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  1. Hello stranger x

  2. Ive not been on here in a long time and just wanted to say hello to everyone. My flock has increased by 1 i think from my last visit. Here is a picture of my lovely greys.
  3. I remember speaking to Dave about these spots last year. I too was at a loss. All four of mine have these dots which appear to be on the secondaries. Will be interesting to see what an Avian vet says, Ive not worried about them though, I dont think there will be a problem.
  4. Hope you had a great birthday, I did wish you happy bday on FB but dont know if you go on. Happy belated birthday x
  5. I know I am a "grey lady" Jayd, but these babies were absolutely adorable! Thankyou so much for sharing.
  6. I have two of the Greys wanting sexy time With me at the moment Judy! There must be something in the air!
  7. Hiya Jan, wish Tobie a happy belated hatchday. Love from me, Charlie, Keeko, Jasper and Tully xxxxxx
  8. I hope you find its owner Judy. Cockatiels are beautiful birds. I am so pleased he has found safety. Good luck with your new little friend x
  9. This was a close call! I am so relieved to hear you were inside and everything is ok!
  10. Well I have got the shirt ready, beer is in the fridge! I cant wait! I love the World cup and really hope we do well this time x
  11. Thankyou everyone. Its great to hear positive things about Tully and I am glad you can see a difference. Janet, I feel lucky that I found Tully, he is so affectionate and loving, as you know I love all my greys but have a super close bond with Tully, its been a rewarding journey x
  12. What a beautiful baby! Cant wait to hear all about her and see some pictures, good luck and a safe journey x
  13. Here is another picture of my wonderful baby Tully who came to join my family in January. The regulars on here will remember what he looked like:( He is my little superstar! I am so proud of him with his new feathers:) This was taken this morning x
  14. I hope he heals really quickly, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery x
  15. I love the night time ritual. I go round all 4 in the same order to give them all a love. All you can hear is their wings creaking as they stretch then they all spoil the moment when they take a final dump before they are covered lol! They are all so affectionate at night time, one of my favourite times of day, they are so cute x
  16. Lol Jill, you want to try it with 4!! I should be a dainty size 8 with this lot x
  17. Taking on a bird who has been abused in someway or even any kind of rescue bird takes someone with a big heart and lots of love and patience. I think you have to be prepared for setbacks before any rewards come along but the progress is so rewarding no matter how small it may be. Some of these stories are terrible, I would like to thank everyone on here who has re homed a bird and share the happiness it brings, each day is special for me with Tully, every bird deserves a second chance and a normal life.
  18. My greys will pick up on a sound, phrase etc and sometimes we can hear it non stop for days on end, then they may never use it again. My rescue grey Tully had lived in an office enviroment for years, he has been with us 5 months now and we are getting to hear all the wonderful office noises which include a very loud trim phone which he must do 20 times an hour! Even my neighbours have started to reply to him lol. All I can say is it could just be a phase, try not to have any tension between you about this as it will be picked up on by Francis and it sounds like she has settled really well, my Tully was very quiet when he came to us, Francis is obviously comfortable in her surroundings as she is vocal. Im not so sure you can put a time scale on reducing the noise, ignoring may help but you may have to accept the noise might not go away. I hope everything works out as Francis is a beautiful grey and you sound like great parronts x
  19. All four of my babies are doing really well since I was last on, they are fit, healthy, happy and very loved. Charlie and Keeko are still the terrible twosome they always have been, you very rarely see them apart they are always together and act as a duo. They dont let the other two share with their antics but thats fine, we are all individuals. Jasper my youngest grey is still a cuddle bunny and has just celebrated his 2nd hatchday. He is such a sweetie and is desperate to fit in with the others but for some reason they never accepted him. He is a very happy Grey and is quite happy to sit with me or play on his own, he just gets on with things and dosent let it really bother him. He loves to come out with me and now the nice weather is here I take him to BBQ'S etc and visits to friends. My special boy Tully has come a LONG LONG way! Tully came to us in January after he spent 8 years in a builders yard then a year in a pet store. He was in a bit of a state as Im sure some of you will remember those first sad pictures of him. He is now nearly fully feathered, has total trust and the must solid realtionship with me its unreal! He now spends all day out of his cage, eats a good healthy diet and well, loves to be loved! Bringing Tully home and looking at him now to 5 months ago is the greatest feeling ever. He was so quiet when he came here and used to shiver all the time, he is a constant chatter box now, and full of confidence! I love this boy to bits. I will try and get some more pictures soon to share with you all. Still a mad bird woman and love the birds to bits!!! I hope everyone and their fids are well, will try and get on more often x
  20. Charlie and keeko started a new game this morning, Charlie holds the net curtain back on the window and Keeko hides behind it and knocks on the window when someone walks past but they cant see him! My neighbour came and knocked on the door to ask if I was knocking at her lol! Last night as well, my Daughters friend came for tea, we were all in the conservatory and she looked at me and said dont you answer your phone, I laughed and told her it was Tully! He does an excellent trim phone from when he lived in the builders yard. Crazy birds! Never a dull moment ( or quiet one) in this house!
  21. What a beautiful couple I recently went to a civil ceremony and we all wore the same colour purple as well.x
  22. Yep! That describes me alright! Good one Dave
  23. You sure will smile! The beautiful vibrant red just glows after that molt has finished! Someone told me the other day that greys looked dull!!! Grrrrrrrrr, I posted a beautiful picture of one of my babies tails to prove him wrong! Great pictures, thankyou
  24. Oooooooooo Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol x
  25. As always, your pictures are fantastic! Thankyou for sharing
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