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  1. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    Excellent! Nice the way it turned out! I hope they all enjoy it.
  2. Wing Clipping Help & Very Fearful Bird

    Do you take your bird out into the sunlight on nice days? I found sunlight (outside and not at a window because it blocks important rays) is so good at mellowing my guys out. I call is "birdie valium". It is amazing to be how calming it is. Clipping tends to make greys more timid and neurotic. I wouldn't do that. Try sunlight and a better diet. Avoid pellets with artificial colors and flavors and emphasize organic fruits and vegetables, and other organic foods.
  3. I want to apologize

    Sorry about your Dad. It is tough to lose a parent.
  4. What do you guys do during dinner? Do you include your grey or not? If not, how do you enforce it or do it. I feel terrible not including him but he has gotten very disruptive. It used to be just me and that was fine. There are two other people living here now who are not crazy about moving glasses, silverware, and food out of his way. I get it. I just feel bad about not including him. What should I do?
  5. This will warm you....

    Awww. How sweet!
  6. What Does This Mean?

    Brutus does this when I walk up to him and ask him, "How are you?" I think it is a good response, but I don't really know. What do you think? IMG_3101.MOV
  7. How Sweet!

    My boyfriend of 8 months had minor surgery the other day, and came over to my house to convalesce. Brutus, my grey, likes him, but I didn't know how much. Brutus saw Dave was in bad shape, and left me in the kitchen to go sit with Dave in the bedroom. He sat near his head on the bed, and would not leave. You have to understand that Brutus NEVER leaves me, so this was highly unusual! I really think he was trying to help in his own way. So touching!
  8. It has been almost 8 years

    Oh! I have been waiting to hear that Sukei is home safe! Yay!
  9. It has been almost 8 years

    Oh! I have been waiting to hear that Sukei is home safe! Yay!
  10. Brutus attacked me!

    Update: Brutus practically dives into his cage in the evening, and more for the head rubs then the cashews! I rub his beak and head and he loves it! He has really taken a liking to my new beau and calls out for him when he comes over. I am feeling very hopeful about our future.
  11. It has been almost 8 years

    I wish you continued good luck Kevin and Sukei!
  12. It has been almost 8 years

    Hope it all goes well and he arrives home safe and sound!
  13. It has been almost 8 years

    Good luck!
  14. How much can you handle your Grey?

    That's fantastic Acappella! Great progress!
  15. How much can you handle your Grey?

    Great responses! Brutus loves having his beak rubbed and his head scratched. He will let me rub and kiss his beak for as long as possible. He used to sit in my lap for head scratches, but we haven't done that for awhile.