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  1. Dorian is very refined in his taste. He prefers spiced gouda lol.
  2. Huey is a sweetie. Dorian has come a long way since I got him but I don't think I'll ever get him to lay on his back.
  3. I've never used those products so I'm afraid I can't help you. What did the vet say?
  4. That looks like the same cage I have for Dorian. He loves it. I love it because it's got plenty of room for a bell, toys, and a full sized boing to perch on.
  5. What a cutie. You've got a great cage set up, and I see you've got some cardboard on the play top. You might want to add more shredding toys. My guy loves adding machine paper tape and toys made of toilet paper rolls.
  6. Acappella


    Look up something called Rescue Remedy. At least a couple people here have had good results with it. My Dorian was cage bound when I got him and it took more than a year of sitting by his cage with the door open before he even poked his head out.
  7. Could be a concussion. I don't know if you're on Facebook, but there's a group on there called Parrot First Aid. They're excellent at giving first aid advice. Might be worth joining and asking them. I know with a concussion you don't treat with heat because that can cause additional swelling, but that's about all I can remember.
  8. Sounds like they did the remediation the right way. You and the birds will be fine.
  9. Poor little guy. I'm sorry the news isn't better. I know he's getting the best care they can give him.
  10. How's Ollie doing? Has he gone through another cone of shame?
  11. Some members here have had good results with their birds using Rescue Remedy.
  12. I hope he continues to improve.
  13. So sorry for the loss of your bird.
  14. Welcome to you and all your babies, they're beautiful.
  15. Maggie, please tell Jayd that I have him in my thoughts and I hope the move to hospice is a positive one. In my experience they are very good at caring for pain, so hopefully Jayd gets some relief. E-hugs to you both.
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