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  1. Tycos_mom

    Meet Sport

    Thank heavens for people like you. This bird is very lucky to have you and I sure he will return the love 100 fold in time.
  2. Dan that was the cutest video I've seen in a while. did you hear those litle guys talking already how sweet
  3. WOW is he ever Cute if you find out what he is please let us know.
  4. Chatot is just a very active baby with a heart and a personality that matches his size. He is a sweet baby bird with energy to burn I wish I had his energy:laugh: luvparrots wrote:
  5. Its so wonderful to watch the birds in flight zipping around the house playing tag and catch me if you dan. Adaya and Fergie are by far my best flyers its just amazing to watch them in the air. Tyco is trying soso hard to learn how and everyday he will take a short flight from his cage to Fergies cage just to hang out with his buddy. Its so sad that he is now almost 7 yrs old and still cannot fly well. It make me so mad when people clip the birds before they have properly fledged.
  6. Well Chatot and Tyco my Grey have become pretty good friends for the most part in the video of the birdy in the window. the cage Chatot climbed up on was Tyco's cage not his and there was no aggression from Tyco at all and he was also on top of his cage at the time. Chatot is a very easy going bird and is not at all aggressive with any of the other pets in the house he will back down and walk away if they confront him. He's the biggest of them all and has no need to back down from anybody but he does
  7. Joolesgreyuk wrote: Oh yes it can get very noisy a couple times a day when I took that video it was first thing in the morning so the birds where very active and greeting the day all in their own way. Fergie my Amazon gets quite noiay in the morning but its nothing compared to the Macaws when they start calling back and fourth to each other. It hurts the dogs ears so they start howling and barking and Fergie thinks she has to join in and then I want to run away from home and Tyco wants to come she sits and tells them all to be quiet your making to much noise :laugh: at least it means they are all happy and healthy and that is music to my ears. My bird room is not doing to well yet the thrift store can't come and pick up all the stuff in that room until after the first of the month I live in tbe middle of nowhere and they won't come out here unless they have at least 2or3 other stops out here at the same time.
  8. I made another video O Chatot he was very happy and animated this morning so Thought you might enjoy his antics he's just so active and so funny & sweet somesimes edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2010/01/26 10:37
  9. I just bought myself a new cam corder again Adaya bit the one I bought a few months ago and broke the screen. So I bought a new one and heres some test vids I did they are dark and not very good but I'll get better at it I'm sure. I just have to watch where the light is coming from. edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2010/01/24 22:00
  10. Oh Judy he is really a beauty you really must share more pics with us If I had a bird that was a beautiful as Sunny I'd be showing him off constantly(and I do lol) wow I like his little rosy cheeks what a awesome ray of Sunshine you have there.
  11. we did the feathers for Adaya but I got my Vet to do the test for her But I was taking her in for a check up any way. I can't see paying 110. + 20. for gas just to get a dna test done. I'm going to try the nail thing again. and If I can't do it I'll take him/her to the Groomers and get him to do it for me its only 10. dollars to have the nails clipped. and I'm sure he won't mind clipping one a little shorter or pulling a few feathers for me.
  12. I ordered a coule DNA kits for my birds now all I have to do is figure out the best way to get some blood for the test. I just feel so guilty about haveing to hurt one of my baby's on purpose. does anybody know the least painless way to get a blood sample.
  13. Jayd wrote: I don't know about wonder bird woman but I do my best to keep every one happy and healthy and well loved just like everyone else here. If I just had a little more energy lately I might be able to get things done. I think I may need to get myself on a goo vitimin supplement I have no get up and go these days.
  14. Tycos_mom

    Rare Macaw

    Beautiful bird it would be devastating to see such a beautiful creature to become exstict lets hope that the breeding programs can get those numbers up.
  15. He is a beautiful little bird I love the colours in him Parrolets make wonderul pets they are such feisty little guy's they are the biggest Parrot there is it just stuffed inside a little body. congradulations on your new family member. I also hope he settles in quickly for you. You bet those little guy's can bite I would much rather take a Macaw bite any day than a bite from a smaller bird. Those little guys grind their beaks and hold on. OUCHY WAWA. with the big guys its more of a pressure bite it doesn't hurt nearly as much. <br><br>Post edited by: Tycos_mom, at: 2010/01/19 09:01
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