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  1. Welcome back. I just came back after a while away too.
  2. Hey, I'm slightly jealous of your mom too. Dorian used to love scritches, but now he starts to regurgitate right away, so I've had to stop. Kudos to your mom for overcoming her fear and finding her own bond.
  3. I'm familiar with that searching foot. Whenever Dorian is startled off his perch, he inevitably lands somewhere awkward and hard to hold onto.
  4. Dorian and I just had our first ever visit from a hummingbird as we sit out on my front porch. It kinda scared Dorian, but he was ok after being reassured that he’s "alright".
  5. I can understand your worry, but they look like old feathers to me. He'll be back to his dapper self in no time.
  6. I figured it out. This should work better.
  7. Ok, I figured out how to post on YouTube and copied the link. How do I paste?
  8. That's what it reminded me of too Timbersmom.
  9. Darn, it seems to only want to play the first 30 seconds, before he got brave and walked on the scary carpet. Any tips on getting the video to work? I took it on my iPad.
  10. I don’t know if this will work. I actually caught a "first" on film. CD6DD36F-78BA-44D0-A394-CB8DCE429AB7.MOV
  11. I'm so jealous you got all those scratches! Dorian these days allows one, maybe two scritches, then that's enough. Your baby is a cutie!
  12. Dorian has a roll his cage and his playstand. I scored a 12' x 12' x 12' box full of rolls of tape for $10 a few years ago at a thrift store, so he's well supplied.
  13. So, we moved into this house 9 years ago. Here, Dorian's cage is in the master bedroom, down the hall from the open concept living space. Now, I'll admit to sometime being a bad bird mommie. Sometimes, in the morning, I sit and have a cup of tea in peace before I get Dorian and bring him out for the day. Well, apparently he got tired of waiting for me one morning, and decided to climb off his cage and walk down the hall to find me! You could have knocked me over with one of his feathers when I saw him at my feet! He's so confident and cheeky. He bears no resemblance to the timid, frightened parrot I re-homed almost 17 years ago, and it does my heart good, even if I now have to watch my feet in the morning.
  14. I was contemplating a vacation in The Netherlands to see family a couple of years ago, and my main concern was taking care of Dorian. I'm leary. I once hired a neighbour to take care of him for a couple of days. I left them at the house, but had to circle back because I forgot something, and caught them putting him to bed at 5:00 in the afternoon, instead of 7:30 pm as instructed. I've also used the daughter of a trusted friend, but the problem with training kids is that they grow up and move away, taking their bird sitting skills with them. I belong to a good community group on Facebook, and I'd probably look there for a sitter. A community or neighbourhood group is a good way to get to know your neighbours.
  15. Dorian has a sleep perch, which is the highest perch in his cage. After a night night almond and lights out, I tell him to "tuck yourself in" and he'll (eventually) go to that perch and be ready for sleep. He's in his own bedroom. It's the master, and it also contains my computer and my keyboard. Since I put in a night light he hasn't had a night fright, and I rarely see him sleeping during the day. He needs his full 12 hours dark quiet time to be in a good mood (learned that the hard way).
  16. Vannah has quite the personality lol. I'm glad your husband is making progress. Sounds like he's on the right track. Since he wanted a grey, I hope he can enjoy her from her allowed distance.
  17. Quite an adventure you guys have set out upon. Congrats on the new place.
  18. Glad Sukei had a good birthday. I remember when you brought him home and everything you had to do. It's all turned out great!
  19. Dorian is interested in 2 shredding toys, plus of course his big stainless bell. The shredding toys are a roll of adding machine tape, and toys I make for him out of cardboard. He doesn't touch wood, or store bought toys.
  20. Dorian's playstand is a combination of java wood, cotton perches, and a hula hoop covered in cotton supreme rope. His cage is a combination of manzanita and cotton, including a boing. The only perch he chews is the hula hoop one.
  21. So thrilled you guys are still here, and Gracie is still a cuddlebug. As Dorian has gotten older he's allowing less and less scritches. Plus I could never touch him on his belly or under his wings because he starts regurging for me. Give her a tickle tickle from us.
  22. HI! Dorian and I are back. I know I haven't logged on since 2018, but I never forgot about you guys. I just got busy, and sick, and my back went out, and, well, life. Dorian's still my little feathered entertainment unit. He doesn't talk as much these days, simply because the house we're now in is much smaller than our previous home, and he spends almost all the time with me. He used to use speech to lure me back downstairs to him when I was upstairs taking care of my dad. Dad's been gone for 9 years now, but every once in a while I still hear his voice coming from Dorian. This summer I've been taking Dorian in his travel cage out to the front porch on days when it hasn't been too hot. He loves barking at the dogs who walk by lol. He'll be 21 this coming November. Hard to believe I've had him for 17 years. I'm going to have some fun looking around and getting caught up. Glad you're still here.
  23. Dorian is very refined in his taste. He prefers spiced gouda lol.
  24. Huey is a sweetie. Dorian has come a long way since I got him but I don't think I'll ever get him to lay on his back.
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