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  1. I figured out what is happening. Tyler, the 15-year-old has been moping around and acting depressed. The other day he was crying and feeling sorry for himself when we were talking to him and Brutus flew over to him and reached out his foot and touched his arm. Brutus hates to see people upset or sick. Twice when Dave was sick Brutus stayed with him until he got better by standing on his body as he lay in bed. It was so touching. He just wants Tyler to feel better and he cannot understand why he is so down-in-the-dumps. Tyler is seeing a therapist, but he is a teenager... His father and I will do anything for him but he cannot see it right now. Brutus flies at Tyler in an attempt to correct his mental state. Clear as day for me now. I love Brutus so much!
  2. We chickened out. He was freaking out because he couldn't come in, so he flew in and totally behaved himself. I am such a softie.
  3. We added a curtain so Tyler can eat in peace. Do you think this curtain will alienate him? I hope not.
  4. Interesting take on this situation Jayd. Brutus is 10 years-old. We will try the physical barrier, and dinner will be calmer for all of us. It seems like that is the worst time for him to act up.
  5. It is so weird, just this morning Tyler was rubbing Brutus' beak with no problem (I wasn't there). This aggressive behavior seems to happen at night. What is different is we are all sitting together. Brutus may be thinking Tyler is competition or something. My boyfriend, Dave, he loves though! Dave and I are always hugging and smooching and Brutus has no problem with it. So this makes no sense. For peace's sake, we are installing a temporary tension rod and curtain panels between the kitchen/office (where they are) and the living room (where we eat dinner). Problem is Brutus will probably just hop down on the floor and stroll in. Oh well, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Maybe tension rods on the floor and the ceiling with curtain panel threaded in both. My boyfriend's son, Tyler, is 6 feet one inch tall, and it seemed to happen overnight, so he is no small kid. Last night Brutus probably flew at Tyler 5-6 times. Poor Tyler. He seems to take it in stride though.
  6. We are lucky to live in San Diego where I am able to roll the bird cages outside on most days. There is nothing like real outdoor exposure the natural sunlight to give birds the rays necessary to make Vitamin D3. This is a vitamin that acts more like a hormone and i call it "birdie Valium" it mellows them out. Regular sunlight stopped my bird from mistreating his feathers and from having seizures. Vitamin D3 is necessary for helping healthy nervous system function and lack of it can cause seizures. Giving your bird regular trips outside is one of the best things you can do to have a happy and healthy bird.
  7. I hope you can help me. My boyfriend and his 15-year-old have lived with me for the last five months. Brutus likes my boyfriend, but lately, he has started to fly at his son. If Tyler is doing dishes and has his back turned Brutus tries to fly at him. One time it looked like Brutus' mouth was open like he wanted to bite him. If Brutus sees Tyler outside he acts frantic with his wings quivering and tries to fly at the window. Does he dislike him or does he like him? It seems aggressive to me. This is a very bad state of affairs and we have no idea what to do. We absolutely do not know what to do. Please give us some advice.
  8. Excellent! Nice the way it turned out! I hope they all enjoy it.
  9. Do you take your bird out into the sunlight on nice days? I found sunlight (outside and not at a window because it blocks important rays) is so good at mellowing my guys out. I call is "birdie valium". It is amazing to be how calming it is. Clipping tends to make greys more timid and neurotic. I wouldn't do that. Try sunlight and a better diet. Avoid pellets with artificial colors and flavors and emphasize organic fruits and vegetables, and other organic foods.
  10. Sorry about your Dad. It is tough to lose a parent.
  11. What do you guys do during dinner? Do you include your grey or not? If not, how do you enforce it or do it. I feel terrible not including him but he has gotten very disruptive. It used to be just me and that was fine. There are two other people living here now who are not crazy about moving glasses, silverware, and food out of his way. I get it. I just feel bad about not including him. What should I do?
  12. Brutus does this when I walk up to him and ask him, "How are you?" I think it is a good response, but I don't really know. What do you think? IMG_3101.MOV
  13. My boyfriend of 8 months had minor surgery the other day, and came over to my house to convalesce. Brutus, my grey, likes him, but I didn't know how much. Brutus saw Dave was in bad shape, and left me in the kitchen to go sit with Dave in the bedroom. He sat near his head on the bed, and would not leave. You have to understand that Brutus NEVER leaves me, so this was highly unusual! I really think he was trying to help in his own way. So touching!
  14. Oh! I have been waiting to hear that Sukei is home safe! Yay!
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