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  1. Haha amazing i wish i had of seen my grey at this age and watched him grow that would be the biggest bond in the world.
  2. All im stuck on is a name, my last one was Einstein but i dont want to use the same name again as its disrespectful. Maybe one of my books will give me a notion to name it, i guess maybe i should wait until i see how the personality is too
  3. Yeh trust me Lyric like anyone animal they cant be trusted not to bite anyone, but under certain supervision like i have and will be doing again in the future, things can be pretty fine for both. And actually educate and help eachother. I would never let her hold him and things like that but feeding is an easier thing to do as she cant drop him/her and the grey will be more interested in the food to worry about anything else. As strange as it sounds, even though im not an expert parrot guru, im pretty safe and wouldnt let her do it if i wasnt sure of the situation. Thanks for the tip on the book!
  4. Here are pics I will make two posts As i just took 2 pictures on the iphone there now. <br><br>Post edited by: HaRRo, at: 2008/11/04 21:34
  5. Thanks for that last message, i fullwell know if i ran a grey forum id be saying the exact same things back, i had a hard time and wasnt easy for me to get rid of the last one, as much as this one will be part of my family. I have had more time to want another one and know some tricks of the trade from previous experience. And having a first new born daughter is stressful enough and she came first, sorry im human afterall and to anyone in this forum that says i did the wrong thing, yes maybe but with my father protection instincts kicking in, i thought not only was i doing the right thing for my daughter i was doing the right thing getting a loving home for my grey, because my time with it would have dropped. To answer the question above also, i know where my old parrot (einstein) is living, its a little bit far from where i am now, but we keep in touch on msn messenger. (The owner not the parrot) lol. But yes this time around is a better, for life, my daughter is walking talking and everything now, she visits, and was here yesterday actually under supervision hand feeding the parrot. She loves it and its a great idea in my eyes to get them used to each other as soon as possible to break any future stress out. Not only with her but for it to learn no matter what when im there it will be safe. While im also not great at wording and maybe i come off in the wrong way i dont mean too, its just im crappy at writing. But ive ordered also 3/4 books from amazon they are coming also tomorrow. 1 African Grey Parrots (Comp... £5.49 1 £5.49 1 African Grey Parrot Handbo... £8.99 1 £8.99 1 £8.99 1 Parrots for Dummies (For D... £7.19 1 £7.19 One being Parrots for dummies i love the for dummies books they are so easy to read, but just incase i got specialist books dedicated for greys, so while some here think i have not thought this through after painfully having to give one away before I HAVE! This time he/she is my little best friend, as i have stated before i live alone, work from home, and i have the time. My daughter visits yes, but now shes older and i understand things a lot more now. Anyway thanks. Will get pictures in a few!
  6. My daughter no longer lives with me. I work from home. And lots of changes are in order in why i had time to think it over this time around. Also last time i got my grey before my daughters mother lived with me we tried it out when things where going well until it didnt and she now doesnt live with me again. And I always regretted getting rid of my old one. And ever since i wanted it back or another. I never profited from getting it a new home i gave it away with its cage and everything. And ive read threads to the above quote as you blame it on reading ""So at the moment back in the cage it goes, not for me being scared but hopefully this will teach him/her." This was not an instant jumping out of my skin screaming NOOOO DONT GET IN THERE, this was a steady "NO" and not instantly thrown back in the cage, but as things go i believe i might have used the wrong wording but i put it back in its cage, if your naughty i dont want to play no more. So your trying to say this is wrong ?
  7. Put food in the box ? And build its trust with you feeding it. I was probably in your situation once, im assuming your new to taming a bird, but my suggestion would be concentrating on keeping it healthy for now and build its trust with food inside its box even if you gently set little treats in there slowly im sure. It will eventually click to the bird oh wait im getting fed by him/her and he has done it 20 times and i have never been hurt. Next you will know it will be waiting outside the box next time you feed it. Hope it works out.
  8. Last time i was here i had a grey just got him, ended up having to get rid of him because i just got a newborn daughter at the stage and as things go, i couldnt give my care to both at once as much as i wanted to i thought it was the right choice to find a nice home for the grey which i did. Anyway story short daughters a little older now and i got a new grey yesterday apparently a girl but i am not 100% on that as i would need it sexed but doesnt bother me. No names yet cage is huge this time around 2 times bigger than my last cage i can actually get in this cage lol. He/She is just settling in can step up at such a young age, when it wants that is. Not bad for only being here overnight last night, brought it( ill say for now until im sure of sex) out and little critter jumped on my shoulder and bit my ear. So at the moment back in the cage it goes, not for me being scared but hopefully this will teach him/her. P.S looking forward to relearning everything idid here before. Pics to follow
  9. Maybe he doesnt even know how to fly you guys are great thanks, proud to be a member, also i will post pics soon and hope to have a great name for him
  10. He is already clipped i was just wondering if its normal to fall fully, because my quaker has been clipped and he can hover, but this would just fall flat on his face. He cant even hover at all. Im guessing its not normal, will it grow back so he can hover if this was a bad cut by the pet shop?<br><br>Post edited by: HaRRo, at: 2007/11/27 19:31
  11. Thanks, i have two things im worried about also,the pet shop i bought him off said his wings where clipped, i have a quaker parrot thats wings are clipped also, the quaker can slightly fly or hover, but the CAG has fallen and seems to not be able to even hover at all is this normal? Also when i open the cage he pops out he loves out, i can not get him back in at all, unless i lift him with two hands, sometimes he doesnt like this, any tips for getting him back in? Also another should i bath him shower him or try at this stage? or is it too early.
  12. Hi guys im new here and to parrots, i had a Quaker Parrot still do, and 2days ago got a lovely African Grey of 18weeks and male, he can whistle and talk a few words and laugh, and having problems stepping up i have to lift him from underneath on both his sides then he steps up, he bites sometimes, not hard though seems playful, but if i annoy him he makes his growl then i leave him be. Any tips for me like bathing, showering, things i should know. He also starts sqeeling loud so i ignore him, but hes new so im assuming its setting in, he has a big cage, also ordered a huge pech play thing, chew balls, foot toy things, im not an expert but i bought a ton of things online that should arrive shortly that should keep him happy and healthy. I would not say im scared of him biting or scared of him at all, i just really dont wanna annoy him and give him a bad temperment, so i guess thats why im here. He does like me i get a lot of tail wagging after i lift him and play around (he does stay on my hand only when i lift him onto it, but no step up yet) he has came over and climbed up on my shoulder himself and stayed there for about an hour fiddling his beak and cuddling up to my neck, this really broke my back lol. Anyway im here to learn of the rest of you as i wanna give this bird (unnamed so far) a brilliant amazing life and home. Hes my new parrot for life. Thanks any tips appreciated
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