). As dark as it has gotten, I've always been blessed with 5% of my brain that's been able to reason out what my killing myself would do to my friends and family, but it's been very bad at times. I've been on a med now that has stabilized my mood for the past three years. You really believe that other people will be better off without you around, that you matter little in other people's lives. I'm sorry your niece lost this battle. I hope her family isn't blaming themselves. It's an insidious and evil illness and sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, it wins.
  5. FYI. (Long but a must read)

    KevinD, thank you for saving GreyForums. I don't know what I'd do without this forum, where I can brag, vent, and share what it's like living with one of these little grey tyrants.
  6. His New Obssession

    The bandage idea is great. I'll dig out a tensor before the morning! Dorian has come a long way. I had a repair man here last week to look at my wifi. I had Dorians cage door open and the guy asked me "he won't bite me will he" and I assured him that he'd stay in his cage. After all this is the bird that, when I got him, would sit frozen and shaking whenever anyone strange came near him. Well, I turn my back on the cage and before I know it the little bugger has climbed down from his cage and is halfway across the room headed right for the repair man's toes! He didn't want to step up for me either. He's turned into a self assured, confident, almost fearless little guy, and I guess I'll have to suffer the consequences. lol
  7. His New Obssession

    OK, this is a strange one. Dorian has become obsessed with my right elbow. Every time he's on my desk he goes straight to trying to bite me in the elbow. It's just a pinch, but it hurts. There's no anger in it. He goes after it just like he goes after the keys on the computer keyboard. It's his persistence that's amazing. Maybe I should have posted this in the training room, because my real question is is there any way to break him of these bad habits when he's on my desk. He has toys to play with and paper to shred, but all he wants to "play" with is my phone, my keyboard, and my elbow. Right now I'm telling him "No" and putting him back in his cage.
  8. (Pt. 2) Seeing quick results when it concerns plucking isn't gonna happen. It takes a while. Aloe is good, but there's something stronger which is also good.


    Type in AVITEC.COM


    On the left, look for PLUCKING/SCREAMING---click on it


    Third picture from left ( spray and jar in picture) click on it


    there's 3 choices

    1---premixed bottle

    2--small jar, powder in it (8 oz)

    3--large jar, powder in it (16 oz)


    Get either 8 oz or 16 oz jar with powder in it. Stay away from premixed bottle


    1 rounded teaspoon powder to 8 oz room temp water in a sprayer. Heavily soak your bird down once a day. If any remains in the sprayer, use it on any other birds sitting around. Discard what remains at the end of the day.


    Please let us know how you and Andy are doing.



  9. Hi. I'm a little late but I've been catching up on the forum and came across your post about Andy. Here's some info on plucking from a recent thread from Dave007, who knows a lot about dealing with birds that pluck.


    Chronic plucking----the bird has always been a plucker and will remain that way for good

    Acute plucking----the bird will start plucking for quite a while and then stop

    Incubation plucking--a hen will pluck a certain part of the lower underside so that eggs will be kept warmer. Feathers grow back when incubation is done for the season.

    To me, it sounds like acute plucking.

    Acute plucking can be caused by the clipped feathers growing back in and pinching other areas of the skin. That immediately makes the bird pluck those feathers out. It can take a very long time before the bird gets a new set of feathers. Usually, it happens by coincedence. Everything happens to be correct at the right time and the feathers grow in properly. (con't in next msg)

  10. Hi Marguerite, I'm so glad you are a member of the GreyForums. I look forward to reading your posts. Janet