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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks for your support. I have nothing scheduled in So. Cal. Oddly enough, I don't do many events on the west coast. I go back east a couple times a year. I guess it's that old adage about the further you are from home, the more intelligent people think you are. Last month I did a private session in Greece. That was the farthest I've traveled for a bird gig... and what an experience. We're working on a documentary, but it's a long way from being finished. We shot at several workshops around the country and have some 75 hours of material. It should give a real insight into what I do. I'll let you know when it's nearing completion. If any of you want to join my free newsletter list, drop in at my web site and sign up. I send out articles, training tips and notices about my events. Thanks again for the support. Ken Globus http://www.thebirdwhisperer.com<br><br>Post edited by: BirdWhisperer, at: 2007/11/08 02:33
  2. Briansmum, Set it up. I'm there. Ken Globus thebirdwhisperer.com
  3. Hi Penny, All, Thanks for the kind comments. As you found out, what I do is not so easy to describe in a word or two. Unfortunately, my detractors have succeeded in scaring off many loving bird owners that can't get close to their birds. This really hurts, since it keeps them from getting the techniques that can help them. If it were just a matter of bullying birds into submission, lots of people would be able to do it. What I do is more like leading a bird to the door that leads to peace and helping it go through. I love doing what I do. I'm just sorry that so many people are scared away by the disinformation and demonization by my detractors. I wonder if they're so vocal because what I do doesn't work.... or because it does. I'm just going to keep plugging away. The final arbitors are the hundreds of birds I have helped gain trust and live happily with their human companions. I know that 90 to 95 % of the birds that are in rescues because of fear/aggression issues, with the right techniques, can learn to trust again. I have done it time and time again. Thanks again for your support and I hope you all can, one day, make it to a workshop and see for yourself. You'd be amazed at how the four hours seems to fly by. All the best, Ken Globus thebirdwhisperer.com<br><br>Post edited by: BirdWhisperer, at: 2007/11/07 03:51
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