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  1. Hello stranger x

  2. Ive not been on here in a long time and just wanted to say hello to everyone. My flock has increased by 1 i think from my last visit. Here is a picture of my lovely greys.
  3. You are missed Caroline. I am so in your debt for all your kindness to me. Thank you. Janet

  4. I just love the pic of your babies!

  5. I remember speaking to Dave about these spots last year. I too was at a loss. All four of mine have these dots which appear to be on the secondaries. Will be interesting to see what an Avian vet says, Ive not worried about them though, I dont think there will be a problem.
  6. Hope you had a great birthday, I did wish you happy bday on FB but dont know if you go on. Happy belated birthday x
  7. I know I am a "grey lady" Jayd, but these babies were absolutely adorable! Thankyou so much for sharing.
  8. I have two of the Greys wanting sexy time With me at the moment Judy! There must be something in the air!
  9. Hiya Jan, wish Tobie a happy belated hatchday. Love from me, Charlie, Keeko, Jasper and Tully xxxxxx
  10. I hope you find its owner Judy. Cockatiels are beautiful birds. I am so pleased he has found safety. Good luck with your new little friend x
  11. This was a close call! I am so relieved to hear you were inside and everything is ok!
  12. Well I have got the shirt ready, beer is in the fridge! I cant wait! I love the World cup and really hope we do well this time x
  13. Thankyou everyone. Its great to hear positive things about Tully and I am glad you can see a difference. Janet, I feel lucky that I found Tully, he is so affectionate and loving, as you know I love all my greys but have a super close bond with Tully, its been a rewarding journey x
  14. What a beautiful baby! Cant wait to hear all about her and see some pictures, good luck and a safe journey x
  15. Here is another picture of my wonderful baby Tully who came to join my family in January. The regulars on here will remember what he looked like:( He is my little superstar! I am so proud of him with his new feathers:) This was taken this morning x
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